Police Finds 4 Crore Worth Of Smack

The duty of law enforcement agencies is to grab criminals and terrorists and to provide maximum security to the people of India. But sometimes, terrorists used to be so smart that it is not easy to unhide their crimes. But it does not mean they will continue to fool the law enforcement agencies forever. Similar is the case in Bareilly, a famous city in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh (UP). It is not too far from the capital city of Lucknow. The distance between Bareilly and Lucknow is just 252 Km. Now back to the actual story that happened in Bareilly is that police found out 4 kg of smack from an SUV (sport utility vehicle). Smack was in a highly refined form.

According to cops, the due of the smack is around 4 crore Indian rupees. This happened on the highway when police found this due to the accident between SUV and Santro’s car. This was a real surprise and shocking for the highway patrolling police. According to the witnesses, 4 people got injured in an accident that happened on Saturday. But two of them that were in the SUV managed to escape from the vehicle. They left behind their SUV and police suspect that this SUV belongs to the wanted drug criminal and smuggler Taimur. Further reports show that this smack has been hidden under the seat. The most interesting thing is that police also found 2 Aadhaar cards, an SUV car’s document, and a driving license. This is of course a very helpful document in reaching the actual criminals involved.

India has a huge population. This is the reason it is very difficult to keep an eye on the smugglers and criminals. In this regard, the most important document that can play a key role is the Aadhaar card. This card consists of 12 digits and is a unique number. It will remain the same in your whole life. No matter you migrate from one part of India to the other, the number will remain the same. Only you have to apply for an address change with the Aadhaar center near to you. But you have to provide a supporting document that can verify your new address of living.

Nowadays, law enforcement agencies are utilizing the UIDAI database and Aadhaar to track smugglers and criminals. By using Aadhaar, they can easily find out the culprits or a group of criminals. We have seen cops use the power of Aadhaar data to unhide the dangerous criminals making people’s lives miserable. There are two sets of information that make the Aadhaar system very good in detecting any person across the country. One is demographic details (name, address, mobile number, email) and biometric details (fingerprints and eye scans).