Mehul Choksi Will Soon Be Handed To Indian Authorities – Aadhaar Plays A Key Role

Mehul Choksi is a fugitive Indian-based famous businessman. He has his business set up in Barbuda and Antigua. He is one of the most wanted personalities in India. Indian judicial authorities are continuously trying to convict him in several cases of criminal conspiracy, cheating, the criminal breach – trust, and dishonest business conduct. This specifically includes cases of corruption, delivery of property, and (ML) money laundering. But according to Mehul Choksi, all the allegations are baseless and are made on the basis of political parties. He has been in news due to stock market manipulation in 2013. Currently, Choksi is in the custody of Dominican police and legal proceedings are under process against him.

At the same time, diplomatic dialogues are underway with Dominican authorities to bring back Choki to India. There is news that he is a citizen of Antigua. But legal experts give reasons that Choksi is an Indian citizen. The firm proof is his Aadhaar card. Interpol notices, lookout notice, and NBW document from Honorable Mumbai court. His lawyer believes that he is not an Indian citizen and gives the reason that section 9 of the Indian Citizenship Act clearly mentions that if someone acquires a citizen of another country, Indian citizenship gets expired by default. But there are legal experts who reject this reason by saying that there is an exception as well in subsection 2 of section 9 in the said act. Because Mehul Choksi got Antigua’s subscription by hiding facts, this will work in the favor of Indian authorities.

India is one of the largest countries when it comes to population. According to a rough estimate, it has a 1.366 billion population. To manage a huge population, a proper system is mandatory. There is no doubt that this is not an easy task. This is all controlled and managed by a unique number. This is called Aadhaar number and consists of 12 digits. This Aadhaar number is issued to only resident people. To qualify the definition of a resident person, a person should be within India for at least 182 days. The Aadhaar enrollment process is 100% free. This document has become a mandatory document due to its usage in our daily life. In legal cases and citizenship matters. It is the most crucial document. You need aadhaar card even If you want to place your kid in the school.

The admission office of the institute will demand the Aadhaar card as the necessary documentation. In order to record the marriage in the government records, you need to have this document to get your wedding registered with the government. In order to avail of your free aadhar card, you must submit documents such as a driving license, passport, ration card, and voter id, etc. The main objective behind this is to verify your identity and address in Government’s record. Once the enrollment procedure gets completed, the resident person will be given a card in a maximum of 90 days. The card will be dispatched at the provided registered number through the Indian Postal Service. Alternatively, you can download the electronic format of the card using the UIDAI web portal. Just enter the Enrollment slip EID number on the portal. In order to enroll in Aadhaar, you can visit the nearest Aadhaar Kendra.