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Update Your Aadhaar Card At Your Doorstep

Aadhaar is the unique identity number that contains 12 digits and it is issued to the residents of India upon submission of supporting documents. The residents of India can easily get their Aadhaar cards without paying anything as it is a gift from the Indian government to their people.

The latest news that is quite appealing for the residents of Secunderabad is that now resident can easily update their Aadhar card details from the convenience of their home. Secunderabad is a city of India that is sometimes spelled as Sikandarabad. It is quite similar to Hyderabad and that is why it is also known as the twin city of Hyderabad. Secunderabad is located in the state of Telangana and touches the border of Hyderabad. In 1806, Secunderabadwas established as a British cantonment. The twin city population was recorded in 2011 and it was around 213,698. The languages which are commonly used in Secunderabad are English, Urdu, and Telugu.

Residents Welfare Association is a nonprofit organization operating in the public sector. It is abbreviated as RWAs. This organization has made this doorstep service possible for the residents of Telangana.

In a detailed report, it is reported that the people who are living in a flat or apartment which is controlled by the Residents Welfare Associations (RWAs), can easily get their Aadhaar cards updated at their homes. Currently, this service is only available in Secunderabad. This doorstep Aadhaar updated service has brought up some sort of revolution in the life of the local area people of Secundrabad. As per an estimate, a large number of people are not able to update their Aadhaar cards due to some time constraints, so these peoples can easily avail this service.

The senior superintendent of post offices (SSP) Santosh Netha Kairamkonda said that the residents who have not updated their Aadhaar card yet, now can easily change or update the demographic data like email, mobile numbers, address, fingerprint, date of birth, and some other information. While the SSP was describing the policy of doorstep Aadhaar update he said that the RWAs workers should visit us and grant us some details like the address and the number of families staying in the apartments so that relevant fees could be charged from them. The local workers who are working under the Aadhaar updating process are fully trained and authorized by the UIDAI (Unique Identification of India). The RWAs worker said that the workers who are working in this program are very loyal to their work. They reach the flat on time for the service to provide. Mr. Santosh added in his statement that the person who is availing of this service has to pay the amount of INR 50 to INR 100 for the changing and update of demographic data. He further added that the receipt will be given to the person so that the individual can pay the respective amount. It will take approximately 10 days to get the updated Aadhaar card.

Link Aadhaar And Mobile Number With Ration Card By The End Of January 2021

The latest news about Aadhar comes on a daily basis. Today’s news is linking Aadhaar and mobile numbers with ration cards by the end of January 2021. As we know that Aadhaar is a unique identification number that consists of 12 digits and its eligibility is only for the citizens of India. Just like a ration card which is provided by the Indian government to their residents who are in need and are not able to buy food for their families and themselves. This ration card is used to get an allotted food which is given by the Public Distribution System. This department works under the National Food Security Acts (NFSA). A ration card is also used as an identification proof in India.

Aadhar serves as a key document throughout India. No one can think to live without it. There are several benefits of registering and getting an Aadhar card.

The Nashik district management had passed the law by saying that the people who are getting allotted food by the public distribution system and Antyoday scheme, should have to associate their Aadhaar and mobile number to their ration cards. The management also said that the procedure should be done before the end of January 2021.

If the one who is getting allotted food, do not complete this procedure will not be getting any advantage as per the promise made by the public distribution department from February 2021 till ahead. The government passed the law by saying that, partially one mobile number and Aadhaar number should be recorded from each family to link their ration cards with them, so the PDS can easily extend to the respected family. If the person does not submit his/her Aadhaar card number, will be considered as an unreal ration cardholder. The Fair Price Shop(FPS) will automatically remove that person’s part from the allotted food. And in this case, the FPS will not grant the food the to ration cardholder.

The process of recording the Aadhaar enrolment will be done by a specific drive fulfilled by the fair price shop (FPS).  It is the shopkeeper’s responsibility to urgently inform the e-KYC (Know Your Customer) department if in January any of the ration cardholder or his family visits the shop to collect the allotted food.

People should keep in mind that the Government initiative to link Aadhar, mobile number with Ration Card is to increase transparency and overcome the corruption problems in the society. By doing this, more and more resources will be devoted to helping the people who are in need of Government grants. So, as an Indian resident, it is your responsibility to support the Government in completing the linkage or mapping process as soon as possible. If you wait for the last date, you may face trouble such as technical faults, etc. So, act now to avail the Government grants in the years to come.

Same Sex Couple Applies For Aadhaar Card For Their Child

Aadhaar is a unique identification number contain 12 digits and it is eligible for the residents and passport holders of India. Foreigners who are living in the states of India do not have the privilege to get their Aadhaar card free of cost, as the Indian residents have the opportunity to get their Aadhaar without paying anything, as it is a free gift from the government to their citizens. However, the foreigners have to go through some procedures to get their Aadhaar cards as well.

Aadhaar card is the basic thing in India and nowadays many cases had been reported with respect to Aadhaar from time to time. A new case had taken place in Gumla, India. It is located in the state of Jharkhand, India. Basically, it is a town. The religion which is followed by the people is commonly Nagpuri, Kurukh, and Munda. In 2011 the population which was recorded was around 51,265. The official language used in Gumla is Hindi.

Now coming back to the case it was reported that a couple had applied to get their child’s Aadhaar card. But the twist, in this case, was that the couple is a same-sex couple. It had been recorded that two women get married in Gumla town. It is declared by the Government that same-gender marriage is illegal in India.

As per the information by the Aadhaar department, in the couple, the one woman is blind whose age is 26 years old and the other woman age is 22 years old and they both consider themselves as husband and wife and they are parenting a young girl. The strange thing which happened was that The Aadhaar department had registered the couple’s application and advice the couple to visit the office of the superior which is located in Gumla Nagar Parishad. The Community Organizer whose name is Vimla conveys his remarks by saying that the elder woman who is 10th Class nonconformist considers herself as the child father whereas, the younger woman who did not complete her education after 8th grade, works as a domestic helper and consider herself as a mother. Vimla further added that both the women tied the knot in 2012 and were living on rent in BaraikMuhalla, which is in Gumla town. Both of them were parentless. The blind woman is a Nagpurisinger, however, the other woman belongs to Jashpur district, which is in Chhattisgarh.

Vimla said that the elder woman who is a singer was blind by her one eye since when she was born. She tied a knot with a guy and delivered a baby girl. Later on, in 2012 she lost her husband and became completely blind with her both eyes. After some time she met in a wedding ceremony she met a 22 years old girl with whom she fell in love. Vimla added that they got married at Happamuni temple in Gharghra, in the existence of a priest. The official report did not come up till yet that have got their child’s Aadhaar card or not.

Survey Team Not Accepting Aadhaar Card For Vaccination In Gujarat

Aadhaar, which contains 12 digits, is a unique identification number for the residents of India. The entity which issues Aadhaar cards to Indian residents is known as the Unique Identification Authority Of India (UIDAI). Aadhaarwas launched on 28 January 2009. The Aadhaar cards service is a voluntary service as it cost nothing from the residents of India. For the first time enrolment, the government will charge nothing from the citizen. However, in the future, the department will charge the amount of INR 50 for the changing and updates of biometric and demographic data.

There is a case that had been reported regarding Aadhaar and COVID-19 vaccination in Gujarat. Gujarat is a state which is located on the western coast of India. It has a coastline of 1,600km which is approximately (990 mi). The population of Gujarat recorded from the last survey was 60.4 million. By area, it is the fifth-biggest state, and by population, it is the ninth-largest state of India.

The case which was reported was held in Ahmedabad which is the largest city of Gujarat. The case tells us about the mistrust wording of the Government and their worker and survey team. In Ahmedabad, the survey team who visited there for the COVID vaccination refused to accept Aadhaar as the identity proof of the citizens. But as per the Government order, the Aadhaar cards will be used as a health ID for the vaccination. The survey team said that they will not accept Aadhaar cards but, instead of Aadhaar they will be accepting a passport or some other official documents. In this case, the resident of the Satellite area who’s name was Lalita Patel told me that the survey team was not accepting Aadhaar cards as official proof. She further added that the team conclusively told her that they have to provide some other official documents like PAN or their voter ID card. But the Aadhaar cards were not eligible for the vaccination.

In a society of Bhopal also, a case had been spotted that the survey team had clarified that they had been commanded that not to accept the Aadhaar card as proof. A member from the survey team said that instead of Aadhaarteywill accept other official documents like passport, passbook, or their PAN cards. He also said that there is a compulsory column of photo identification cards in the survey form.

The people are getting frustrated by the mistrust wording of the Government and their workers. They have requested the Government to convey a proper order regarding this case.

Sandip Sagale the District Collector gave his remarks by saying that if anyone does not have their Aadhaar card so, in this condition, they can show any of their officials verified documents to the survey team to get their vaccination. He said that it is a privilege for the citizens that they can show any of their certified documents to the team.

Consequences Of Forging Aadhaar Cards

Unique identity numbers which contain 12 digits and are only issued to the people of India. These identity numbers are known as Aadhaar cards in India. The Indians have the opportunity to get their Aadhaar cards free of cost as it will be a voluntary service from the Indian Government to their citizens. It has been reported that the case had taken place in Ghaziabad, India linking with Aadhaar cards. Ghaziabad is an Indian city which is in the Uttar Pradesh state. Ghaziabad had declared the biggest city on the west side of Uttar Pradesh. The population of Ghaziabad when recorded was around 1,729,000 as per the last consensus.

The case which was recorded was in the counterfeiting of Aadhaar and voters’ IDs. It was reported that the cyber police, which is the special department of the police force had arrested two people regarding this case. The police gave their remarks by saying that there is a gang of people who had been participating in this illegal work. They also said that they had found some computer which is in bulk quantity, some counterfeit Aadhaar cards, and some cash from the arrested persons. One of the police officers said that it is a serious crime to issue Aadhaar and voter cards to people without having a license in a proper way.

It was reported by the police that the two persons which were arrested by the police have their shop in Sahibabad. The police said that they had sent one of their constables as a client at their shop. The constable told his requirement to the person that he wants to change his address from his Aadhaar card. In further, the officer and in-charge of the cyber cell who names were Abhay Kumar Mishra added in the statement that when the duo seeks the money, the constable told them that he is bringing some cash from his home. After coming out from their shop the constable urgently reported the police and gave all the details to them. And in no time the cyber department among with the Kotwali police team reached out at their shop and successfully they took both of the people in their custody. Mr. Abhay further added that the police team had taken all the stuff which the culprits were using for making counterfeit ID card. He also said that both of the culprits were doing this illegal work for the past whole calendar year.

In this case the SHO of Kotwali police station, Sandeep Singh also gave his remarks by saying that they have found a stamp and a scanner which might be known as an iris scanner. He also said that the culprits were using some adhesive to make their thumb impressions on the stamp.

In the end, the police clarified that the item which was in their custody contains 2 laptops, a fingerprint, and a sought eye scanner, and a device which is a GPS device. They also said that the application of Aadhaar cards was also installed on the laptops.

Over 300 Aadhaar Cards Abandoned In Kattakkad

Kattakkada is a town in India that is located in Taluka and linking with the Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala. If we talk about its location from Neyyattinkara Town, it is situated 13km west, from Nedumangad Town it is situated 18km south and from the Capital City Thiruvananthapuram, it is situated  22km east. In the report, the population of Kattakkada in 2011 was about 40,448. The major languages which you can hear in this town are Malayalam and English.

Recently it was reported that in Kattakkada, Kerala, the Aadhaar cards in the quantity of 300 were given to a scarp dealer. The Aadhaar cards were along with the bundle of old papers when it was handed to the scarp dealer. In the report, it was also mentioned that the cards were out for delivery. The shop of the scarp dealer is located in Kattakkada. The Kattakkada police said that the case was registered on Saturday. They further said that they launched their team to find the details of the circumstances that how the Aadhaar cards were moved to the scrap dealer.

Consulting with the police the report was found that Peethuraj was the name of the scarp dealer and the Aadhaar cards were handed over to Peethuraj at his shop along with the pile of old torn papers. The police also told that the Aadhaar cards that were found were 306 in quantity. Peethuraj also clarified that there was also some official paper-like banking and some insurance documents. He said that all the documents were in a packed condition. An addition in the case was when the initial investigation report cleared that the cards were granted for delivery to the post office of Karakulam. It was also reported that the cards were sold by the postwoman’s husband to the scarp dealer Peethuraj. D Bijukumar, the house officer inspector of Kattakkada gave remarks by saying that Peethuraj gave his clarification to the police by saying that an auto-rickshaw driver came to his shop on Friday evening, the auto driver gave the pile of old paper and some documents in a packed seal envelope. Peethuraj further said that on Saturday morning while he was categorizing his scarp he found the Aadhaar cards and some other official papers. On this point, Peethuraj instantly reported to the local advocate, who in return alerted the police.

The registered case was called on by section 102 of CrPC. And the bundle of papers and the official papers will now go to be shown in court said Bijukumar.

Aadhaar: The unique identity number which consists of 12 digits is known as the Aadhaar card in India, which is given to the people that are holding Indian nationality. The people who are the residents and passport holders of India can easily get their Aadhaar cards. The good news for the Indian people is that they can get their Aadhaar cards without paying anything, as it is a voluntary service from the Government. However, the foreigners which are living in India like NRIs have to go through some different procedures to get their Aadhaar cards.

Government Plans To Generate Unique Health IDs For The Aadhaar Vaccination

Aadhaar is a unique identification number that consists of 12 digits. The residents and passport holders of India can easily apply to get it voluntarily. It is based on the information of biometric and demographic data. It is issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). It doesn’t have any expiry date, it comes with its lifetime validation. For the first time, the Aadhaar card was launched on 28 January 2009. Its eligibility is only for the Indian nationality. The purposes of Aadhaar card are as under:

  • Identification
  • Direct benefits transfer.

The cost of the Aadhaar card is for the first-time visit for the enrolment will charge nothing for the person, as it will be voluntary, but in the future, the person’s visit may charge up to INR 50 for the changes or updates of biometric or demographic.

The Government Plan To Generates Unique Health IDs for Aadhaar vaccination currently have to be based on a few points which are as under:

1) The Health ID which will be given under NDHM is going to be free of cost, voluntary. It will cost nothing for the residents of India. They can easily get their Health IDs linking through their Aadhaar cards.

2) People with their Health IDs will be having their health account that will contain all the information such as the details of every test that will be reported, every disease, the medicine is taken or the diagnosis. The doctor visits will also be recorded in the health account of the person. In this way, the patients have the full advantage that if they even shift to a new place or to a new doctor they will have all their details in their Health IDs.

3) The creation of Health IDs have been done on the basis of there details such as Aadhaar and their phone number. It is the best way to buildup a unique ID for each and every person.

4) There are six main building blocks of NDHM, which are health ID, e-pharmacy telemedicine, Digi doctor, health facility registry, and personal health records.

5) Recently it is reported by the Federation Of Indian Chambers Of Commerce and Industry and Boston Consulting Group, that in the next 10 years the digital health plan will going to boost their productivity and will give the benefit of approximately $250 billion in Indian GDP.

6) On 15 August, the PM of India Modi had said that the idea of the health sector will bring up the “revolution” in the country. In an interview to Bloomberg, the chief executive officer of National Health Authority Mission (NDHM), Indu Bhushan said that the country will lead to the saving and better economic outcomes through NDHM program.

These are the few things mentioned in the above article regarding the Government Plans to Generate Unique Health IDs for the Aadhaar Vaccination.

Link Aadhar Card With Mobile Number To Get COVID Vaccine

The year 2020 brought various calamities and found to be very bad for human beings. The COVID19 is one of the biggest calamities that affected every part of the world. The world is seeing a very high death toll and is suffering from a serious threat to its existence. Still, Governments of every country are in severe trouble as to how to stop this epidemic. People are advised to wear masks not to protect themselves but to save the lives of their beloved family members.

For a year, scientists are trying their hardest all over the world to invent a vaccine. Scientists from the US, UK, Russia & China have played a key role. As a result, various vaccines have been released after testing on a limited number of people. Now, the Indian Government has also approved two vaccines Covaxin and Covidshield for their residents.

This is official news from the Government of India that it will be using Covidshield & Covaxin vaccine for their resident people and the first phase will be to protect front line workers that are above the age of 50 years. Because people over the age of 50 are at great risk of being affected with Covid. The Government wants to protect those old age people. Front line workers are those such as doctors, nurses, and paramedical staff.

In order to take advantage of this incentive of the Government of India, one has to choose either Covaxin or Covidshield. But you have to link your Aadhar card with your mobile number otherwise you will not be entitled to enjoy this benefit of the corona vaccine. Apart from this, you cannot use a proxy to take advantage of this incentive. You have to use your own mobile number for linking purposes.

The reason behind this is that to document each and every person getting the COVID vaccine in the Government database and in the future, no one gets left without this vaccine. This enables the authorities to check where a person has taken the vaccine and at what date.

Prime Minister has also confirmed that linking mobile numbers with Aadhar card for COVID vaccination purposes is necessary. This initiative is not to create problems for people but to keep a track record to make sure anyone who gets the first dose of the vaccine also receives the second dose. Otherwise, the purpose of the first vaccination will get lost.

Keeping in view the importance of the mobile number link with Aadhar, it has now become necessary to do this on an urgent basis, in case you have not done so. To further strengthen the entire system, the Co-WIN Application has been developed. This mobile application provides easy tracking of vaccination records of people getting doses.

Anyone can download the application to keep a record of his or herself. This application is a part of the Co-WIN digital platform. There are 5 different modules in this platform such as registration module, beneficiary acknowledgment module, administrator module, vaccination module, and report module. So, in a nutshell, it is a comprehensive platform that provides full support at every phase of the COVID vaccination.

Is Aadhar Card Mandatory? – Supreme Court Verdict On Aadhar Card

In so many places, there is a compulsory requirement that you have to prove your identity. For this, you have to show various documents. In entities such as airlines, railways, hotels, and banks, etc, identity proof has become mandatory. For these sorts of entities, the most accepted identity document is the Aadhar card. In recent years, Aadhar has gained a lot of importance due to its widespread acceptance & utility. The main reason for its wide use is the fantastic feature of demographic and biometric. Unlike any other identity document, Aadhar provides maximum information about the resident. Apart from this, no one fools the Government system as demographic details are coupled with biometric information such as eye scans & fingerprints.

Since the launch of the UIDAI, there is confusion among the people of India about whether Aadhar is mandatory or not. This confusion has raised mainly due to its compulsory need in banks, passport office,s, and Government offices. In this article, we will this topic with reference to the Supreme Court verdict.

Is Aadhar Card Mandatory – Supreme Court Decision

Keeping in view the increased confusion among people, The Supreme Court of India has made it clear that there is no mandatory requirement to do so and the Government of India cannot do so now. This means that though Aadhar is not mandatory right now, in near future it could be made mandatory. So, it is a wise decision to apply for an Aadhar card now to avoid any emergency that may arise in the future. The importance and popularity of Aadhar can be judged from the fact that around 135 Crore residents of India have obtained this card.

Reasons to get an Aadhar card

Though this is not mandatory to obtain an Aadhar card, still there are multiple reasons to apply for an Aadhar card. These are:

  1. In order to receive a pension, one must be an Aadhar number holder.
  2. To claim LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) subsidy, you must be enrolled in the Aadhar system.
  3. If you want to subscribe to a mobile or internet connection, then you can avail of the service only if you are an Aadhar account holder.
  4. Non-Aadhar users cannot withdraw from EPF (Employee Provident Fund).
  5. You cannot open a savings account in the bank if you do not have Aadhar.
  6. In order to apply for Aadhar or to get it renewed, you must have Aadhar.
  7. You do not need to submit various documents to prove your name, address, and age, etc. Aadhar is the single solution for all types of verification.
  8. In most educational institutes, you cannot get admission in any faculty unless & until you are an Aadhar account number holder.
  9. To avail of subsidy on kerosene & ration, you must be Aadhar registered under PDF scheme.
  10. To properly remove the people from UIDAI’s database after their death, an Aadhar number is necessary. Otherwise, the municipal or local body will not entertain you in registering the death.

What Is Aadhar eKYC? – Aadhar eKYC Process And Advantages

KYC (Know your customer) is one of the main steps in providing services or products. However, it is a very important step but it is very hard to accomplish this. You cannot know about your customer’s thing. Whatever investigation you do will still be left incomplete. That is the main reason many customers gave masses losses to companies. From a different perspective, customers were also in trouble as their personal information was used outside the companies for marketing or for any other purpose without consent. In order to solve these sorts of issues faced by both sides of the parties. UIDAI (Unique Authority of India) launched a paperless eKYC verification system.

eKYC verification is a wonderful system that allows the service providers in verifying the Aadhar details of the customers with the consent of the Aadhar number holders. The eKYC establishes the identity of the customer in numerous applications in such a way that security & privacy remain intact. There is no need for any sort of paper including Aadhar card as the whole process has become electronic and paperless. You do not need to show your Aadhar number at all to the service provider or agency. This has developed trust and a sense of satisfaction in the eyes of both companies & customers.

Advantages of eKYC

  1. As mentioned above, the privacy of the Aadhar holder remains intact. The Aadhar number is not revealed to the agency as only a reference ID is shown.
  2. There is no specific requirement to go through the rigorous process of complete biometric verification.
  3. KYC data is securely processed using the phrase chosen by the Aadhar holder. This allows full control of his or her data.
  4. It is totally dependent on the Aadhar holder to share his demographic information and photo. Agencies cannot steal the data of the holder.
  5. Agency can take permission from the Aadhar number holder in order to use the data for wide usage.
  6. Printing & stationery is a major portion of the cost of sale of any type of organization. Agencies can save precious amount by taking full advantage of eKYC.
  7. The time of verification has reduced significantly. Previously in a paper-based verification, a lot of time spent on visiting the office/ home and checking various details of the Aadhar number holder. Now, all is done by sitting in the office of the agency within few minutes.
  8. A lot of issues were seen in the past regarding the illegal use of mobile phone sim. Now, mobile operators are harnessing the power of eKYC. They can verify the authenticity of the customers without any effort. On the other hand, customers also feel a sense of confidentiality as they have to submit no identity card. All the process is done electronically.
  9. The eKYC is a legal process and fully backed by Government standards.