Fake Volunteer Arrested For Cheating People On Charging Covid-19 Mask Violation

Due to poverty in the country, people are using fake means to earn money. As the population control concept is rarely followed in India, problems are common of poverty, unemployment, and shelters. The control of fraudulent activities is not an easy task due to the huge population of India. This is the reason, there was a strong need for a population controlling mechanism. Feeling the issues existed in the country, UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) was established.

The main purpose or objective for establishing UIDAI was to enroll people of India in the government’s database and keep updating the records for any change therein. To accomplish the aims and objectives, UIDAI set up thousands of Aadhaar enrollment centers across the country. It is up to you to visit any Aadhaar center and get yourself registered for an Aadhaar card. You will be issued within 90 days’ time. In order to facilitate people, an online UIDAI portal has also been established. As UIDAI always wants to facilitate people, the mAadhaar app is the latest addition in the arsenal. Using mAadhaar, a person can avail of around 30 services just sitting from the comfort of the home.

In New Delhi, a volunteer named Suneel Kumar from the civil defense sector has been arrested. This volunteer was posing himself as the sub-inspector in the Delhi cops. According to the details shared by the Delhi police, he was imposing challan over people on Corona violation of not wearing the mask. As this is a strict requirement in India, he is pressurizing people for not wearing masks and taking the challan amount in cash. The age of the alleged person is 31 years. Sunil Kumar was apprehended on Sunday when he was stopping people in SangamVihar on the grounds of Covid-19 important SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) violation of mask.

Most importantly, he was wearing a police uniform and asking for cash money as a challan for violating the strict mask-wearing restriction. Amit who is a police constable reached the spot and asked Sunil to show his identity card. Upon checking the card, it was found fake causing the arrest of the accused. Police also found a duty pass of Disaster Management, Aadhaar card, and Civil Defense identity card.

The Aadhaar card will play a key role in finding the whole details of this case. It will help police in many ways such as it would be easier to search other people who might be in connection with Sunil Kumar. All the documents and uniform at the time of arrest have been seized and is in police custody. One of the important tasks for cops is to estimate the amount of challan money this person has looted from money. A case has been entered against him under sections 419 and 471 that involves punishment for cheating by personation and use of the forged document as genuine of the IPC (Indian Penal Code).