Covid Vaccination – Aadhaar Not Compulsory For Some Groups In Gujrat

Aadhaar is a random 12-digit unique identity number provided by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). (UIDAI) is a statutory organization that was made in 2009 by the Indian Government. It was established under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, India. The Aadhaar eligibility is available for the residents of India. Aadhaar contains all the demographic and biometric detail of an individual. Aadhaar service is a voluntary service from the government to their residents or we can say that Aadhaar is a gift from the government to their residents. Aadhaar is the most important identity document among all.

As we all know about the pandemic of Covid-19 which is ruling all over the world. It is a life-threatening virus and a huge quantity of people have been affected by this virus, many people had lost their lives suffering from the virus. The vaccination for this virus has been launched whereas, many people are insecure about the vaccination because many people are spreading wrong information about the vaccination. The third wave of the virus is stronger and mature as compared to the first wave of COVID_19.

Previously, in India, it was made mandatory by the government that the residents who are above 45 have to provide their Aadhaar as their ID proof. This decision was made to keep track because after taking the first dose of the vaccination it is compulsory to take the second dose as well. Currently a new has been reported in Gujarat, India, some of the groups who are falling in the age of 45 or above can get themselves vaccinated without providing their Aadhaar card as an ID proof. On Tuesday, the Government of Gujarat gave permission to the people who are living in old age houses, destitute centers, and handicap welfare institutions can get a vaccination of Covid-19 without showing the Aadhaar card as ID proof.

According to Chief Minister, the older residents of Gujarat who are above 45 and having some other disease such as diabetes, blood pressure, and heart problems and they are living in a welfare organization like, old age homes, or disable welfare institution will get covered by the vaccination drive of the state without any ID proof as because the health of the residents is number one priority. Instead of taking the vaccination, many people are disobeying the order of the Government and not taking it seriously. However, so far, many people have been vaccinated in the state. Around 39,36,104 people in 5,833 centers had got themselves vaccinated and the Chief Minister Vijay Rupani Office (CMO) stated that he is aiming to cover around 3 lakh of the recipient in one day for the vaccination.

There is a lot of benefit of the vaccine. By taking the vaccine you can build your immune system more powerful and strong and if God Forbid the virus affects you, so you can easily fight with the virus. The Government should take strict action against the people who are misleading others for not taking the vaccination.