Two Rohingyas Arrested For Fake Aadhaar And Other Documents

News has been reported that the UP anti-terrorist squad (UP ATS) has seized a duo of Rohingyas brothers in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. Those people who follow Islam and live in Rakhine State, in Myanmar, are known as Rohingyas. Myanmar was previously known as Burma. Coming back to the case, the ATS officers have found some fake documents from the duo that include an Indian passport, an Aadhar card, and a Pan card. Upon investigation from the brothers, they admitted that they have also invited their fellows from Myanmar(Burma) on the false excuse of jobs in India.

One brother who’s name was Farrukh Hasan Ahmed was seized from Noida but his residence was at Aligarh, and the second brother who’s name was Sahil was arrested from his resident address Unnoa. ADG, law and order, Prashant Kumar said that both of them were using fake documents and used to promise their fellows that they will provide them Indian identity. Prashant further added that they were collecting money from them through the Bangladesh border. Both of them were tempting illegal Rohingyas to enter India by giving them job offers. ADG further stated that they had found some forged documents and some Indian Identity cards and a heavy amount of rupees 5 lakh from the duo.

IG of ATS, GK Goswami added his remarks by saying that the duo had alleged that their mother and a male relative are also living in Uttar Pradesh. Goswami said that their team is currently working and checking all their respective documents. He said that the team will arrest them after the legal procedure. Other contacts of both of them were living in West Bengal, Bihar, New Dehli, Jammu and Kashmir, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala.

Goswami further added that the brothers were tempting Rohingyas Muslims to enter India illegally. The duo was offering them forged identity cards and jobs on the meat shops which are in Agra, Kanpur, Unnao, and Aligarh. The officer claimed that it was Farrukh who entered India first. He made his Aadhar card and through using that he registered himself at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) as a Rohingyas Refugees and got his name as Hasan Ahmed. And after that, he also got his forged Indian Citizenship. Both of the brothers also helped other fellows to get themselves registered at UNHCR. The duo takes the money and provides them with forged Indian documents.

An officer said that they will provide full security to the duo while coming from the courts so that the department can complete their inquiry. IG further added that the police should communicate with the Indian Government to take strict action against those people who are entering illegally and the ones who are helping them to provide forged documents. The officer added that officials are used to considering the Aadhar cardholder as a real citizen of India. He said that this system has to be changed because Aadhar is just an identity proof or an identity card. In the end, Goswami added in his remarks that they will also request the court to grant them permission to take a DNA test of the duo if needed.