Download E Aadhar Card By Name & Aadhar Number

It might be possible that you have lost your Aadhar Enrollment Slip which contains your EID Number and Date and Time of Aadhar Enrollment and without this Information, we can’t able check aadhar card status and download our Aadhar Card online also called as EAADHAR.

In this case, you have to first found your EID/UID Number in order to get Aadhar Card to do this Follow the Steps:

STEP – 1

Find UID/EID Number


  • Now You have to select what you want to retrieve EID or UID and select an Appropriate option.
  • Enter your Full Name.
  • Provide your Email Address and Registered Mobile Number only and Enter Security Code in the Last Box given in the Center of the Page.
  • Click on SEND OTP.
  • Now in the Extreme Right, you have to enter the OTP which you have received your Mobile number and Click on VERIFY OTP.


Once you complete this whole process you will get your EID/UID on your Registered Mobile Number. You can use this to download your Aadhar Card Later from UIDAI.

STEP – 2

Download Aadhar Card

  • First, go to
  • On that page Select appropriate option, “Enrollment Id” OR “Aadhaar“, under “I have:”
  • Enter your AADHAAR card number or Enrollment Id, full name, Pin Code, security text and mobile number
  • Click on “Get OTP
  • One Time Password (OTP) will be delivered to your mobile and/or email address
  • Enter the OTP you just received on your mobile in the “Enter OTP” box and click on “Validate and Download

Now you have downloaded your e-AADHAAR card.

Earlier There wasn’t any option to download aadhar card by name but if you have Lost your aadhar enrollment slip you can follow this method. We will let you updated every time when there is an update from UIDAI. If you have any doubts you can ask us on the comment section.


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  1. How Can We help you? Please tell us your issue regarding aadhar.

    1. I Cannot Download my Aadhaar card since once week now

      1. It means your aadhar hasn’t generated yet. Try after some days again.

    2. I have lost my resgistered mobile number now I want original adhar card what I should do please give me suggestion what to do how I can take original adhar card

      1. If you lost your registered Aadhar then You can Download Eaadhar Online (Check out – Download Eaadhar Online) It requires your EID or UID number and area PINCODE

    3. My sister has lost her card and the phone number for her aadhar there any other option to get her aadhar card.

      1. You can Download Duplicate Aadhar card from
        For Phone number first you have to apply for aadhar correction then proceed to get new aadhar card from UIDAI.

    4. Gummadivelli saikumar

      I want to know my enrollment number its urgent

    5. I am unable to download my aadhar,because iam not receiving the OTP though i have registered my mobile no at the time of enrollment. kindly solve the problem..

    6. how can downlord my aadhar card

    7. I have updated my mobile no since I hb not updated the same before….but I m not getting it while it has been 1 month. …

    8. I can not open eadhaar page as I have to download my eadhaar card. Today I was calling 1947, there it is said that my adhaar is generated and I also got my adhaar number. But when I want download through eadhaar, I cant open the site

    9. I have updated aadhar address online, but have not received URN for tracking status. The update was done on 03.03.2019. The aadhar 0160 3776.Was done through validation letter. Please tell me how can I down load eaadhar and how can I check my status. R Vijayalakshmi

    10. Narayanan Kelappan

      To download my updated Aadhaar

    11. sir i didnot register my mobile no.
      can i register mobile no in my mobie ?

  2. OTP not receiving by the registered mobile number given at the time of update request for downloading my Aadhaar card

    1. Make sure you are entering correct mobile number

    2. Otp number not receiving by my Mobile number

      1. check whether your mobile is registered with UIDAI or not?

  3. what will be the password of downloaded pdf

    1. condidate ke name ke starting ke 4 word in capital & year

  4. I am not able to fill my pin code in the requisite box;whatever digit I might type,it is going blank.Please help.

  5. pincode cannot be entered it is blank

    1. The password to open Eaadhar PDF is a Combination of first 4 letter of your name and Year of Birth.

  6. Iam use paysense app but not download e aadhar by number always say web page not available

    1. Try mAadhar App and then try again. It will work surely.

  7. Pronoy Sukendu Barua

    I have given my aadhaar card for change of address
    Ihave got message saying that confim the stages Itried
    many tpme to open but could not open please help

    1. Hi Pronoy Can You plz tell Us which stages are you talking about?

  8. Can a laminated Aadhar be used for scanning?

    1. Yes. Surely You can Laminate your Aadhar.

  9. what is pdf password after download adhar card automotically coverted to the pdf but cant open pdf asking password

    1. It’s the combination of your first four Letter given in Aadhar card and Date of birth.
      For Example, Your name is RAJ KUMAR and DOB is 10/04/1995 then your PDF Password is RAJK1004

      1. wrong h right answer is RAJK1995


  10. dear sir,
    I have received an aadhar card number by calling 1947. but till jow i am not in a position to download it, because I have no registered mobile number. so sir please help me in downloading my aadhar card without OTP.

    1. Hi SARA, I understand your issue. You are not able to download your aadhar card because you haven’t registered mobile number in while filling aadhar application form. The solution is very much simple you can fill up aadhar correction form and get your mobile number registered in aadhar card after that you can get your OTP when you try to download eaadhar online. That’s it.

  11. Dear Sir,
    I have received an aadhar card number by calling 1947. but till now i am not in a position to download it, because I have no registered mobile number.Besides, my finger print exhibit a very poor quality, because I am Above 60 Years, so please suggest me the right option.

    1. Hello Sir,
      We understand your issue. We advise you to first register your mobile number with aadhar/UIDAI because without mobile number you can’t able to download your eaadhar online. And Fingerprints issue is normal in your case. Most of the oldage people have the same problem but it doesn’t matter a lot.

  12. I didn’t get my original aadhar yet, can I download the same and use it as an original one?

    1. Yes, You can Download Eaadhar which holds equal importance as Original Aadhar Card. You can download your Eaadhar at and here is a step by step guide to download Eaadhar online within few minutes –

  13. How do I check whether my aadhaar card has been updated or not ?

    1. If you have successfully submitted your Aadhar correction application then after a few days you can check your aadhar update status using your URN number which will be generated when you submit the form. Check out full info article here –

  14. Sir,
    I Pronoy Barua recived A message saying you can Download your
    eaadhaar card by but I am finding
    very difficult Please help me to Download my aadhaar card
    Thanking you

    1. To Download Eaadhar you need your Enrollment receipt in which all the info like EID number, Name, Date & Time with Mobile number is given. Then visit the official site of UIDAI and provide all the information. If your aadhar is ready you can able to download it very easily.

      1. Sir,

        I have received my Aadhar number in my phone after requesting to send me in my mobile. But, i still cannot download my aadhar card. It was said that Data does not match our record. But, i filled up using my acknowledgement slip. Still cannot download…….

  15. Unable to download Aadhaar Card. Whenever tried opening it says Bad Request or Connection was reset.
    How to Download aadhaar card

  16. I have not given moblie number how i can download my aadhar card

  17. I hv lost my enrollment slip of adhar,how can i get e adhar

  18. if a person is borned in 1960 and have no birth certificate but have voter ID card. in voter id card D.O.B is right but in Aadhar card D.O.B is 1945 then what he/she should do? nd he/ she has no D.O.B certificate as proof only voter ID card. tell me please.

  19. Can’t down load the aadhar by Aadhar Number & Phone No.

  20. name: yash sanjay dali
    Mob no:8082296020

    I am trying to print my aadhar card online. but unable to get OTP on above mentioned mob no which is registered recently. pls help me out.

  21. sir please Thelangana Enrollment Office Address Send me

  22. Sir plzz help me eaadhar card daownlod very defficult and plz send me pass word

  23. cant download my aadhaar after address has been amended.poorly managed site

  24. Unable to download aadhaar card because pin number is not getting typed. Aadhaar card is generated.

  25. Kiran Jaywantlal Vasavada

    Kindly consider my elder brother’s case.

  26. I have lost my aadhar card n i did not remember the number now i wabt download aadhar by name ..details are
    Syed anwar razvi

  27. How do I check whether my adhar card has been updated or Not?

  28. Sir main ne adhaar card apply kiya huwa one week hogaya avitak ayanahi

  29. Mahesh bhandari main ne adhaar card apply kiya huwa one week hogaya avitak ayanahi

  30. aadhar download


    When I talk on 1947 telephone number they informed me that my aadhar card has been rectified and I can downloan eaadhar but when i try to download eaadhar, they show message no data found. what i can do?

  32. right answer is RAJK1995

  33. my aadhar card online download but which password..????????

  34. If house number is necessary/compulsory to get passport….!?

  35. I have given my aadhaar card for change of address
    Ihave got message saying that confim the stages Itried
    many tpme to open but could not open please help

  36. Page “” is not opening for quite some days now. I get an error ” Server not found” and i am not able to download my eAadhar

  37. It’s showing you don’t have authority to this page

  38. MR. PRITAM ANAND, AADHAR NO. 940231647491 DATE OF BIRTH OF 05/01/1995
    M. 7004270179


    how to register mobile number please tell me

  40. How to download my Aadhar in Mobile Phone

  41. sir
    i have taken my aadhar card for biometric purpose,but it wont work even after taking fresh aadhar card . i have put all my fingers it doesm
    not work kindly suggest for this

  42. I can not down load my aadhar card since two weeks.

  43. Mera aadhar card sudharne ke 30 feb ko diya thaaa avi tak nhi huaa kaisa system hai ek student ka bahut dikkat ho rha haai

  44. there is no adhar centres in our surroundings.
    I want to add my mobile no .
    what should i do without visiting aadhar centre ?

  45. My aadhar card generated but otp not recieved in my registered mobile no. Or email Please help how can I download my aadhar
    Tell me If any other option download for aadhar





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