Uttar Pradesh Covid-19 Vaccine Only For Up Residents

Corona is badly affecting our country. The situation in the rest of the world is not different but India is dangerously affected. In this situation, Government and the people are at the mercy of hospitals and doctors. There is a severe deficiency of Hospital beds, ventilators, vaccines & oxygen cylinders. Pandemic experts believe only lockdown or curfew is the only viable solution to reduce the spread of the covid-19 virus. Variants and mutations of the corona are coming every day. This has become extremely difficult to prescribe the right medicine for these newcomers. In most parts of the country, lockdown is in progress and people are instructed to stay at home to stay safe. Travelling is also prohibited to discourage the one-on-one meeting of the people.

In order to curb this pandemic, UP state has started vaccinating people within the age bracket of 18 – 44 from today. But as we have discussed in our previous posts, these are only for UP residents. Any outsiders are not entitled to get the vaccination. The reason behind such discrimination is that these vaccines have been purchased from the UP government and as such only residents of Uttar Pradesh are entitled to get the job. The daily target is to give vaccination to a modest number of 6,000 residents. This includes residents of Ghaziabad & Noida. The residency of people will be checked from documents such as Aadhaar, pan, voter card, ration card, or driving license as these are valid documents for address verification.

Every person is tracked through a unique number in India. This number is called Aadhaar. It is a combination of 12 digits. All digits are numerically ranging from 1 to 9 including zero. Due to the deadly corona pandemic in India, Aadhaar is being used as a tracking tool. UIDAI was established in 2009 to smoothly and control the whole process of Aadhaar enrollment. Within just 11 years, a large portion of the country has been registered in the UIDAI database. An Aadhaar card is issued only to those people of India, who are inside the country for a minimum of 182 days in a year.

To run and operate the enrollment process legally, Aadhaar Act is also in process. It is a complete guide. The process to obtain an Aadhaar card is very simple. Just visit any nearby Aadhaarkendra to get enrolled. Documents such as passport, pan, or voter care are necessary documents if you want your Aadhaar application to be accepted without any issues. The normal time to get an Aadhaar card is 60 to 90 days from the date of enrollment application with the UIDAI. The enrollment fee is zero as the Government wants to enroll as many people as possible to make its population statistics up to date. At the time of the aadhar application, an officer in the aadhar Kendra will take your details such as demographic and biometric.