Online Fraudsters Cheating Hospitals And Related Institutions During Covid-19 Pandemic

Aadhaar is no doubt an important document in India. It is required in every stage of your life. From childhood to death, nothing is possible without Aadhaar. It is the most fundamental document that is conclusive proof of your identity and address verification. It is a 12 digit unique number that is your sole proof across the country. As it is asked at every place, you must have to keep its confidentiality intact, especially from strangers. You cannot trust any strangers because fraudsters are found in every society.

Due to increased cases of corona pandemic in the country, the government and social welfare organizations have activated all over the country. As we all know, there have always been bad factors found in society. In this difficult time, these bad people are taking advantage and playing with other’s feelings and wealth. The same situation has arisen in Bhopal. It is a city in Madhya Pradesh state which is a central state in India. This city is called the city of green due to its lush greenery and lakes. Its Van Vihar National Park is famous due to Leopards, tigers, and lions. Now coming back to the news that fraudsters are targeting hospitals and healthcare institutions by fake calls. They are pretending themselves as army officers and ask the hospitals to vaccinate their family members. They tell the hospitals that they cannot come themselves with their families. So, they ask the hospitals to share bank details such as account title and account number.

Actually, these fraudsters play the trick by asking the bank details from the hospitals and pay a small amount as an advance payment to gain the confidence of the hospitals. Later, they ask the hospital’s or doctor’s online payment wallet number using WhatsApp. They send a small amount to check whether the transaction is happening or not. Once the transaction gets completed, they ask to reverse the transaction using an online payment wallet via the requested link and follow their instruction to complete the transaction immediately. They are asked to accept the request as early as possible based on the false statement that this the army policy. To enhance their trust, they also use WhatsApp profile photo in army uniform.

There are two hospitals in Bhopal city that have been created in this manner. Upon clicking the link, the victim has to input UPI Pin and the withdrawal transaction occurs instead of a deposit. According to DSP Richa Jain, the fraudsters are using the latest mode Operandi to fool the hospitals and healthcare institutions. It is expected that similar fraud may be done with lawyers, Chartered accountants, or any other type of service provider. Experts suggest that never share your Aadhaar number and credit/ debit card details with strangers. Most importantly, people must strictly reject any data entry of Pin for receiving UPI payment.