Over 300 Aadhaar Cards Abandoned In Kattakkad

Kattakkada is a town in India that is located in Taluka and linking with the Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala. If we talk about its location from Neyyattinkara Town, it is situated 13km west, from Nedumangad Town it is situated 18km south and from the Capital City Thiruvananthapuram, it is situated  22km east. In the report, the population of Kattakkada in 2011 was about 40,448. The major languages which you can hear in this town are Malayalam and English.

Recently it was reported that in Kattakkada, Kerala, the Aadhaar cards in the quantity of 300 were given to a scarp dealer. The Aadhaar cards were along with the bundle of old papers when it was handed to the scarp dealer. In the report, it was also mentioned that the cards were out for delivery. The shop of the scarp dealer is located in Kattakkada. The Kattakkada police said that the case was registered on Saturday. They further said that they launched their team to find the details of the circumstances that how the Aadhaar cards were moved to the scrap dealer.

Consulting with the police the report was found that Peethuraj was the name of the scarp dealer and the Aadhaar cards were handed over to Peethuraj at his shop along with the pile of old torn papers. The police also told that the Aadhaar cards that were found were 306 in quantity. Peethuraj also clarified that there was also some official paper-like banking and some insurance documents. He said that all the documents were in a packed condition. An addition in the case was when the initial investigation report cleared that the cards were granted for delivery to the post office of Karakulam. It was also reported that the cards were sold by the postwoman’s husband to the scarp dealer Peethuraj. D Bijukumar, the house officer inspector of Kattakkada gave remarks by saying that Peethuraj gave his clarification to the police by saying that an auto-rickshaw driver came to his shop on Friday evening, the auto driver gave the pile of old paper and some documents in a packed seal envelope. Peethuraj further said that on Saturday morning while he was categorizing his scarp he found the Aadhaar cards and some other official papers. On this point, Peethuraj instantly reported to the local advocate, who in return alerted the police.

The registered case was called on by section 102 of CrPC. And the bundle of papers and the official papers will now go to be shown in court said Bijukumar.

Aadhaar: The unique identity number which consists of 12 digits is known as the Aadhaar card in India, which is given to the people that are holding Indian nationality. The people who are the residents and passport holders of India can easily get their Aadhaar cards. The good news for the Indian people is that they can get their Aadhaar cards without paying anything, as it is a voluntary service from the Government. However, the foreigners which are living in India like NRIs have to go through some different procedures to get their Aadhaar cards.