Consequences Of Forging Aadhaar Cards

Unique identity numbers which contain 12 digits and are only issued to the people of India. These identity numbers are known as Aadhaar cards in India. The Indians have the opportunity to get their Aadhaar cards free of cost as it will be a voluntary service from the Indian Government to their citizens. It has been reported that the case had taken place in Ghaziabad, India linking with Aadhaar cards. Ghaziabad is an Indian city which is in the Uttar Pradesh state. Ghaziabad had declared the biggest city on the west side of Uttar Pradesh. The population of Ghaziabad when recorded was around 1,729,000 as per the last consensus.

The case which was recorded was in the counterfeiting of Aadhaar and voters’ IDs. It was reported that the cyber police, which is the special department of the police force had arrested two people regarding this case. The police gave their remarks by saying that there is a gang of people who had been participating in this illegal work. They also said that they had found some computer which is in bulk quantity, some counterfeit Aadhaar cards, and some cash from the arrested persons. One of the police officers said that it is a serious crime to issue Aadhaar and voter cards to people without having a license in a proper way.

It was reported by the police that the two persons which were arrested by the police have their shop in Sahibabad. The police said that they had sent one of their constables as a client at their shop. The constable told his requirement to the person that he wants to change his address from his Aadhaar card. In further, the officer and in-charge of the cyber cell who names were Abhay Kumar Mishra added in the statement that when the duo seeks the money, the constable told them that he is bringing some cash from his home. After coming out from their shop the constable urgently reported the police and gave all the details to them. And in no time the cyber department among with the Kotwali police team reached out at their shop and successfully they took both of the people in their custody. Mr. Abhay further added that the police team had taken all the stuff which the culprits were using for making counterfeit ID card. He also said that both of the culprits were doing this illegal work for the past whole calendar year.

In this case the SHO of Kotwali police station, Sandeep Singh also gave his remarks by saying that they have found a stamp and a scanner which might be known as an iris scanner. He also said that the culprits were using some adhesive to make their thumb impressions on the stamp.

In the end, the police clarified that the item which was in their custody contains 2 laptops, a fingerprint, and a sought eye scanner, and a device which is a GPS device. They also said that the application of Aadhaar cards was also installed on the laptops.