Aadhaar Rule Requiring Gurgaon Address Creating Severe Problems In Covid-19 Patients

In India, every person is issued a unique identity which is called Aadhaar and comprises 12 digit numeric fields. The government established UIDAI in 2009 to run that is about a decade ago, control and monitor the complete process of Aadhaar enrollment. Aadhar enrollment centers work under the umbrella of the UIDAI to register as many residents as possible. Within quite a short period of time, a big percentage of India’s population has been enrolled with the UIDAI system. Any person who is living in India for more than 182 days or more can obtain Aadhar.

Aadhaar Act clearly disqualifies NRI (Non-Resident Indian) to obtain an Aadhaar card as they do not live inside the country for at least 182 days. The process to obtain an Aadhaar card is very straightforward. You Just need to visit any nearby Aadhaarkendra to get enrolled. Please keep in mind that the applicant can apply for the Aadhar by submitting the required documents. It will take around 90 days from the date of application to get your Aadhaar card at your registered address. There are no fees involved in the enrollment process but any changes in the records will cost you. You can get registered with the UIDAI without paying any dime.

There are two important pieces of information that are saved during the Aadhaar enrollment process. One is demographic details while the other is biometric details. By demographic data, we mean the applicant’s name, address, and DOB (Date of birth) of the person applying for Aadhaar.

Obtaining health services from the Government is everyone’s right. Keeping in view the devastating effect of Covid-19, there is a dire need to deliver health services without any discrimination. But the law of equitable distribution of rights is found at very rare places in the country. Similar is the case is happening in Gurugram city. It is located in the southwest area of New Delhi. It is quite famous due to its technological and financial progress. Many people were hoping to avail themselves of hospital admission amid Covid-19 in Gurugram city. But there hope to get lost when the patient who does not have a Gurugram address on the Aadhar card was declined admission to the hospital.

This was shocking news when people signed into Covid companion to secure a hospital bed but declined due to the non Gurgram address on the Aadhaar card. This fact destroyed the soul of the portal. This is a big city with a large population and a decent percentage of migrants are also living here to earn money for themselves and for their families living in other parts of the country.

When the local administration of the city was contacted to address the issue of discrimination, they said that the local population is their first priority before going to allocate hospital beds to people of other cities. The rate of Covid-19 is significantly very high in India as compared to neighboring countries. The death toll is so high that there is a huge lack of space in Shamshanghat and Graveyards. People are helpless and even, Government seems to be very helpless in the current scenario.