Strict Action against Fraudulent Activities Concerning Aadhaar

Aadhaar is a unique identification number that is a combination of 12 digits. It is the Indian Government’s responsibility to provide Aadhaar cards to their citizens. The residents of India can avail of this service and can easily get their Aadhaar card without paying anything, as it is free of cost voluntary service. A new case has been reported concerning Aadhaar in Bengaluru.

Bengaluru is the city of India which is commonly known as Bangalore. It is situated in the state of Karnataka and is the capital city of Karnataka State. It was established in 1537. The population in 2011 was around 8 million. It holds the 3rd rank in the populated cities of India. Bengaluru’s official language is Kannada.

Returning to the case, it is recorded that more than 10 peoples were arrested because they were involved in the case of using fraud documents of identification. The Central Crime Branch (CCB) department had arrested these peoples and the department found 64,000 fake PAN and Aadhaar cards, voter IDs, and some registered documents of automobiles.

One of the culprits among those 10 were Kamalesh Kumar Bhavalia, whose age is 33 and he is the resident of Gubbalala Village which is located on Kanakapura road. Kamalesh was arrested on the 30th of December 2020 from his home. He worked as a hardware engineer in a private company. In his bedroom police found some unreal documents which were in a bulk quantity. The police took that documents under their custody. After arresting Bhavalia, police started to find out the other nine culprits who were also involved in this illegal work. And finally, on Sunday the police were able to find all nine of them. The name and age of those nine culprits were: S Lokesh, whose age was 37, and he is the resident of Putenahalli, Sudharshan age was 50 and Nirmal Kumar age was 56 and they both are the residents of Shantinagar, Darshan, age is 25 and is the resident of Kengeri, Chandrappa age is 31 and he is the resident of Jnanbarathi, Abhilash, 27, and Sridhar Deshpande, 35, both of them are from Vijaynagar, Tejas,30, of Basaveshwaranagar and Sridhara, 31, and he is from Hassan District.

On Monday the CCB workers arrest one more culprit whose name was Lohit. Lohit and Lokesk worked in a company that had won the order of printing identity cards for many Government and public sector organizations. The police commissioner Kamal Pant, said that both of the culprits were used to theft information from the company and used to make some fake documents. The arrested gang was used to print the unreal document mostly on Lohit and Bhavalia’s house.

As per the statement of CCB workers, they found 6,240 voter identity cards and 250 RCs which have the names and addresses of some people on them. It is also reported that the culprits have taken some advanced payment from the people. The police officers also found 9,000 blank Aadhaar cards, which have government logos, designs, and monograms. They also found some other documents like voter IDs and some PAN cards.