As Per Aadhar – 118 Year Old Woman Gets Covid Vaccine

Aadhaar is a unique identification number that contains 12 digits in itself. It is issued by the UIDAI department that stands for Unique Identification Authority of India. It is a necessary document as it plays an important role in society. It is a free of cost service voluntary service. The applicant does not have to pay any amount on the registration process as it is the Government’s duty to provide the Aadhaar to the residents or we can say that Aadhaar is a gift from the Indian Government to their residents.

The purpose behind the free enrolment is that the Government wants to enroll as many people as they can in their respective system to avoid future crises as well as major crimes such as security problems, Smuggling, and much more. Aadhaar is a mandatory document as it is required at several points. If we talk about the Covid_19 Pandemic, so to get the vaccine the applicant has to provide their Aadhaar as their identity proof. It is important for the people who are falling in the age of 45 and above, to get themselves vaccinated.

There are two doses of vaccination and after taking the first dose it is necessary to take the second jab or dose as well. News has been reported in MP Madhya Pradesh India, that 118 years old woman whose name is Tulsabai got herself vaccinated against Covid. This news is a huge encouragement for the people who have been misguided by the wrong information about the vaccine.

Tulsabai is the resident of Sadarpur which is located in the Sagar district which shares a part of the Bundelkhand region. She was born on January 1st, 1901, and is at the age of 118 according to her Aadhaar card. According to the report, the lady got her first jab of the Coronavirus vaccine in Madhya Pradesh Sagar district.

On Saturday, she received the dose at an immunization center near Sagar. Coming out from the vaccination center, Tulsabai gave a big smile as a sign of victory after taking the Covid vaccination dose. Later, she gave her remarks in her official language which is Bundelkhendithat I had the vaccine to make me feel better. You should accept it as well. There is no need to be concerned. These word of Tulsabai is a proof that there is no harm in taking the vaccine. Keeping in mind the age of Tulsabai, she is most probably the oldest woman in India.

Taking vaccination is our responsibility. Because it will prevent future crises. It will build the immune system strong enough which will be very effective. The Government should take strict action against the people who are misleading others about the Covid vaccination.