Biometric Updation Required In Punjab School Of Student’s Aadhaar

Aadhaar is a unique identification number that was launched on 28 January 2009. It contains 12 random digits numeric numbers. Aadhaar is eligible for the residents of India and it is issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) department. It consists of all the demographic and biometric information of an individual. Aadhaar does not have any expiry date, has it contained lifetime validity. The purpose of Aadhaar is the identification and direct benefit transfer to the resident.

The Aadhaar service is a voluntary service, as it cost nothing for the first-time enrollment. Other than that, in the future, you have to pay the amount of INR 50 for the changes and update of demographic and biometric data. Previously, the news was heard regarding Aadhaar that, the newborn child can also have his/her Aadhaar card on the basis of some documents and their parents’ identity card as proof. However, biometric details such as ten fingerprints, iris scan, and facial photograph will be collected from the newborn child. The documents include, the relationship document of the parents with the baby and some other document is required.

Recently a news has been reported that in Chandigarh, Punjab, India, the Punjab School Education Department has passed an order that the biometric update will be collected by the students for their Aadhaar in Punjab Schools. The reason behind this order is that the students can easily get their Scholarships on time under many schemes. On Tuesday, the Information and Public Relation Department of Punjab had passed a statement by saying that it is compulsory for the students to have their Aadhaar card if they want to avail themselves of the scholarship schemes.

The department further added that the command has been passed for those students who are between the age of 5 till 15. On the same hand, the students also have to update the biometric details of their Aadhaar card. As stated by the department, the process of the updating of biometric will starts from the new Academic year. “In this regard, the Director-General of School Education has written a letter to the district education officers.

The District Education Officer (EE) of the concerned district will prepare the schedule for primary schools regarding Aadhaar cards of students, while the District Education Officer (SE) of the concerned district will prepare the schedule for Middle, High, and Senior Secondary “According to the statement. A team of people with 294 Aadhaar kits will be provided by the Department of Food and Civil Supplies for the purpose of making an Aadhaar card. The staff will pay a visit to each place as prescribed by the order.

The updating process of the Aadhaar biometric will run gradually. It will start from the primary section school students to the middle section school students, and then afterward, the secondary and higher secondary section students will be covered. The schedule of the students will be prepared by the education board’s date sheet, said the Officials in the remarks.