Rapid Surge In Aadhaar Enrollment Due To Covid-19 Second Shot

Covid-19 has affected every segment of society. From younger to older people, everyone is looking to protect from this contagious disease. No part in this world is free from the corona. That is why every Government in this world is taking stringent measures to deter this pandemic. The invention of the corona vaccine from various countries has been claimed. However, few of them have been passed after through research & development.

Like other parts of the world, India is not the exception. To counter the attacks of coronavirus, the Government of India has run the first phase of vaccination. In this phase, doctors & paramedical staff were vaccinated using the covid-19 vaccine.

The proper management of the vaccination is critical. There should a method to record the people who are getting the vaccination. This is a necessary step because even one person left untreated will cause 10 people and this will continue at an exponential rate. So. The government of India wants to keep a record in the database in such a way that this record can be accessed at any place in India. Here comes the role of Aadhaar in focus. Aadhar is a 12 digit number issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) through its various Aadhar Kendra. Aadhaar is a unique number that means that an id you have will not be allotted to any other person in India.

As the Avaccination for the general public process has started, there has been seen rapid surge or boom in the enrollment process. As per the statistics, around 4.5 million and around 5 million people obtained their Aadhar in the month of December & January respectively. However, this surge fell down in February mainly due to the lockdown situation in most parts of the country. This is happening because Prime Minister Narendra Modi specifically declared Aadhar as a primary tool to monitor the covid-19 vaccinations in the country. According to him, this is necessary for the second shot.

A government official told the news reporter on account of keeping his identity anonymous that people who had no interest in Aadhar, are now taking a serious interest in the Aadhar enrollment process so that they can take the Covid-19 vaccine.

Major cities and states of India already have a very high percentage of enrollment. Gujrat has around 100% rate while UP (Uttar Pradesh), Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Bihar have around 90% rate. So, this is a very satisfying figure for the Government of India. In a video conference meeting with ministers, Prime Minister told them that the identification & monitoring of people taking Covid-19 vaccination is very important and every step must be taken to do this otherwise there will be no advantage of vaccination. PM is referring to the point we discussed above that irregular or gap in the vaccination will render the whole process useless and put the lives of the people again at risk.