Government Provides Financial Support To Transgender During Lockdown

The government of India wants to improve the lives of its people. From time to time, it offers numerous benefits to the general people in order to lower the poverty level in the country. In a recent step towards eliminating poverty, the Government has launched financial support Program for the transgenders in the Dehli.

Delhi is also known as the administrative district of NCT India. The most important organizations of the country such as Parliament House and Supreme Court of India, are also in Dehli. The population of the capital of the city of India in 2011 was around 257,803.

The latest update is that the Indian Government is providing financial support to the transgender during the lockdown. Because of the bad circumstance and poverty issues during the lockdown as a result of COVID, all countries are facing similar health, poverty, and education problems. Many people have died in hunger because there is no work or employment in society. Since from past few months, there is a complete lockdown, so in this situation, the Indian government had decided to give some financial support to the transgenders. The government department had donated a huge amount of INR 98.5 lakh for the help of the transgenders. The amount had distributed all across the country. This amount is distributed by the two departments the National Backward Class Finance and Development Corporation and the Union Ministry of Social Justice and Welfare. They also clarified that this service is a one-time service, peoples cannot avail the amount again and again. They distributed INR 1500 to 6,940 transgenders in around 33 states. The department also released the statistics of such distribution. As per records, most of the amount was distributed in Tamil Nadu, (814) in West Bengal, (624) in Chhattisgarh, (561) in Karnataka, (510) in Maharashtra, and (215) in Rajasthan.

Not just that they took a further step by distributing ration packs to the transgenders. They gave this service in 5 states. There were (720) recipients in Dehli, (280) in UP, (94) in Assam, (72) in Chhattisgarh, and (63) in Manipur. The Union minister Rattan Lal Kataria said that there were thousands of requests through email from transgenders as they were also in link with some other Government departments. Other than that many peoples also appealed by saying that they have nothing to eat. Mr.Rattan said that that’s why we had to put this service in momentum.

One of the recipient transgender said that many NGOs had asked me to show my gender certificate as I had gender surgery. Transgender added that I had to face many problems but finally in the end I had received the amount. Transgender further said that the purpose of conveying this message is that the government should stick to one statement. After this statement of transgender, the government had delivered an online process registration service for the transgenders, so that they can easily get their Aadhaar cards and some other identity documents.

One of the other recipients who is a resident of Chandigarh said that they should be treated equally and have the same respect as everyone has. Transgender added that we are also apart of society and the government should make sure that we can also have the same advantages and allowances as any other Indian resident.