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When Aadhaar Card Of Child Gets Invalid

Aadhaar is the most important document and is needed at every place. It is a 12 digit unique number. The number allotted to you will not be given to any other person. The Aadhaar system works on two important details. One is demographic details such as name, address, email, mobile number, etc. The other details are biometric details such as fingerprints and iris scans. This makes the whole system very secure and protected. In order to make the system very user-friendly and comfortable, UIDAI introduced mAadhaar. This is a wonderful mobile application that offers 35 services related to Aadhaar at your doorstep. You can easily perform the task just by sitting at home. Aadhar is issued to every resident person even to a newborn.

Newborn Aadhaar card is issued in blue color to make it different from elders and it is called BaalAadhaar. Once the child attains the age of 5, it will get expired automatically. Once the child was born, no biometric is taken. The reason behind this is that human biometric details get changed over time and in children, this is common after five years. That is the reason the Aadhaar card of the child gets invalid. In order to enroll children in Aadhaar, parents have to submit their Aadhaar card and birth certificate if their child. However, a discharge slip from the hospital is also acceptable instead of a birth certificate. After 15 years, new biometric details are taken.

What to do when Aadhaar card of the child gets invalid

It is the responsibility of every parent to get their children enrolled in the Aadhaar system. In order to do this, you have to follow below steps:

1. Book an appointment at
2. Now input your mobile phone number or your email address. Make sure you enter the email and mobile number that is in use. These two fields are important that will help you greatly during your entire life.
3. After entering all the demographic details, you have to click the appointment tab. Now you can choose the date as per your need. You can schedule the date as per your needs and requirements.
4. Now you have to visit your nearest Aadhaar center to move ahead and to get enrolled in the system.
5. You must carry essential documents when visiting the Aadhaar center. Normally, you need to carry your parent’s Aadhaar card. Please do not forget to bring your booking reference number. This will help you greatly in treating you conveniently.
6. Your child’s biometric will be taken and linked to the Aadhaar.
7. You will be issued an acknowledgment number once the process gets completed.
8. You can track the status of your application.
9. After the verification, you will receive an SMS notification on your registered mobile phone number.
10. After SMS confirmation, you will receive an Aadhaar card within 60 days.

Aadhaar Card Update Service Discontinued

One of the most crucial documents in India is the Aadhaar card. This is the fundamental document used for verification purposes. It is used to verify the bank account, file income tax and even to claim social rewards offered by the Union Government. UIDAI which is the sole body to enroll and manage the entire Aadhaar system offers multiple ways to update Aadhaar details. You can update photos, addresses, mobile numbers, and biometric using online and offline methods. UIDAI is so vigilant that it keeps updating the nation using its official Twitter account.

During our last visit to the UIDAI official web portal, it came to our notice that UIDAI has discontinued the Aadhaar reprint service. We tried to find out whether it has been done officially or if this is a temporary suspension. To check the official statement, we crawled UIDAI’s official Twitter account and came to the knowledge that this service has been discontinued. Bhavesh Patel who is a resident of the country like us asked the UIDAI using the Twitter commenting system. UIDAI tagged him and clearly answered him that the Order Aadhaar Reprint service has been discontinued officially. In an official tweet, UIDAI also informed people that they can order PVC cards online instead of Aadhaar Reprint Service. Apart from this, they can also take out a print of e-Aadhaar using the official web portal. In our view, this is the best option that is available to you 24/7 and has equal worth as the original aadhar card. E-Aadhaar is an electronic version of the aadhar that you can download from UIDAI’s official web portal. Eaadhar is a pdf file that is protected using a password. It is a combination of your name and date of birth.

The PVC (polyvinyl chloride) Aadhaar card is just like a normal ATM card. You can easily keep it in your wallet and it is a long-lasting card. You do not need to worry about its wear and tear. There are several benefits of PVC Aadhaar card which are as follows:

1. The quality of the card is very good due to the best lamination stuff used.
2. The durability of the card is very good that helps you to easily place the card in your pocket. It will not get damaged even if you keep this in your back pocket.
3. The PVC card is full of security features as it contains Guilloche Pattern, hologram, ghost image &Micro text. These are the modern-day features that provide maximum security of holder’s data. People should understand that UIDAI wants to help them in order to protect their privacy and confidentiality. The step towards the PVC card should be appreciated.
4. It is a weatherproof card and you can easily carry it even if you are going inside the water such as a swimming pool.
5. The authenticity of this card can easily be done offline using a QR code.

Women Prefer Cash And Aadhaar Pay As The Preferred Payment Method

It is a fact that women shop more than men all over the world. In India, the trend is exactly the same. We are not guessing as a recent survey proves this fact very well. The finding of the survey proves that women are the major buyer of goods in the retail market and their preferred payment mode is cash followed by Aadhaar pay. In order to conclude the unbiased behavior of women, 3,500 retail stores were selected to identify, analyze and assess the women’s behavior. The survey conducted clearly describes the financial transactions of women that around 65% prefer to use cash as a payment mode.

Aadhaar pay is the 2nd most used option while UPI QR codes and plastic cards are the least common methods ranging from 5 % to 15 %. Women frequently withdraw cash from ATMs (automated teller machines). On the other hand, daily expenses of groceries, mobile loads, and utility bill payments are also common transactions in women through retail touchpoints. The survey conducted by Fintech Services shows that around 76 % of women operate the bank account themselves while the remaining are dependent on their spouse. Women do not withdraw huge amounts from banks via cheque or ATM. The normal withdrawal amount is Rs 1000 to 2500. This is quite apparent behavior in young women aged between 20 to 40 years. This shows the saving and investment minds in young women especially for child’s education and investment in gold.

Aadhaar is a 12 digit identification number that has become a necessity for every type of gender. This is the document that can make difference in your life. Having an Aadhaar card means that you can easily enjoy various subsidies offered by the Union Government of India. There is an obvious reason behind the importance of Aadhaar which is demographic and biometric details. These two sets of details are the backbone of the entire UIDAI enrollment system.

Aadhaar is also being used as a major tool in accepting payments across the country. As around 92 % of the Indian population have been enrolled in UIDAI’s database, the government had introduced Aadhaar Pay to simply the buying and selling transactions. To understand the buying behavior of Indians, surveys are performed from time to time. It is always found that people prefer cash transactions. But lots of cash transaction often leads to tax notices, people have started to use Aadhaar Pay which is now the 2nd most commonly used payment method after cash. There are millions of stores and outlets across the country. People find it difficult to carry a huge amount of cash due to security issues as well as the problem of holding it. Keeping in view these problems in mind, stores and outlets now are now accepting Aadhaar pay. Customers seed their bank account with the Aadhaar number to start using Aadhaar pay. The merchant where people want to pay for goods purchased can provide their Aadhaar number and biometric to carry out the payment.

What Is Aadhaar Pay?

In India, a single document that can make a real difference in your life is Aadhaar. You will need this in almost every place. If you have an Aadhaar card, it is almost confirmed that you will not be denied from availing of any sort of service. The reason behind so much importance of the Aadhaar is that it uses demographic as well as biometric details of the holder. These combined sets of information make this card, a highly secured centralized document for verification across the whole country. In fact, this is your digital identity or name in Government’s database. You can get the aadhar if you are a resident person. By Indian law, you are resident only if you live in India for at least 182 days in a year. This document is also being used in the payment system. Aadhaar Pay is a payment system that purely runs on an Aadhaar number. Due to its simplicity, it is getting popular day by day. In this article, we will highlight Aadhaar Pay in-depth to help you understand the concept and how you can use this in your business to accept payment easily and seamlessly.

There are hundreds of banks across India maintaining millions of people account with them. On a daily basis, millions of transactions are performed through proper banking channels and in cash. Keeping in view the importance of the Aadhaar, Government brought an advanced payment mechanism known as Aadhaar Pay. It is a very simplified method to do the transaction without physically carrying cash, plastic cards, or any other sort of physical money. Everything is performed on the fly without any hassle with complete security and confidentiality. The transaction is done using the Aadhaar number and biometric mechanism. Actually, when a customer buys goods from a merchant, the Aadhaar Pay payment system allows the merchant to collect the money from a customer using the Aadhaar number. Then, transaction authenticity is completed by taking the customer’s biometric. The transaction has the same effect as done via traditional banking channels. The Seeded bank account of the customer gets debited and the merchant account gets credited in real-time.

Benefits of Aadhaar Pay

1. The power of this system lies in its inter-operable features that allow the exchange of information between computers and systems.
2. This system works 24/7 irrespective of the normal 9 to 5 banking hours of operations.
3. There is no need for any sort of smartphone or accessories to carry out the transaction.
4. As the transaction is authenticated via biometric details, the whole system is secured.
5. Collection of money from customers is seamless and enhances the overall customer satisfaction.
6. The charges on Aadhaar Pay are very low as compared to any other payment method.
7. Customer does not need to enter pin and password to make the payment.
8. Customer can choose any bank account mapped with aadhar
9. Say goodbye to cash as all is done via the exchange of data through computer systems.

Aadhar Should Not Be Mandatory For Vehicle Passes

The main tool in the form of documents in India is Aadhaar. It is a 12 digit number used by the Union Government to enroll the residents of India in its database. The reason for using Aadhaar as a key tool is because of its uniqueness and database properties. Due to highly relational in nature, it acts as a single source of interaction in almost all government and private sector entities. Aadhaar consists of 12 digits ranging from 0 to 9. This number is structured in such a way that the first number cannot be 0 because if the first digit is set as 0, this will cause the total digit to 11. As written earlier the Aadhaar is issued only to the resident person. In India as per law, a resident is a person who lives inside the country for a minimum of 182 days a year. If you are Indian but live in India for less than 182 days, you are not a resident. You fall in the definition of non-resident Indian. In this case, you may not apply for Aadhaar. Any effort to cheat the UIDAI system will create problems for you in the long run and you may face legal consequences as well.

Though, Aadhaar is a mandatory document not by law but due to its usability. One cannot live without it as he or she will have to face severe trouble in daily life. This is the reason, experts have questioned the use of Aadhaar in every part of life. During the corona lockdown in almost every part of the country especially in Hyderabad, Aadhaar was a necessary document in order to get a vehicle pass. If anyone does not have Aadhaar, this means that he or she does not exist for pass issuing authorities. This is not a good thing and researcher Srinivas Kodali openly criticizes this thing. According to him, Aadhaar should not be mandatory for everything. Instead of making Aadhaar stringent for everything, alternate ID cards should be accepted without any reluctance. The overall purpose should be to facilitate people instead of creating obstacles to avail benefits and services.

The researcher also pointed out that Supreme Court has only made Aadhaar mandatory only for tax collection and claiming government subsidies but on other things, its requirement can be avoided and as such unnecessary. Due to the increased growth rate of the Corona pandemic in the country, the vaccination phase is under process for various age groups. But the negative point is that people are asked to bring Aadhaar card with them to get the vaccination. It means that those people who do not have Aadhaar will not be able to get the Covid-19 vaccination. This is the reason experts and researchers emphasize the acceptance of alternate ID cards for corona vaccination & lockdown travel passes. So, it is the Government’s responsibility to act in the public interest and avoid the mandatory requirement of Aadhaar in every place. The use of alternate cards should be accepted without any reluctance.

Online Fraudsters Cheating Hospitals And Related Institutions During Covid-19 Pandemic

Aadhaar is no doubt an important document in India. It is required in every stage of your life. From childhood to death, nothing is possible without Aadhaar. It is the most fundamental document that is conclusive proof of your identity and address verification. It is a 12 digit unique number that is your sole proof across the country. As it is asked at every place, you must have to keep its confidentiality intact, especially from strangers. You cannot trust any strangers because fraudsters are found in every society.

Due to increased cases of corona pandemic in the country, the government and social welfare organizations have activated all over the country. As we all know, there have always been bad factors found in society. In this difficult time, these bad people are taking advantage and playing with other’s feelings and wealth. The same situation has arisen in Bhopal. It is a city in Madhya Pradesh state which is a central state in India. This city is called the city of green due to its lush greenery and lakes. Its Van Vihar National Park is famous due to Leopards, tigers, and lions. Now coming back to the news that fraudsters are targeting hospitals and healthcare institutions by fake calls. They are pretending themselves as army officers and ask the hospitals to vaccinate their family members. They tell the hospitals that they cannot come themselves with their families. So, they ask the hospitals to share bank details such as account title and account number.

Actually, these fraudsters play the trick by asking the bank details from the hospitals and pay a small amount as an advance payment to gain the confidence of the hospitals. Later, they ask the hospital’s or doctor’s online payment wallet number using WhatsApp. They send a small amount to check whether the transaction is happening or not. Once the transaction gets completed, they ask to reverse the transaction using an online payment wallet via the requested link and follow their instruction to complete the transaction immediately. They are asked to accept the request as early as possible based on the false statement that this the army policy. To enhance their trust, they also use WhatsApp profile photo in army uniform.

There are two hospitals in Bhopal city that have been created in this manner. Upon clicking the link, the victim has to input UPI Pin and the withdrawal transaction occurs instead of a deposit. According to DSP Richa Jain, the fraudsters are using the latest mode Operandi to fool the hospitals and healthcare institutions. It is expected that similar fraud may be done with lawyers, Chartered accountants, or any other type of service provider. Experts suggest that never share your Aadhaar number and credit/ debit card details with strangers. Most importantly, people must strictly reject any data entry of Pin for receiving UPI payment.

Corona Vaccination Cancelled Due To Cyclone Tauktae

The situation in India is very frustrating due to the corona attack. The situation has become worst due to cyclone Tauktae. Mumbai and Gujarat are under severe threat due to heavy rainfall, thunderstorm, and cyclone. This has affected the Covid-19 vaccination process in the affected areas. So, if you have scheduled using your Aadhaar number, you have to check again with your centers to get a new date. The cyclone generated winds at a speed of around 115 miles per hour. Keeping in view the worst situation, the patients have been shifted to the nearby saved locations.

The ventilators and oxygen cylinders have also been shifted so that patients can be treated without any delay and their health cannot be compromised. The devastating effect of cyclones has disturbed the corona controlling measures. People who have registered using their Aadhaar number and the scheduled date of vaccination these days will now have to consult their vaccination center to know their revised date.

The government is trying hard to curb the corona and as a result, the rate of spread has reduced a little bit. But this is still the highest in the world. Lots of efforts are needed to decrease the virus spread so that economic and normal lives in the country can be restored. The rehabilitation efforts in various parts of the country due to cyclones are underway. Any official news from the government is yet to arrive. It is our responsibility to help the government to curb the growth rate. We can achieve this together by maintaining social distances,

The Union Government of India uses Aadhaar to control the overall population. Aadhaar is a 12 digit number and is unique in nature. It remains permanent for the whole life with you. The 12 digits of Aadhaar are generated from numbers from 0 to 9. But the initial first number may not be a 0. Aadhaar card is very important nowadays. The need for Aadhaar has increased significantly due to the deadly pandemic in India. The growth rate of Covid spread is too high across the country when we compare this with the rest of the world. Hospitals and vaccination centers have been advised to use Aadhaar as a key tool for controlling the vaccination process of the people.

UIDAI is the organization that fully controls the operating process of the enrollment process and any update therein. It has been approximately ten years since the launching of UIDAI, but over 92% of the residents of Hindustan have been enrolled in the government records. If you are an Indian citizen who lives most of the time overseas, then you need to do some calculations. You have to count the total days in a year in which you were in the country.

In case, If the number of days is less than 182, then as per Indian law you do not fall within the definition of a resident of India. Instead, you will fall into the non-resident Indian. Now, you cannot claim yourself as a resident and you are not eligible to obtain an Aadhaar card. When you are ready to apply for the Aadhaar, just make a visit to any Aadhaar center. You will receive your card in 90 days through courier delivered by the Indian postal service. The normal time to get the card is 2 months. You have the option to download an electronic version of the Aadhaar well before the hard card. For this, you have to download Eaadhaar in Pdf file format from UIDAI’s official portal.

All You Need To Know About Masked Aadhaar

Aadhar is a unique number and consists of 12 digits. Its enrollment is done via UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) via a country-wide large network of Aadhaar centers. These centers do not charge any fees from residents for providing enrollment services. This is a big step from the Government of India as this is a huge opportunity cost that can bring lots of revenue to the Government each year.

The technology used in the Aadhaar is based on two sets of information. One is demographic while the other is biometric such as Iris and fingerprint scans. This is the main reason Aadhaar is a secure and reliable document across India. In order to further protect the privacy of Aadhaar, the concept of masked Aadhaar is gaining popularity.

As Aadhaar is an important legal document, it is very important to keep it secure and confidential. But the use of Aadhaar in every segment of our life has made it very hard to maintain its privacy. We heard lots of news regarding data leakages of people using aadhar in the past. Keeping in view these issues of people in mind, UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) has released a new concept of masked Aadhaar. In masked aadhar, the first 8 digits on the Aadhaar number are masked while the rest of the 4 digits remain visible. All other details such as QR code, picture, demographic data, and other information remain there on the card. As it is a UIDAI’s signed document, it is acceptable at all the places where you have to verify only your identity.

How to get a Masked Aadhaar?


1. Open the official web portal at
2. Choose the link ‘Download Aadhaar’ inside the ‘My Aadhaar’ tab.
3: Now, use one of the following three procedures to download the masked Aadhaar.
a. Using Aadhaar Number. You can enter the 12 digit Aadhaar number. You have to enter your full name and pin code as well on the portal.
b. Enrolment Number – you can also use the 28 digit enrolment number. You will have to enter your full name and pin code as well to download the masked card.
c. Virtual ID
You have the option to download masked Aadhaar as well using the 16-digit Virtual ID on the official UIDAI portal.
4. Now, it is the time to check the box ‘I want a masked Aadhaar?
5. Press on the button ‘Send OTP’. You will receive the OTP on your registered mobile number.
6. Input this one-time password on the website to get the masked Aadhaar.
7.  As a second option, you may click on the button ‘Enter TOTP’ to use the time-bound OTP (TOTP). TOTP is generated using the mAadhaar app.
8. Your secured and confidential masked Aadhaar will be downloaded.

High Court Directs The Maharashtra Government To Follow The Union Government’s Sops For Inmates

The whole world is under severe threat from the deadly coronavirus. Various covid-19 vaccines are available in the hospitals and the process of vaccinating is in process for various age groups across the country. In India, there are inmates in the prisons who are under great threat from the pandemic. There are reports of inmates died from a deadly virus. Keeping in view, the Bombay High Court directed the government of Maharashtra to obey and follow the SOPs (standard operating procedures) set by the union government. In this regard, the HC bench directed the state to appoint doctors and medical staff to fill up the vacancies. This bench was headed by Chief Justice DipankarDatta and Justice GS Kulkarni. Those prisoners who do not have an Aadhaar card will also be vaccinated in order to curb the spread of the virus. Because one carrier can transfer this coronavirus to 10 peoples and from them to a further 10 people. This was decided in the hearing of public interest litigations under suo motu case.

Supreme Court and high court make decisions from time to time on matters affecting public interest under suo motu case. Suo Motu means on its own decision. In last month, High Court (HC) asked the Union and state government about the procedure of vaccinating inmates in a suo motu notice specifically for prisoners who do not have an Aadhaar card. This is because inmates cannot be taken to Aadhaar enrollment centers due to security issues. Further, there are inmates who are illegal immigrants. So, they cannot have Aadhaar as per law.

If you want to avail yourself of various benefits offered by the Indian union government to its people, then you have to obtain an Aadhaar card. There are various subsidies that you can enjoy if you have an Aadhaar card. It is a 12 digit number and is unique to every person. This is the reason, the union government is using this number as the key identity tool across the country in its various programs and sectors. This has made this card the mandatory document by use.

Aadhaar is based on two sets of information. One is demographic and the other is biometric. Name, address, gender, email, and mobile number details fall under demographic information while fingerprints & eye scan (Iris) fall under biometric information. You can visit nearby Aadhaar enrollment centers to apply for the Aadhaar card. Please make sure no one asks you for any fees for the enrollment as the Union government declared this as a free service to promote the enrollment process. You have to carry necessary documents such as a ration card, pan card, voter card, passport, or driving license to support your application. These documents are needed to verify your address. Also, make sure that at the time of application, you must give your working mobile number.

Documents Acceptable For Covid-19 Vaccination

Aadhar is a 12-digit unique identifier that is evidence of the applicant’s identity & residential address. As the population of the country is very big, Government established UIDAI to perform all the tasks and duties necessary to make this happen. The enrollment and updating procedure of Aadhaar is completed through Aadhaarkendra.In a very limited period of time, we have seen around 90% of the population of the country get enrolled with the UIDAI. Aadhaar card is issued only to those people of India, who are inside the country for at least one eight two days a year. Aadhaar Act clearly eliminates NRI to obtain an Aadhaar card as they do not live in India for a minimum of 182 days.

The process to obtain an Aadhaar card is very simple. Just visit any nearby Aadhaarkendra to get enrolled. Supporting documents are very crucial if you want your Aadhaar application to be accepted without any issues. It will take around a maximum of ninety days from the application date to have your Aadhaar card at your registered address. Please note that the enrollment procedure is absolutely 100% free from the state. The sole objective of this is to bring as many residents to the UIDAI database as possible. There are two important pieces of information that are retrieved during the Aadhaar enrollment procedure. One is called demographic details while the other is known as biometric details.

Covid-19 is a great threat to mankind for its existence in this world. In our country, this is taking the lives of the people at an exponential rate. The government is trying very hard to control the spread of pandemics but it requires equal participation from the people to perform their role. If you do not maintain social distance and avoid using facial masks, then you are in trouble. Not only you are in trouble, but you are also putting others in the trouble as well. Corona vaccines are being given to people on a daily basis. But the rate is not good keeping in view the rate of growth.

The most important thing is that the data of vaccinated people must be maintained to ensure 2nd and subsequent doses can be given timely. This can be tracked only with government issues identity documents such as Aadhaar. So far, vaccine centers were accepting only Aadhaar card. But not everyone has aadhar so far. Keeping in view the problems faced by people, the Government has decided to allow other address identification documents such as driving license, passport, and PAN as valid documents for corona vaccination. National Health Mission (NHM) ordered this relaxation in order to help people for registering at the Cowin portal. It is important as the registration of people with an age bracket of 18 – 44 is in the process throughout the country. So, it is your responsibility to carry either Aadhaar, PAN, driving license, or passport when you are going to get your corona vaccination.