Bengal Leniency Over Onorc Irritates Supreme Court

India is a country with a huge population and a very big percentage of people are living their life below the poverty line. This is a very alarming and frustrating fact. Thousands of people die every year due to the non-availability of food. Many people are suffering from health issues arising from food deficiencies. This is the reason, the system of ration cards was brought into existence. But there are issues with the existing system. Ration cards made in one state cannot be used in the other state. As a result, poor people suffer a lot as they cannot get subsidized foods. Supreme Court is taking this issue very seriously and has directed the central and state government to implement the centralized system to eliminate the limitations of the existing system. This will definitely depend on the Aadhaar number which is a unique identifier across the country. Due to the duplication process in the ration card and the Aadhaar card, there is a dire need to make both systems synchronized. Despite wasting several years, states such as Bengal, Assam, Delhi, and Chhattisgarh have not implemented the new system. Pilot testing in various parts of the country.

A large population of India is living below the poverty line. In this regard, it is essential to provide necessary foods and welfare items in a timely and easy manner. To run this system smoothly in India, the union government of India implemented a ration card system. Though, this ration card system is a very good inequitable distribution of resources to needy people. But this system lacks the centralized mechanism that is essential to run the rationing system smoothly in every part of India. As the world has become a global village, a person of one state should be able to claim his or her ration even in another state by showing the ration card. This is the ideal working methodology but the actual system prevailing in the country tells a different story. A person living in one state such as Assam migrates to Bengal cannot claim his or her ration in Bengal state. In order to solve out this issue, central and state government was directed to develop a system and software. But the laxity shown created severe frustration in the people. Keeping in view the problems faced by the people, Supreme Court has taken a serious note and especially over Bengal’s excuse of not implementing the one nation one ration card system. There are several blessings of the tech-driven ONORC scheme. Daily wages workers, street dwellers are temporary employees who can easily benefit from the scheme. As these low-income earning people migrate from their home state to the other state for work, claiming ration in the new state will become very simple. They can simply shop at any point of sale (POS) at FPS (fair price shop) by simply providing the ration card details.