How To Check Aadhar Card History

In every part of the world, people are registered so that, Government could have up-to-date statistics about its population. This helps the Government in making the policies and procedures according to the needs of the people. The registration system should be smart enough that allows access to the details of the person from any part of the country. This is only possible if the system is centralized with distributive data processing capabilities. This helps data entering and update from various centers while the data only gets saved at the centralized computer in a database.

Like other parts of the world, India also uses the centralized system to maintain the records of its population. For this purpose, it established UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) around a decade ago. Since then, UIDAI is performing its duties perfectly. In order to make the enrollment stage simpler and easy, thousands of Aadhar centers were set up across the country. Those who are willing to obtain Aadhar can visit any Aadhar center with supporting documents. The biometric & demographic details of the applicant are saved in the UIDAI database and the Aadhar card is thereby issued to the applicant.

The time you apply for Aadhar enrollment, you have options to check your Aadhar status. Normally, an Aadhar card is dispatched to the applicant within 90 days of application. But you can download the electronic version of the Aadhar from the UIDAI web portal. For this purpose, you have to use EID,(Enrollment id) and download the Eaadhar in Pdf file format. Aadhar or eAadhar has equivalent importance all over the country. As it is the main all-in-one complete document, it is the main requirement at every step of your life. Wherever you will go, you will be required to give Aadhar. Keeping in view its utility in mind, there are chances that someone may use your Aadhar for his or her benefits. That is the reason, it is a dire need to keep track of its usage so that you can know where your Aadhar is being used. If you have not authorized the usage at any particular place, you can make a complaint to stop illegal use.

UIDAI has a wonderful system in place that allows the Aadhar holder to check his Aadhar usage history from its web portal. You can find this service inside the Aadhar Authentication History records. Through this, you can check usage history for the last six months. You can easily check the time and place where your card has been used. So if you found any item that you are suspicious of, you can investigate the matter. Please keep in mind that Aadhar is a very confidential document and you should regularly check the logs to avoid any problem in the future. If there is any illegal usage that you did not allowed, immediately take necessary action to protect your identity and information.