Aadhar Related Issues Causing A Denial Of Food Rations

Aadhar is a 12-digit unique identifier that is evidence of the applicant’s identity & residential address. UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) is the body that regulates the entire system of enrollment. The enrollment process is done via thousands of Aadhaar centers set up in various parts of the country. Within a quite short period of time, a big percentage of India’s population has been enrolled with the UIDAI system. In order to qualify as an Aadhaar applicant, one has to be in India for a minimum of 182 days in a year.

The Aadhaar act clearly disqualifies NRI (Non-Resident Indian) to obtain an Aadhaar card as they do not live inside the country for at least 182 days. The process to obtain an Aadhaar card is very easy and straightforward. You just have to visit any nearby Aadhaar Kendra to get apply for the enrollment. If you want to apply for the Aadhaar card, you must carry the necessary documents that can verify your address and other details. Once your application is received, you will get Aadhaar card within 90 days from the date of application. Please keep in mind that the enrollment process is absolutely free from the Government. The purpose is quite obvious that the Government wants to bring as many people to the UIDAI database as possible. There are two sets of information that are saved during the Aadhaar enrollment process. One is demographic details while the other is biometric details. Demographic details refer to the name, DoB (date of birth), and address of the applicant and are the main solid proof feature of the UIDAI system.

There is no doubt that Aadhaar has countless blessings but there are areas where its requirement are creating several problems in the lives of the people. One of the most common hot burning issues is the denial of food ration under (Public Distribution System) PDS. People are unable to use these services due to several issues caused by Aadhaar linkages.

According to a recent survey conducted, there is a huge percentage of people that were rejected for ration on the basis of biometric issues or even not holding an Aadhaar card. The situation is becoming so severe that Supreme Court has to interfere in this matter. The step was taken by the Supreme Court is based on the appeal lodged by the Dalit woman from Jharkhand. As per her, people are suffering severely due to linkages issues of ration and Aadhaar card. Even if one has Aadhaar, still biometric issues are making things worst. According to a recent report, around 3 crore ration cards have been canceled as a result of Aadhaar and biometric issues. The effect is so devastating that poor people are in a state of starvation. A young girl aged 11 years died as a result of starvation.

Keeping in view the sensitivity of the matters, it is the dire need that the Government of India act on an urgent basis and make relaxation clause in law so that the lives of poor people can be saved. Otherwise, the nation will not forgive the Government.