Aadhaar Essential In Goa For Social Welfare Scheme

Helping others is a very good act. If you devote a part of your life to the betterment of people, then this is a very noble act. Nowadays, lots of welfare organizations are being set up. Very few organizations are running with transparency while the major portion of welfare entities are working just for the sake of looting people.

In India, people are enrolled in the Government database via UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) through thousands of Aadhar centers. The enrollment is free for any resident person. Once a person is enrolled, he or she is issued an Aadhar number which is a 12 digit unique number. Keeping in view the transparency in mind, the Government has made it compulsory for the beneficiaries to enroll in Aadhar. In India, there are 21 approved social welfare schemes. Now all the beneficiaries of these 21 schemes must have Aadhar number otherwise they will not be given any sort of benefits.

The decision to make Aadhar for the beneficiaries is to ensure that transparency prevails and transfer of funds to the deserving beneficiaries could be made quickly and smoothly. Department of social welfare announced this news last Friday. Please note that 21 schemes are funded by the Government of India in which beneficiaries are paid via consolidated funds. These social welfare schemes include Atal Asra yojana, financial assistance for disabled persons, Mundkarache, Dayanand social security, Antyasanskar, single women, 50% subsidy for disabled, Bachman scheme and home nursing scheme, etc. The use of Aadhar will definitely bring transparency and will kill the corruption process often found in non-profit welfare organizations. Social security scheme is an invaluable tool to reduce poverty in society. Apart from this, individuals and even families are provided in case of unemployment and healthcare facilities. In some countries of the world, even utility bills of the family are paid by the welfare society. Keeping in view these things in mind, the Government of India also takes care of its population by providing various types of benefits as outlined in the above lines.

The notification from the Government clearly states that in order to become a beneficiary in any of the social welfare schemes, one has to submit the Aadhar number. If the Aadhar number is not available at the time of applying for the beneficiary, one has to apply for the Aadhar at first. Then, he or she can submit the enrollment number to get registered as a beneficiary and to receive the benefits.

UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) is the sole organization that exists to provide enrollment services to the residents of India. It aims to make the enrollment process as easy as 123. That is why The government has directed the social security department to direct the new upcoming beneficiaries to a convenient enrollment center. So that they could be served easily and quickly while at the same time, their self-respect can be maintained to avoid any issues in the society.