Download Eaadhar Using VID Number & Know Eaadhar PDF Password

Whether you are male or female, you can apply to get an Aadhar. The only basic requirement to apply is that you must be a resident of India. If you are residing in India for 182 days or more in a year, then you are counted as a resident in that particular year.

While you apply for Aadhar, you will be asked to fill out Aadhar enrollment application that will require you to enter your name, dob, address, mobile number, sex, and age, etc. Apart from this, you will be asked to give your biometric details such as all fingerprints and eye scans at Aadhar Kendra center.

Eaadhar is a soft copy of your Aadhar card. This is downloaded from the UIDAI official web portal. It is also called digital Aadhar and has equal value to that of the original Aadhar card.

VID is a virtual id and consists of 16 digit numbers randomly generated by the system. It is mapped with the applicant’s Aadhar number at the back of the card. VID is an all in one data saver of demographic and biometric details of residents. VID is used in place of Aadhar number UID where the applicant does not want to disclose his or her UID. There is no option that enables you to derive UID from VID. That is why people give VID very high importance because they can protect their privacy with this VID number. As there are lots of security threats in using online services, people are using VID to download Eaadhar from the UIDAI website.

Download Eaadhar using VID Number

1. Open UIDAU official web portal.
2. In Input your personal section, you have to click the VID link there.
3. Enter the details as required on the web page.
4. You will get the OTP (One Time Password) on your mobile number registered with UIDAI.
5. Now enter this OTP on the screen, validate and download the Eaadhar.
[5:04 PM, 2/4/2021] Salman: Know Eaadhar PDF Password

Eaadhar downloaded from the UIDAI website as described in the previous step is a PDF file. When you open this with any PDF file reader such as Adobe acrobat reader or Foxit reader, it will ask for a password. Without a password, you cannot open this file. This is not a difficult task to know the Eaadhar file password. Just take the first four letters of your name in uppercase and add your birth year. This would be your password to open the Eaadhar card.

For Example: If your name is Manoj Kumar and your date of birth is 1985. Then, your password of the Eaadhar file is MANO1985. Similarly, if your name is J. Malhotra and your date of birth is 26-08-1987. Then Eaadhar PDF file password is J.MA1987. Remember to use uppercase/ capital letters while entering the password.