Registration For The Next Round Of Covid Vaccination Starting From Monday

Covid-19 is a contagious disease. It spread from person to person and its symptoms vary from headache, fever, flu, loss of smell, shortness of breath, joint pain, and throat disorders. Worldwide, it has badly affected the population as well as has daunting effects on the economy of the world. Covid-19 first identified in Wuhan city of China. Since then it spread to all parts of the world at an exponential rate.

Like the rest of the world, India is suffering from the pain of the Covid and is fighting to protect its people from the pandemic disease. So far there is no definite solution to this disease. Still, various countries in the world are claiming the invention of coronavirus and it is being given to people. As it is the start of the vaccination phase, fears are still found in the general public as there are news or rumors about the negative side effects of the vaccination. Indian people are also very upset under these circumstances about whether they should go for vaccination or not. This situation has created serious concern in India. This is not unique to India. Every country is suffering from the same situation.

People should keep in mind that corona vaccines were manufactured after research & development. So, there are rumors being circulated all over the world. In order to defeat this contagious disease, we have to get vaccinated. There is no harm in it. If we do not take this case seriously, we are at a huge risk of destroying our nation. So, take part in the vaccination process to protect yourself and others. In this regard, registration for vaccination is starting again for the 2nd short from 1st Match Monday.

The Union Health Ministry has announced a procedure for the second round using on-site registration, advanced self-registration, and facilitated cohort options. The Government has decided to target people with 60 plus age people. Apart from this,45+ age people with comorbidities can also take advantage of the second round of this covid vaccination. For this purpose of registration, an Aadhar card or voter id will be required. Aadhar is a unique number given to the residents of India. It is conclusive proof of your identity all over the world. You can use this number to register for the corona vaccination.

According to the sources, Co-Win and other IT applications will start working from Monday at around 10 am. People can use these to register for the vaccination using their Aadhar or voter id. They just need to fill in few details. They have to upload the identification and publish the details accordingly. There are no charges for the vaccination at the Government hospital. However, if you are selecting a private hospital, then they have to pay for the schedule of appointments. But keeping in view the benefits attached, most people will opt for private hospital options as this will save a lot of time.