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Aadhar – The Reason Of Cryptos Ban

India is a big country and the world cannot dictate how to run its operation. It has its independent policies and procedures. That is why Government always makes policies to deter foreign factors involved in the country. The economy of the country largely depends on internal resources to generate income. The basic and advanced structure in the country is also in the good condition to support the Government policies for the betterment of the people.

As said India is a big country and huge economy. That is why every company wants to reap the benefit. Cryptocurrencies are a new phenomenon in today’s world. The rise of Bitcoin has attracted the whole world and everyone is trying to climb the running train. But unfortunately, the Government of India has banned all the Cryptos in the country. This is a matter of serious concern to cryptocurrency companies all over the world.

Crypto exists in the form of digital assets. Ownership is stored in a computerized database as a ledger coin. This database is secured one and every transfer of the coin is recorded in it. Unlike paper money, it does not exist physically and is not issued by the central bank of the country. This is the reason, it is operating under decentralized control and the Government of India bans the cryptos.

In India, all transactions are performed via the banking system. To document every transaction, the Government of India launched the Aadhar system in the whole country. Aadhar number – a 12 digit unique which is issued by UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) is used to document the entire transaction. That is the reason, UIDAI has issued Aadhar cards to almost 90% population of the country and around 88% of banking accounts are linked with Aadhar numbers.

As Cryptos is not controlled by a central authority, it is not possible to link this with the Aadhar number in India. Of course, Government cannot control the whole transaction as there is no centralized mechanism exist inside the country. Another reason which experts believe that there is already a mobile number system connected with Aadhar number. So, this already provides a platform for the Government to launch its very own independent digital currency setup. This will be a secure system and will not be dependent upon the policies of foreign factors. As the system will be launched by the Government, it would have more trust and authenticity than any other cryptos.

The Government’s intention to launch a digital rupee can be judged from the fact that the Reserve bank of India has allowed retail investors to open an account directly e-Kuber. This allows them to purchase the Government’s bonds in both the markets of primary and secondary securities. RBI official BP Kanungo who is the Deputy Governor also confirmed that an internal panel in the central bank is working towards the model of the digital currency.

Postal Department To Link Mobile Number Of Public With Aadhaar For Covid Shots

The unique identity number that contains 12-digits is called Aadhar. It is one of the most important documents for Indian residents as it plays an important in the identification process. The Aadhar is a free of cost voluntary service, as it will be a gift from the Indian Government to their residents. Hyderabad is the capital and the largest city of the Telangana state. In 2011 the population of Hyderabad was 6.9 million and It was the fourth most populated city of India 2011. The news is recorded that in Hyderabad the postal department has made this mandatory for the residents to connect their respective mobile number with their Aadhar card number. The reason behind this process is the second dose of Covid vaccination, as it is compulsory to take the second dose.

The member of the Postal Service Board(PSB) Dehli, K Sandhya Rani said that the postman, who visits the houses for the parcel or courier delivery will do the process. She further added that it will become easier for the Union health department to keep a full record of the people. After taking the first dose it is mandatory to take the second dose as well. The Union Department can easily track and call people to take the second dose of the vaccination. Sandhya Rani further added that the mails motor van which is for the transport of vaccine vails has been accepted by the ministry. She added that the Union Health Ministry has been looking forward to finding cold storage space to safely conserve the COVID-19 vaccination. The vaccination will be distributed to the postal departments all across the country. The health ministry and family welfare had already communicated with the India Post, to transfer the vaccination vails across the country, as the Indian Post has a huge manpower/staff. Rani added in her remarks that approximately the postal department had completed the Aadhar linking with many other government-sponsored schemes so that the subsidy benefit can be easily availed under the direct benefit transfer system (DBT) system. A scheme retribution loan for the poor people through a postal department core banking solution. This matter has been discussing under the Reserve Bank Of India. Sandhya Rani said that a complete decision will come up very soon regarding this matter.

And in the end, the PSB member told about the betterment of the department she said that in 2022 the customer will have better services from their postal department. The Government always wants to improve its services for the people of India and this step towards the health sector has been appreciated all over the country. If Government continues to act like this in the years to come, India will be free from the Covid-19 threat that is destroying every part of our lives. It is your duty to support the Government in getting Covid-19 dose to help not you but the next generation as well.

Registration For The Next Round Of Covid Vaccination Starting From Monday

Covid-19 is a contagious disease. It spread from person to person and its symptoms vary from headache, fever, flu, loss of smell, shortness of breath, joint pain, and throat disorders. Worldwide, it has badly affected the population as well as has daunting effects on the economy of the world. Covid-19 first identified in Wuhan city of China. Since then it spread to all parts of the world at an exponential rate.

Like the rest of the world, India is suffering from the pain of the Covid and is fighting to protect its people from the pandemic disease. So far there is no definite solution to this disease. Still, various countries in the world are claiming the invention of coronavirus and it is being given to people. As it is the start of the vaccination phase, fears are still found in the general public as there are news or rumors about the negative side effects of the vaccination. Indian people are also very upset under these circumstances about whether they should go for vaccination or not. This situation has created serious concern in India. This is not unique to India. Every country is suffering from the same situation.

People should keep in mind that corona vaccines were manufactured after research & development. So, there are rumors being circulated all over the world. In order to defeat this contagious disease, we have to get vaccinated. There is no harm in it. If we do not take this case seriously, we are at a huge risk of destroying our nation. So, take part in the vaccination process to protect yourself and others. In this regard, registration for vaccination is starting again for the 2nd short from 1st Match Monday.

The Union Health Ministry has announced a procedure for the second round using on-site registration, advanced self-registration, and facilitated cohort options. The Government has decided to target people with 60 plus age people. Apart from this,45+ age people with comorbidities can also take advantage of the second round of this covid vaccination. For this purpose of registration, an Aadhar card or voter id will be required. Aadhar is a unique number given to the residents of India. It is conclusive proof of your identity all over the world. You can use this number to register for the corona vaccination.

According to the sources, Co-Win and other IT applications will start working from Monday at around 10 am. People can use these to register for the vaccination using their Aadhar or voter id. They just need to fill in few details. They have to upload the identification and publish the details accordingly. There are no charges for the vaccination at the Government hospital. However, if you are selecting a private hospital, then they have to pay for the schedule of appointments. But keeping in view the benefits attached, most people will opt for private hospital options as this will save a lot of time.

The Post Offices To Resume Work After Covid-19 Suspension

Corona affected every part of our life. Still, the pandemic is destroying our lives very badly. Millions of people have died due to this epidemic disease. The whole world is still finding ways to control this pandemic. But the situation seems to be uncontrollable. In various parts of the world, covid vaccines are being given to doctors, para-medical staff, and senior citizens, that is the reason, various tasks are being resumed. Apart from this, the start of summer also reduces the growth of coronavirus. Keeping in view these issues in mind, the post offices all over India are going to resume work related to Aadhar.

India is one of the biggest countries with respect to population. The management of the huge population is not an easy task. That is why the Government of India established the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) around a decade ago. Since then, UIDAI is working rigorously towards the attainment of its objective to provide hassle-free enrollment services to the residents of India. In order to perform the enrollment centers, Aadhar centers were established in both the public and private sectors. So that the enrollment process can be done with ease and avoid a public rush. Post offices are owned by Government and in order to facilitate the general public. For this purpose, Government uses post offices as Aadhar enrollment center.

In India, there are 373 designated branches of post offices. These branches were specifically set up to deliver Aadhar related services to residents of India such as enrollment and update. These Aadhar related operations were suspended due to covid-19 and lockdown orders from Government officials for the past several months.

Special camps have been set up in these 373 post offices to facilitate the enrollment process. These camps will operate from 8 am to 8 pm and tokens can be obtained from the post offices accordingly.

The post-office-based Aadhar center will charge Rs 50 for demographic changes such as name, address, mobile number, and date of birth. On the other hand, biometric updates will cost Rs 100. The children’s enrollment process is a little bit different than adults. For this purpose, parents have to submit their own Aadhar card, ration card, voter id, or passbook. One of the parents must be present with the child in order to successfully complete the enrollment process.

Please note that UIDAI has made the enrollment &updation process easy for everyone. Supporting documents are not required for every process or task. If you are going to change your name and address, then you must have to submit supporting documents. However, changes in details such as the mobile number and email address have nothing to do with supporting documents. Neither these are found on supporting documents, so UIDAI does not ask for any sort of documents for mobile number and email address updates.

Fake Aadhar Card Maker Arrested in Borivli

Borivli is one of the best residential areas in Mumbai. It is located in the north-west part of the city. That is why it is regarded as the golden place by property seekers. Borivli has produced a big name for India such as Rohit Sharma (International Cricketer), DrashtiDhami (Celebrity), Asha Bhosale (Singer), etc. Like any other part of India, Borivli’s residents are registered via UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) through the Aadhar enrollment center. Only Indian residents can obtain an Aadhar card upon submission of required documents. Any effort to make Aadhar on fake documents or without any document is a crime and has severe consequences. UIDAI enrollment process is very stringent. No one can bypass the SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) set by UIDAI. When there are some fraud issues going on with the enrollment process, there are high chances of staff involvement in the fraud.

The recent case came into light when police arrested an operator who was working with an agent for preparing Aadhar using fake and illegal documents. He did the enrollment process even without the documents. The city crime branch followed the case and arrested these two people for further investigation. According to the initial report, the operator was working in a center that was running under an outsourced agreement with a bank. The bank outsourced this center to make Aadhar cards for the people who come to open a bank account with the bank.

Usually, fraud is done only when the applicant does not have to support documents or does not meet the definition of a resident under Indian law. A resident is a person who is residing in India for at least 182 days or more in a year. So, if you live overseas and comes to India for less than 182 days, then you are not eligible for Aadhar. This means that you fall into the definition of NRI (Non-Resident Indian).

The operator worked with the agent to make income from people who do not have documents or do not fall into the category of the resident. So far, there are two fake cards have been prepared. One was issued to a Nepalese national and the other was given to NRI (Non-resident Indian) who just returned back to India from the United States. The agent & operator was charging money from people to do this illegal work. An operator whose name is UmeshChaudry was the main culprit. The police have found out several things from this person. Eye scanner, fingerprint scanner, credit cards, debit cards, mobile phones & currency of 5,000 Indian rupees were also found. Police have taken possession of these and doing further investigation to find out whether there are other people involved or not.

Later, Inspector Sunil Mane deployed at the crime branch explained the case in depth. He told the journalist about the case that UmeshChaudry was charging Rs. 4,000 per card. Those people who lack the supporting document and are not eligible for Aadhar cards are the main customers of this operator. When sources try to take the bank’s statement about this case, they replied that they were unaware of the illegal activities of the accused.

Rohingya Getting Illegal Aadhar Cards

India is one of the largest countries in the world and has mix population of Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, and Muslims. Due to this, migrants from other parts of the world prefer India over any other country. In recent few years, the issues of Rohingya got a lot of attention from human rights organizations all over the world. Rohingya people are actually stateless and reside in the Rakhine State of Myanmar. Due to human rights violations by the Rohingya people from Myanmar Government, they decided to migrate from Myanmar to Bangladesh & India. As they migrate without any passport and legal documents, the proper record keeping of these Rohingya people is very difficult. As wast majority of these people want to become residents of India, it is the Government’s responsibility to handle the difficult situation.

In India, people are registered through UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) from thousands of Aadhar Enrollment Center all over the country. As Rohingya Muslims also want to become residents of the country, they are using unfair means to get the Aadhar card. There is a restriction from the state about enrollment as far as one follows the legal and fair means. In order to enroll for Aadhar, the applicant has to prove his or her identity and address. This can only be done if you have supporting documents.

Normally, people submit copies of their passport, Bank photo id, Kisan card, ration card to support their Aadhar application. If you do not have these documents, you cannot apply for Aadhar. Obviously, being an Indian, you will definitely have some sort of supporting documents. So getting an Aadhar card is not a big task. However, as Rohingya people migrated without any document and without any legal process, they cannot apply for an Aadhar card unless & until the Union Government of India sets up a new process to allow this. But there is news that Rohingya people are getting Aadhar cards.

To highlight this issue, BJP (Bharatiya Janata) leader D Arvind in Nizamabad, Hyderabad alleged that the Rohingya people in his constituency are getting Aadhar cards without biometric and Iris data scanning process. He was doing a press conference in which he made hard remarks about Rohingya and said that these people are a threat to national security. He further blamed the local police and said that both police and TRS are helping the hands of the Rohingya. Police should not be a part of the illegal process. If these people are not following proper guidelines set by the Government, they should be treated likewise like any criminal. But being a human, Government should set proper rules and procedures so that these people could be brought into the Government database. This will ensure reduced violence and security in the country. If these people are left without enrollment, they can create issues of peace and security for other Indian residents. BJP leader also shown his aggressiveness that if the Government of India does not intervene in this serious issue, he will launch an agitation. Now, we have to see how the Prime Minister (PM) will tackle the issue of Rohingya.

Linking Aadhaar With Driving Licence And RC

Transport & vehicle registration systems in India is controlled & monitored through RTO (Regional Transport Office) and RCO (Regional Certificate Office). There has always been a feeling of an inappropriate system in place in both of these offices as people have to waste their precious time standing outside these offices. Most of the time, people have to visit again and again to get their work performed. The situation has become worst as there are lots of agents working with the staff in these Government offices. The problems of people are increasing day by day, so there is a strong need to improve the whole system.

In an effort to minimize the rush at the RTO, the Union Government of India is thinking to link the aAadhar with a registration certificate and driving license. This will make the whole process very simple, comfortable, and quick. Apart from this, visitors to these offices will also get rid of touts who are making handsome money and looting people.
In India, RTO (Regional Transport Office) & RTA (Regional Transport Authority) issue driving licenses to the people. You cannot drive a bike, car or other four-wheelers otherwise you have to face legal actions from traffic police. Before getting a permanent license, one has to apply for a learning license first.

After one month of learning license, you can visit RTO and give the examination and driving test to obtain a full license.

The Government’s decision to link RC & Driving Licence will allow the uploading of the applicant’s detail on the Sarathi web portal. The same is the case with new vehicle registration whereby purchaser details will be uploaded to the Vahan web portal. The overall purpose of these future actions would be to eliminate time wastage, visits to RTO, and making the whole process paperless. As the process will be digitalized in such a way that the applicant can do all this by sitting at home.

The process to link your RC (Registration Certificate) & Driving license will be the same as that of any other services such as banks or any other institutions. You will have to make an account on the website of the driving license office. Upon successful login, you have to choose your vehicle and then enter your 12 digit Aadhar number. This 12 digits unique number is one step solution to all your demographic and biometric details. Any person who is living in India for 182 days or more can apply for the Aadhar as such a person will fall in the category of a resident under the rules and regulations of India. The next step will be the enter the Captcha or security code as shown in the image. Once you click the send OTP (One Time Password) button, you will receive OTP on your Aadhar registered mobile number. You will then have to enter this OTP on the screen to verify and link your Aadhar with your driving license and RC.

Government Provides Financial Support To Transgender During Lockdown

The government of India wants to improve the lives of its people. From time to time, it offers numerous benefits to the general people in order to lower the poverty level in the country. In a recent step towards eliminating poverty, the Government has launched financial support Program for the transgenders in the Dehli.

Delhi is also known as the administrative district of NCT India. The most important organizations of the country such as Parliament House and Supreme Court of India, are also in Dehli. The population of the capital of the city of India in 2011 was around 257,803.

The latest update is that the Indian Government is providing financial support to the transgender during the lockdown. Because of the bad circumstance and poverty issues during the lockdown as a result of COVID, all countries are facing similar health, poverty, and education problems. Many people have died in hunger because there is no work or employment in society. Since from past few months, there is a complete lockdown, so in this situation, the Indian government had decided to give some financial support to the transgenders. The government department had donated a huge amount of INR 98.5 lakh for the help of the transgenders. The amount had distributed all across the country. This amount is distributed by the two departments the National Backward Class Finance and Development Corporation and the Union Ministry of Social Justice and Welfare. They also clarified that this service is a one-time service, peoples cannot avail the amount again and again. They distributed INR 1500 to 6,940 transgenders in around 33 states. The department also released the statistics of such distribution. As per records, most of the amount was distributed in Tamil Nadu, (814) in West Bengal, (624) in Chhattisgarh, (561) in Karnataka, (510) in Maharashtra, and (215) in Rajasthan.

Not just that they took a further step by distributing ration packs to the transgenders. They gave this service in 5 states. There were (720) recipients in Dehli, (280) in UP, (94) in Assam, (72) in Chhattisgarh, and (63) in Manipur. The Union minister Rattan Lal Kataria said that there were thousands of requests through email from transgenders as they were also in link with some other Government departments. Other than that many peoples also appealed by saying that they have nothing to eat. Mr.Rattan said that that’s why we had to put this service in momentum.

One of the recipient transgender said that many NGOs had asked me to show my gender certificate as I had gender surgery. Transgender added that I had to face many problems but finally in the end I had received the amount. Transgender further said that the purpose of conveying this message is that the government should stick to one statement. After this statement of transgender, the government had delivered an online process registration service for the transgenders, so that they can easily get their Aadhaar cards and some other identity documents.

One of the other recipients who is a resident of Chandigarh said that they should be treated equally and have the same respect as everyone has. Transgender added that we are also apart of society and the government should make sure that we can also have the same advantages and allowances as any other Indian resident.

Strict Action against Fraudulent Activities Concerning Aadhaar

Aadhaar is a unique identification number that is a combination of 12 digits. It is the Indian Government’s responsibility to provide Aadhaar cards to their citizens. The residents of India can avail of this service and can easily get their Aadhaar card without paying anything, as it is free of cost voluntary service. A new case has been reported concerning Aadhaar in Bengaluru.

Bengaluru is the city of India which is commonly known as Bangalore. It is situated in the state of Karnataka and is the capital city of Karnataka State. It was established in 1537. The population in 2011 was around 8 million. It holds the 3rd rank in the populated cities of India. Bengaluru’s official language is Kannada.

Returning to the case, it is recorded that more than 10 peoples were arrested because they were involved in the case of using fraud documents of identification. The Central Crime Branch (CCB) department had arrested these peoples and the department found 64,000 fake PAN and Aadhaar cards, voter IDs, and some registered documents of automobiles.

One of the culprits among those 10 were Kamalesh Kumar Bhavalia, whose age is 33 and he is the resident of Gubbalala Village which is located on Kanakapura road. Kamalesh was arrested on the 30th of December 2020 from his home. He worked as a hardware engineer in a private company. In his bedroom police found some unreal documents which were in a bulk quantity. The police took that documents under their custody. After arresting Bhavalia, police started to find out the other nine culprits who were also involved in this illegal work. And finally, on Sunday the police were able to find all nine of them. The name and age of those nine culprits were: S Lokesh, whose age was 37, and he is the resident of Putenahalli, Sudharshan age was 50 and Nirmal Kumar age was 56 and they both are the residents of Shantinagar, Darshan, age is 25 and is the resident of Kengeri, Chandrappa age is 31 and he is the resident of Jnanbarathi, Abhilash, 27, and Sridhar Deshpande, 35, both of them are from Vijaynagar, Tejas,30, of Basaveshwaranagar and Sridhara, 31, and he is from Hassan District.

On Monday the CCB workers arrest one more culprit whose name was Lohit. Lohit and Lokesk worked in a company that had won the order of printing identity cards for many Government and public sector organizations. The police commissioner Kamal Pant, said that both of the culprits were used to theft information from the company and used to make some fake documents. The arrested gang was used to print the unreal document mostly on Lohit and Bhavalia’s house.

As per the statement of CCB workers, they found 6,240 voter identity cards and 250 RCs which have the names and addresses of some people on them. It is also reported that the culprits have taken some advanced payment from the people. The police officers also found 9,000 blank Aadhaar cards, which have government logos, designs, and monograms. They also found some other documents like voter IDs and some PAN cards.

Aadhar Mandatory For Marriages In Ganjam District

Child marriages are one of the hottest burning issues in the world. In big cities, Government can control this issue significantly but in villages, it is very difficult to overcome this. There are several severe issues that child marriages can create. A lot of young underage girls gets died every year as a result of this issue. In order to overcome this problem, the Ganjam District administration has implemented a fantastic approach to stop this nonsense.

Ganjam is a district in Odisha district. As per 2011 censuses, it has around 3.5 million population. A major portion of the population consists of children. As the literacy rate is low, the rate of child marriage is very high in the district. In order to find out the solution to this problem, the administration of the district has made it compulsory to verify the Aadhar details of the bride & groom. This human rights initiative by the district administration will help greatly in controlling serious life-threatening issues caused by child marriages.

Due to increased cases of child marriages, the districts faced so many issues in the recent past. Some of the common problems that raised are as follows:

Sexually Transmitted Diseases – This is the most common issues seen in the couples getting married before achieving the age of adultery. The common type of diseases is HIV, Chlamydia, HPV, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, and Trichomoniasis, etc. Sometimes, the issue gets worsen with the passage of time and takes the life of the girl.

Cervical Cancer – Cancer disease is increasing in our society day by day. If your immune system is weak, then you are more prone to diseases such as cancer. Unfortunately, young girls getting married before the attainment of adultery are more prone to serious health issues. These complexities make her immune system weak.

Death During Child Birth – Girls who get married before reaching the adultery stage often die while giving birth to a child. As the girls do not have a strong and complete system to bear the heavy load of a kid in her ovaries, then leads to severe trouble in her overall health. In Ganjam district, there are various causes of this problem seen in the girls.

In order to strictly stop the child marriage cases in the district, district collector Vijay Amruta Kulange ordered Anganwadi workers to check the Aadhar details of the girl and boy. This step is very crucial so that no innocent life could be put in danger. Apparently, this step is seen as a threat to local cultures and traditions prevailing in the society. But actions like that should be taken to save the woman in our society. So that they can enjoy their life with full joy.

This step also enables the young girls to take proper education and build-up their minds. This will help the country in developing fantastic new generations in the decade to come.