How To Verify Your Identity At Airport And Railways Station

Aadhaar is a unique identification number that contains 12-digits and it is issued by the Unique Identification Authority Of India (UIDAI). Aadhaar contains all the demographic and biometric details of an individual. The demographic detail contains information like your date of birth, address, mobile number, email ID, and so on. Whereas, the biometric details include your ten fingerprints, Iris scans, and a facial photograph of an individual. The enrollment of Aadhaar for the very first time is free of cost, voluntary. We can say that it is a gift from the Indian Government to their residents.

UIDAI department upgraded its system very much. Recently, they have posted a lot of information regarding the Aadhaar updates on their official Twitter account. The best update of the UIDAI is the launch of the Maadhaar app. Now the question is that what is the Maadhaar app. So, the Maadhaar app is more convenient than having an Aadhaar card in your pocket. It is an app that contains each and every single piece of information of your Aadhaar and keeps you update about your Aadhaar card. This app provides a bulk of facilities and features at the same time. You can avail more than 35 services and more than 13 languages on a single app.

People who have their Maadhaar profile can easily use that as their ID proof anytime and anywhere on Indian premises. It is reported that an individual Maadhaar profile will play an important role as an identity proof when needed in an airport or railway station. This means that person who has registered himself/herself on the Maadhaar app can easily travel without having trouble in their identification. And on another side, the mAadhaar app also allows the feature of paperless eKYC and QR code at various spots to the service providers where required. You can also update your address through the app however, the app will not allow you to change other demographic details such as your name, your mobile number, and your date of birth. To update these demographic details, you have to pay a visit to your nearest Aadhaar Kendra.

Now the second question that comes to your mind is that who can we create a profile on the Maadhaar app. So it is way too easy to create or register yourself at the Maadhaar app. Anybody who has their Aadhaar card connected with their respective mobile number can create a profile on the app. People can simply get themselves registered on the App downloaded on their phones. A confirmation message in a form of OTP will be received on your registered mobile number.

The following are the steps to create or registered at the Maadhaar app:

• Download the Maadhaar app.
• Click on the Registered Aadhaar option located on the top-hand side of the main dashboard.
• Set your 4 digit PIN/Password..(don’t forget the password, otherwise, you would not be able to access your mAadhaar profile)
• Enter your 12-digits Aadhaar number and resolve the given Captcha.
• Your profile will get registered.
• After that, you can see your registered Aadhaar name on the display.