Fake Aadhar Card Maker Arrested in Borivli

Borivli is one of the best residential areas in Mumbai. It is located in the north-west part of the city. That is why it is regarded as the golden place by property seekers. Borivli has produced a big name for India such as Rohit Sharma (International Cricketer), DrashtiDhami (Celebrity), Asha Bhosale (Singer), etc. Like any other part of India, Borivli’s residents are registered via UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) through the Aadhar enrollment center. Only Indian residents can obtain an Aadhar card upon submission of required documents. Any effort to make Aadhar on fake documents or without any document is a crime and has severe consequences. UIDAI enrollment process is very stringent. No one can bypass the SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) set by UIDAI. When there are some fraud issues going on with the enrollment process, there are high chances of staff involvement in the fraud.

The recent case came into light when police arrested an operator who was working with an agent for preparing Aadhar using fake and illegal documents. He did the enrollment process even without the documents. The city crime branch followed the case and arrested these two people for further investigation. According to the initial report, the operator was working in a center that was running under an outsourced agreement with a bank. The bank outsourced this center to make Aadhar cards for the people who come to open a bank account with the bank.

Usually, fraud is done only when the applicant does not have to support documents or does not meet the definition of a resident under Indian law. A resident is a person who is residing in India for at least 182 days or more in a year. So, if you live overseas and comes to India for less than 182 days, then you are not eligible for Aadhar. This means that you fall into the definition of NRI (Non-Resident Indian).

The operator worked with the agent to make income from people who do not have documents or do not fall into the category of the resident. So far, there are two fake cards have been prepared. One was issued to a Nepalese national and the other was given to NRI (Non-resident Indian) who just returned back to India from the United States. The agent & operator was charging money from people to do this illegal work. An operator whose name is UmeshChaudry was the main culprit. The police have found out several things from this person. Eye scanner, fingerprint scanner, credit cards, debit cards, mobile phones & currency of 5,000 Indian rupees were also found. Police have taken possession of these and doing further investigation to find out whether there are other people involved or not.

Later, Inspector Sunil Mane deployed at the crime branch explained the case in depth. He told the journalist about the case that UmeshChaudry was charging Rs. 4,000 per card. Those people who lack the supporting document and are not eligible for Aadhar cards are the main customers of this operator. When sources try to take the bank’s statement about this case, they replied that they were unaware of the illegal activities of the accused.