Is Aadhar Card Mandatory? – Supreme Court Verdict On Aadhar Card

In so many places, there is a compulsory requirement that you have to prove your identity. For this, you have to show various documents. In entities such as airlines, railways, hotels, and banks, etc, identity proof has become mandatory. For these sorts of entities, the most accepted identity document is the Aadhar card. In recent years, Aadhar has gained a lot of importance due to its widespread acceptance & utility. The main reason for its wide use is the fantastic feature of demographic and biometric. Unlike any other identity document, Aadhar provides maximum information about the resident. Apart from this, no one fools the Government system as demographic details are coupled with biometric information such as eye scans & fingerprints.

Since the launch of the UIDAI, there is confusion among the people of India about whether Aadhar is mandatory or not. This confusion has raised mainly due to its compulsory need in banks, passport office,s, and Government offices. In this article, we will this topic with reference to the Supreme Court verdict.

Is Aadhar Card Mandatory – Supreme Court Decision

Keeping in view the increased confusion among people, The Supreme Court of India has made it clear that there is no mandatory requirement to do so and the Government of India cannot do so now. This means that though Aadhar is not mandatory right now, in near future it could be made mandatory. So, it is a wise decision to apply for an Aadhar card now to avoid any emergency that may arise in the future. The importance and popularity of Aadhar can be judged from the fact that around 135 Crore residents of India have obtained this card.

Reasons to get an Aadhar card

Though this is not mandatory to obtain an Aadhar card, still there are multiple reasons to apply for an Aadhar card. These are:

  1. In order to receive a pension, one must be an Aadhar number holder.
  2. To claim LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) subsidy, you must be enrolled in the Aadhar system.
  3. If you want to subscribe to a mobile or internet connection, then you can avail of the service only if you are an Aadhar account holder.
  4. Non-Aadhar users cannot withdraw from EPF (Employee Provident Fund).
  5. You cannot open a savings account in the bank if you do not have Aadhar.
  6. In order to apply for Aadhar or to get it renewed, you must have Aadhar.
  7. You do not need to submit various documents to prove your name, address, and age, etc. Aadhar is the single solution for all types of verification.
  8. In most educational institutes, you cannot get admission in any faculty unless & until you are an Aadhar account number holder.
  9. To avail of subsidy on kerosene & ration, you must be Aadhar registered under PDF scheme.
  10. To properly remove the people from UIDAI’s database after their death, an Aadhar number is necessary. Otherwise, the municipal or local body will not entertain you in registering the death.