Fingerprint Cloning Gang Arrested In Palwal

Palwal is a city of cotton and it is located in Northern India. It comes under Haryana state. Due to its high-quality cotton produce, it has a marvelous attraction in the eyes of the textile industry. As the city is rich in business activities, fraud people are also trying to cheat people in order to earn some easy money. Similar is the case that happened in Palwal district. Where around five people did fraudulent activity and looted numerous people. In order to get as much information from arrested people. So far, cops have tried to find out their bank account details and they have been quite successful. As a preliminary action, cops have frozen their respective bank accounts that have around 1 million balances. The way of cheating is via property documents of affected people. These criminals clone out the fingerprints from the property documents and attached the Aadhaar card. These cheaters use these details to withdraw money from the victim’s bank account. Criminals opened the digital wallet account in the name of the victims. After that, they transfer the money from the victim’s bank account to this e-wallet. They were doing this by manipulating and surpassing the AePS (Aadhaar enabled payment system). These cheaters are smart and computer savvy that it became some time to trace them and the way of doing such crime. Police will investigate further from criminals about their way of conducting crime and the other people who are connected in any way with them.

According to the SP of Palwal Mr. Deepak Gehlawat, police have registered various 43 FIR against the criminals. So it is a big investigation that will take time and may expose other matters as well. But the good thing is that it was just the beginning of the game and fortunately, these criminals were arrested at the beginning of their criminal career. These criminals started their evil act by obtaining registry papers from the tehsil of Palwal. So, the local administration of the tehsil may also be brought into a court of law. When the media contacted the officer in the administration department of the district, he replied that they maintain a proper system of handling registry documents. So far they have not received any notice or intimation from the court or police. They will wait and see the outcome of the investigation. If any fault is found on the district level, appropriate action will be taken to punish the people involved. Aadhaar is a 12 digit document that is the key to every transaction in India. It is unique in nature and is issued after the submission of supporting documents. It is protected using the biometric details of the applicant or holder. This is the reason, these criminals have extracted Aadhaar and biometric details from the property documents to bypass the banking system transaction.