Postal Department To Link Mobile Number Of Public With Aadhaar For Covid Shots

The unique identity number that contains 12-digits is called Aadhar. It is one of the most important documents for Indian residents as it plays an important in the identification process. The Aadhar is a free of cost voluntary service, as it will be a gift from the Indian Government to their residents. Hyderabad is the capital and the largest city of the Telangana state. In 2011 the population of Hyderabad was 6.9 million and It was the fourth most populated city of India 2011. The news is recorded that in Hyderabad the postal department has made this mandatory for the residents to connect their respective mobile number with their Aadhar card number. The reason behind this process is the second dose of Covid vaccination, as it is compulsory to take the second dose.

The member of the Postal Service Board(PSB) Dehli, K Sandhya Rani said that the postman, who visits the houses for the parcel or courier delivery will do the process. She further added that it will become easier for the Union health department to keep a full record of the people. After taking the first dose it is mandatory to take the second dose as well. The Union Department can easily track and call people to take the second dose of the vaccination. Sandhya Rani further added that the mails motor van which is for the transport of vaccine vails has been accepted by the ministry. She added that the Union Health Ministry has been looking forward to finding cold storage space to safely conserve the COVID-19 vaccination. The vaccination will be distributed to the postal departments all across the country. The health ministry and family welfare had already communicated with the India Post, to transfer the vaccination vails across the country, as the Indian Post has a huge manpower/staff. Rani added in her remarks that approximately the postal department had completed the Aadhar linking with many other government-sponsored schemes so that the subsidy benefit can be easily availed under the direct benefit transfer system (DBT) system. A scheme retribution loan for the poor people through a postal department core banking solution. This matter has been discussing under the Reserve Bank Of India. Sandhya Rani said that a complete decision will come up very soon regarding this matter.

And in the end, the PSB member told about the betterment of the department she said that in 2022 the customer will have better services from their postal department. The Government always wants to improve its services for the people of India and this step towards the health sector has been appreciated all over the country. If Government continues to act like this in the years to come, India will be free from the Covid-19 threat that is destroying every part of our lives. It is your duty to support the Government in getting Covid-19 dose to help not you but the next generation as well.