Aadhar Related Frequently Asked Questions

Aadhar is a unique number generated by a random system that is issued to residents of India through the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). It is your identity throughout India and it brings you many benefits. You cannot afford to carry on with life without enrolling in an Aadhar card. In every step of life, you will need this card, whether you are entering school, college, or university or getting a job in an organization, you will have to give your Aadhar details there.  you will not be allowed to continue your education or job if you do not provide the Aadhar.

As the population of India is very big, issues are very common in enrollment as well as the Aadhar update process. Due to lack of knowledge, often people get exhausted and think the enrollment process is cumbersome. So, they do not take things seriously. In order to help you people understand the basic problem, we will discuss some FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

Is this necessary to get Aadhar Card?

There is no legal requirement to enroll and apply for an Aadhar card. Supreme Court of India recently declared in its verdict that there is no hard and fast rule to apply for Aadhar. However, due to various usages, Government benefits, and requirements in our daily life, it has become a necessity.

What is the procedure to enroll for Aadhar?

In order to enroll with the UIDAI to obtain an Aadhar card, visit any nearest Aadhar card Kendra. From there, you can get the application form. Carefully fill out the form and give this to the official staff. You will also have to submit supporting documents with your application as well.

Can we download the electronic version of Aadhar?

Yes, you can download an electronic version called Eaadhar from the UIDAI web portal. On the UIDAI portal, click the tab Download Aadhar link and fill in the required details such as EID. Click the send OTP button to receive the password on your mobile and then enter it on your portal. You will get the Aadhar in Pdf file format.

I have downloaded Eaadhar but it is asking password to open.

Yes, Eaadhar is a Pdf password-protected file. You have to enter the password to view and print this file. Your password of Eadhar will be the first four letters of your name plus year of birth. For example, if your name is Rahul Dravid and your date of birth is 24-04-1976. The password of your file will be RAHUL1976. Please note you have to enter all letters in uppercase.

Is Eaadhar is equally good as the original card?

The Eaadhar is equal to the original card. You can use it as original and you will not find any problem in your life.

Is it mandatory to link Aadhar with a bank account?

There is s clear notification from the Ministry of Finance in 2017 that people have to provide their Aadhar number to their bank in order to map. So, you have to follow the Government order in this regard.