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What Are Some Of The Common Problems And Solutions Related To Aadhar Card

An Aadhaar is a distinctive 12-digit number that’s issued to each resident residing in India based on the demographic and biometric data. The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) collects essential data and stores it into their bonded database for additional processing.

Although the UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) has obtained huge efforts in providing the best Aadhaar services to the Indian residents, you will find instances of people still face grievances every occasionally. From the enrolment process to receiving receipts or upgrading any wrong info, individuals still face multiple troubles.

To overcome most of these, the UIDAI has set a “grievance redressal system” to take care of the concerns or problems that residents might face anything associated with Aadhaar. A contact facility has been creating by the UIDAI by which citizens can get in touch with the company.

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Common Problems And Their Solutions

  • What to do if the UIDAI rejects a resident and she or he is not issued an Aadhaar card?
    • If this problem takes place, the legal reasons for approving a resident is hauled to him alongside the Registrar. Any measure taken following the rejection will be conveyed to both parties too.
  • What to do when a resident happens to misplace or lose his Aadhaar card?
    • If your resident misplaces or loses his/her Aadhaar card does not have their Aadhaar number, then he/she can get in touch with the respective Contact Centre via phone, place, or email.
    • The resident can achieve this by using his/her Enrollment number and also a request can be increased with the facility to ship another Aadhaar card.
  • What to do if the Aadhaar card doesn’t reach the planned resident or the delivery has neglected?
    • In the event the Aadhaar Card is not brought into the respective individual, then he should get in contact with the UIDAI Contact Centre and then supply them with his/her Enrollment number. Instead, a resident can sign in to the UIDAI standard web site and check the status of his/her Aadhaar application by filling out the mandatory information on the site.
  • What to do if your Aadhaar card contains grammatical errors or every further demographic error in address, name, date of birth and gender?
    • At the period of enrolment, the resident is likely to input the right data. As the resident can view the entrance of the data, he or she must double-check to make sure there aren’t any mistakes or errors before submitting the info.
    • However, if the information provided still contains errors, the resident is given yet another chance to correct the mistakes before it is delivered for finalization. If errors are not identified and adjusted, the Enrolment Acknowledgement letter is going to be published according to the information submitted.
    • Even if the errors aren’t seen and adjusted after this period, the resident could have to visit the enrolment center so as to carry out demographic correction. It has to be achieved over two weeks after the enrolment. Moreover, the resident regarding submitting all the documents pertinent to the corrections and also the enrolment slip at the center.
  • Ordinarily, a kid receives their Aadhaar in Blue color. Is that true and valid?
    • this really is just a valid Aadhaar Card. According to the hottest Aadhaarcoverages, UIDAI is giving Aadhaar in blue color to kids between your ages 5 and 0. Subsequent to age, the issued grim Aadhaar gets excruciating. Hence, the child needs to have his /her biometric and demographic information upgraded at the nearest center with precisely the very same Aadhaar amount. If this isn’t done in the time, the aadhar becomes excruciating.
  • What to do in case of the name in Aadhaar and PAN are all different? Can they make a concern whilst connecting?
    • To connect Aadhaar and PAN with each other, one’s own demographic information (date of birth, sex, and name, etc.. ) has to fit. A good little mismatch can result in concern during the time of connecting. The procedure will probably fail and there would have been an instant to alter the name from the database. That really is just another distinct procedure, which included a few paperwork.

So now we hope this post has solved some of your questions and doubts. You can read other articles and guides posted here to know the answers to other questions.

Complete steps of Linking Aadhaar to Income Tax Returns

Linking Aadhaar using PAN is required just for those individuals who are entitled to obtaining Aadhaar. Certain individuals who are exempt from this rule include:

  • Foreign nationals living in India also usually do not have to mandatorily obtain Aadhaar related to PAN.
  • NRIs, OCIs, POIs, etc. who do not reside in India but conduct businesses here usually do not need to receive their PAN associated with Aadhaar.
  • Tax-payers of Assam, Meghalaya, and J&K will also be exempted from linking their PAN together with Aadhaar.

Aadhar Seeding with PAN Card online

Linking PAN and Aadhaar online for Income Tax Return (ITR) filing is very straightforward plus it completes in seconds. steps are mentioned below:

  • Visit at the ITR e-filing website (
  • Go Through the Hyperlink Aadhaar option from the Services section.
  • Enter your PAN number & Aadhaar number
  • Enter your name as mentioned in the Aadhaar card.
  • Tick the square if your date of birth is mentioned in your Aadhaar card.
  • Enter the verification code and submit the form.

Your Aadhaar will be linked immediately with your PAN. Nevertheless, your PAN won’t be linked with Aadhaar if details like name, sex, and date of birth do not match both documents.

In that situation, you may first need to acquire your details adjusted after which join both documents back again.

Linking PAN and Aadhaar by SMS

The citizen needs to type an email UIDPAN<12 Digit Aadhaar> <10 Digit PAN> and the information needs to be delivered to 567678 or even 56161.

By way of instance, if a citizen’s Aadhaar number is 987654121221 along with also his PAN will be ABCDE1234F, he’s got to type the message UIDPAN 987654121221 ABCDE1234F and ship it into 567678 or even 56161.

How to Correct Errors in Aadhar Card?

In case there are errors on your Aadhaar card, then you won’t be able to link your PAN. It is a prerequisite to get your Aadhaar details rectified first. But this course of action is not as tough or time taking.

  • See UIDAI’s Personal Service Update Portal
  • Log in to the portal by inputting your Aadhaar number and the OTP provided for a registered phone.
  • From the Data Update Request section, apply for Aadhar correction/update of your info.
  • In the Records Configure section, upload relevant documents together with your own application.
  • In BPO Service Provider Choice section, select a team that will help you in the rectification of errors.
  • Once resolved, it is possible to easily get your own PAN and Aadhaar linked so that your revenue Tax is processed without any hassle.

Aadhaar cardholders can also stop by a nearby Aadhaar Enrolment Centre with relevant supporting documents to receive their details upgraded fast.

They have to fill out the form and submit it together with self-attested copies of evidence.

How to Correct Errors in PAN Card?

So as to get your PAN card details corrected, you have to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Visit the NSDL PAN website (
  • Select Changes or Correction in Existing PAN Data / Reprint of PAN Card choice from the drop-down list in the Application Type section.
  • Select your class as a Man then Fill your details in the form and click the Submit button.
  • Submit relevant documents authenticating your petition in the shape.
  • A fee of Rs 107 must be submitted just in case the address of communication is within India and Rs 989 needs to be submitted in case the address of communicating is out India.

The updated PAN card will be delivered to the address within 45 days of application.

FAQ Related to Aadhar Seeding with PAN Card

Q. I don’t have Aadhaar. Can I e-file?

A. you are still able to e-file your income tax returns even if your PAN is not linked with Aadhaar. However, you need to link both documents soon as it can be required for the next fiscal.

Q. I don’t fall from the taxable income bracket. If I have to get Aadhaar or link it into PAN?

A. Even in the event that you may not come under the income tax slab, then you should enroll for Aadhaar and connect your PAN together with Aadhaar to prevent deactivation.

Q. What information should I provide to enroll Aadhaar in the ITD e-Filing website?

A. You have to just cite your Aadhaar number when filing your income tax returns. No other details related to an Aadhaar have to be mentioned here.

Q. How you can reset my password through Aadhaar at the Income Tax e-filing website for somebody user?

A. You are able to enter your PAN and choose the Forgot Password option. Then you have to give the cell number registered with Aadhaar. An OTP will be transmitted to your cellular number. Enter this OTP to reset your password.

Steps to Link Aadhar Number with bank account using SMS, Call and Internet Banking

The government has made it mandatory for people to link their Aadhaar with their bank accounts. Banks also have been given the authority to deactivate accounts which are not associated with Aadhaar. The process of connecting your accounts together with Aadhaar could be achieved both offline and online.

Account holders may join Aadhaar with a bank account online as well. This may be achieved either through the aadhar holders cellphone application or through online banking. But to avail the center, the person should be enrolled with the lender to your own service.

Link aadhar card with Bank Account using ATM

Account holders can access the bank’s ATM to link his Aadhaar with the bank accounts. They will have to follow these simple steps to connect Aadhaar with their bank account:

  • Swipe your ATM card and enter your PIN
  • In the “Services” menu, select the “Registrations” option.
  • Now Pick the “Aadhaar Registration” option.
  • Choose the account type (savings/current) and enter your 12 digit Aadhaar number.
  • Re-Enter the Aadhaar number and click Ok button.
  • You’re going to find a confirmation message regarding the effective up to of your Aadhaar along with your banking account.

Link aadhar card with Bank Account using Phone

Many banks offer the facility to seed Aadhaar with the bank accounts through the phone. The steps of different banks differ. Here is how you can do it easily:

  • If your bank supports Aadhaar seeding over the telephone, then give a call to the number provided with your bank.
  • You will get yourself a call back from the bank where you can select options from the IVR.
  • Input your 12 digit Aadhaar number and confirm it.
  • You’ll get a text message when your Aadhaar is related with your account.

Link aadhar card with Bank Account using SMS

An account holder may receive his bank accounts linked with Aadhaar through SMS as well. But not all banks offer this facility. Moreover, the SMS format along with the number is different for different banks.

  • Sort a message from the arrangement UID<space>Aadhaar number<space>Account number and send it to 567676.
  • You will find a confirmation message stating that the seeding request was accepted.
  • The lender verifies the details with UIDAI.
  • In case your verification is unsuccessful, you’ll find a message requesting to go to the nearest State Bank of India branch along with your initial Aadhaar.

How To Link Aadhaar Via Internet Banking?

Joining a bank account together with the Aadhaar via online is easy. A customer can complete the process by sitting in your home. The steps to complete the process is explained in detail below:

  • Log in to the online banking for the account you wish to link with your Aadhaar card.
  • Look for your ‘Aadhaar card archiving’ or ‘Insert Aadhaar card’ or similar options.
  • Input your Aadhaar details and re-verify the same before clicking ‘Submit’.
  • The linking will likely be finished on effective verification of the data supplied.

Aadhar Sedding FAQ regarding Bank Account

  • Is there a means to check whether the bank account is linked with Aadhaar?
    • Individuals can assess if their Aadhaar card has been linked to their bank accounts by visiting the UIDAI site and clicking on the bank Mapper’ tab.
  • If a customer retains multiple bank accounts which are linked to Aadhaar card, then will UIDAI website display details from every bank?
    • No. Only the bank account that’s mapped lately will be displayed on the UIDAI website.
  • When a client has multiple bank accounts, how do he assess out the Aadhaar and Bank account linking standing?
    • UIDAI reveals linking status of just 1 bank. Therefore, customers should assess Aadhaar linking status of multiple banks report from different banks.

How to get aadhar card without documents? – Aadhar Enrollment Process

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) was created and given the job of developing and issuing the Aadhar Card. The agency was created by the Government of India in January 2009 and it operates under the central government.

The purpose of the Unique Identification Authority of India is to collect the biometric as well as the demographic particulars of every resident in India.

After the information is collected, it’s stored in a dedicated database system known as the UID Database.

The main data center of the Unique Identification Authority of India where the information storage of Aadhaar takes place is situated in the Industrial Model Township (IMT) at Manesar, Haryana.

The UIDAI then simultaneously problems the 12 digit unique identification number and also the UID into the Indian citizen, also known as Aadhaar card in India.

Steps to Apply for Aadhaar Card without Documents

If you don’t have proper documents for Aadhaar enrollment and want to apply for this, then you should you not need background proof for authenticating identity and house, you can take the assistance of an introducer licensed by UIDAI to employ Aadhaar card without documents. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Visit the Aadhaar Enrolment Centre in Your Region
  • Fill in the Aadhaar Enrolment/Correction Form Citing All Particulars Accurately
  • Get the form Supported by an introducer who is identified and notified by the Registrar or Aadhaar regional offices
  • Submit the form into the Aadhaar executive
  • Provide your biometric data such as fingerprint, iris scan, and photograph
  • An acknowledgment slip is generated containing the enrolment number which can be used to check Aadhaar card status
  • Your Aadhaar card Will Probably be sent through post to the address mentioned in the Aadhaar card within 90 days of Aadhaar enrolment

Who are the Introducers?

An Introducer is an individual who is above 18 years old and that will not have a criminal history. In certain cases, the UIDAI chooses the initiative of gathering Introducers to ensure it is easier for the Registrars or residents.

Every Introducer will be connected to a particular Registrar. One Registrar may use exactly the exact same Introducer more than formerly. But, an Introducer can only introduce residents within the jurisdiction of the Registrar.

Introducer’s Responsibility

  • Every Introducer should attend the workshop on Aadhaar awareness which is likely to soon be conducted by the Registrar in association with all UIDAI. T
  • his workshop will help them in understanding their roles and responsibilities better.
    The Introducer will need to offer written permission in the format that he/she is ready to be an Introducer and will occur after the procedure laid down by the UIDAI.
  • All Introducers have to have received their own Aadhaar number before introducing residents.
  • One of the responsibilities of the Introducers is always to ensure that their phone number is displayed correctly at the Enrolment Centre.
  • The Introducer should be certain that they’re available to citizens throughout the working hours of their Enrolment Centre.
  • Introducer should check the speech of every resident also it has the capability to approve or reject it.
  • To endorse a resident’s enrolment, Introducer has to supply their biometric on Aadhaar client.

Introducer’s Liabilities

  • He should not provide false biometric data in the applicant
  • He Needs to not conspire to Present someone who impersonates the others (dead or Living ) during enrolment
  • He should not help anybody to take the Individuality of Anyone Else Intentionally
  • If Detected Included, strict action would be taken.

One thing to consider, when using the services of an introducer they should be used only once you have to enroll for Aadhar and you do not have any records to submit proof of identity or speech. They can’t be used if you have all of the relevant documents present.

Steps to follow if you don’t receive your original Aadhar card

Once you submit an application for Aadhaar card, then it can use up to 3 weeks for you to receive it. However, sometimes, people do not receive it even after the specified period. If you have not got your Aadhaar card at your address still, you can now get it online as well as offline.

However, make certain that your Aadhaar has already been generated. To make certain that your Aadhaar was generated, here is how you can check your Aadhaar status.

Generally, Aadhar cards aren’t delivered due to some reasons. The card might not happen to be printed because of backlog or technical reasons or it may happen to be lost in transit at the particular office. Even if your Aadhar card has not been delivered, you may have the chance to get all of the benefits under the Aadhar scheme, even as long as the Aadhar number was generated.

One of those problems faced with the aadhar holders is they are not receiving their Aadhar card. Mostly the people who had applied to this throughout the preliminary enrolment days would be the ones never receiving the card on time.

Till date, this problem has not been fixed and the cards which can be delivered are either wrongly encrypted or have faulty information about these. Before a complaint is lodged, you have to know it can take up to a couple of weeks for the card to reach the perfect person.

Aadhar Card not Receive

The first thing you should do when you don’t receive your aadhar card is to contact Helpline numbers of UIDAI and ask them for the status of your aadhar enrollment. For that you can find aadhar helpline numbers and mailing address:

  • Aadhar Help-line Numbers – 1800 180 1947
  • Fax number – 080 2353 1947
  • Email –

Postal Address – Post Office Box 1947, GPO – Bangalore – 560001

Postal Address – UIDAI Regional Office, Delhi, Ground Floor, Pragati Maidan Metro Station, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi-110001

Download Eaadhar on Mobile

In case you haven’t received aadhar from the post, you can download your aadhar soft copy also called as eaadhar from UIDAI official website. To do so follow these steps:

  • Visit the website at
  • Select “Aadhaar” number, “VID” or “Enrolment Id” depends on the data you have.
  • On the download page, you need to fill out the form which includes your full name, pin code, security text and mobile number as shown in the tab.
  • At the end of the section, after you click the “Request OTP” button, you will receive an OTP (One Time Password) on your registered mobile number and/or email address.
  • After that provide this OTP in the “Enter OTP” field.
  • Next, click on the “Download Aadhaar” button.

Once you finish all the steps then you can download your e-Aadhaar on your system which is password protected. To know what is the password to open Eaadhar File read this post.

Get aadhar card offline at an Enrollment center

If you are not comfortable with the technology can go to the nearest Aadhaar enrolment center.

At the enrolment center, fill and submit this form. Access your information along with biometrics verified. Once your details have been verified, you are going to receive Aadhaar in your residential address.

How to get Aadhar number on mobile?

If you are unable to get e-aadhar card from the website, at least you can find what is your aadhar card number. After enrolment for Aadhaar Card and waiting for sometimes, there will be a delay for receiving adhar card.

“UID STATUS <14 digit enrolment number>”

SMS to 51969

Once you perform above action you will receive your aadhar number on mobile.

What is new Aadhar Virtual ID? – Advantages & Features of using Aadhar Virtual ID

An Aadhaar cardholder working with the digital ID need not submit his Aadhaar number every time for confirmation purpose, instead, he may generate a Virtual ID and use it for various verification purposes like telephone amount, bank, and other financial documents.

The digital ID is a substitute for Aadhaar number. This momentary code is composed of 16 numerals that are generated contrary to an Aadhaar number. However, the virtual ID in no instance enables you to recover your initial Aadhaar card. At any given time, only one virtual ID is generated contrary to an Aadhaar number. This is generated as many times as an individual wants.

What is Aadhaar Virtual ID?

Aadhaar Virtual ID is a 16-digit temporary code that can be utilized for Aadhaar authentications. It is possible to give the UIDAI virtual ID as an alternative of one’s Aadhaar number to agencies and guard your own Aadhaar info against being obtained by someone else. It is possible to give the Aadhaar virtual ID to receive your e-KYC done at both private and government organizations.

Digital ID has been started to deal with the issue of Aadhaar data violation as it would become almost impossible to track the Aadhaar number from the virtual ID. The digital ID can also be used for Aadhar card download out of UIDAI’s online portal.

How to generate Aadhar Virtual ID online?

All the Aadhaar cardholders may avail the Aadhaar Virtual ID at the UIDAI’s web site. Even the 16 -digit number is likely to be valid for a definite length of time. Below mentioned are the basic steps which may lead you on what to generate an Aadhaar Virtual ID readily.

  • Go to the official Aadhaar Virtual ID site:
  • Input your Aadhaar number in the box provided and key in the security code.
  • Click on “Send OTP”, and then you may receive the OTP in your own documented number.
  • Place on your OTP within the area provided on screen and select from the Generate / Indices VID option and click “Submit” at the bottom of the page.

Aadhar Virtual ID features and Advantages

Here are some of the good features and advantages of using aadhar virtual ID:

  • The virtual ID Is Just a temporary 16-digit code that Can replace Aadhaar for authentication
  • There’s one virtual reality ID issued in a moment. When a brand new VID is issued, the old is flushed out
  • Aadhaar number Cannot Be retrieved from the Digital ID
  • It is not mandatory to generate VIDs. Someone can provide his Aadhaar instead of this VID
  • No agency is authorized to keep the Digital ID or some other Aadhaar details required for authentication
  • Agencies cannot induce applicants to Present Aadhaar amount for e-KYC or verification
  • Agencies must take approval from the consumer for authentication with VID
  • There Is Not Any limit on the generation of virtual IDs
  • The Digital ID is valid before the user generates a new one

So now we guess you know about virtual ID. we also advise you to use virtual ID in case of downloading aadhar or eaadhar online for better security purpose.

Aadhar Card E-Signature and it’s Advantages

The UIDAI has produced the e-KYC service to improvements to customer support. E-KYC empowers someone using an Aadhar number allowing UIDAI to reveal his or her private information to providers who want to immediately activate services like mobile relations, bank account, etc.

Aadhar Card E-Signature

E-signature is a digital data point that’s logically related to other electronic data and used with the signatory to register or authorize a record. This is a sign, letters and sometimes possibly a certain procedure.

E-signature holds the exact legal status as a handwritten signature. But, it must abide by the particular requirements of the Indian regulations.

E-signature is entirely different from a digital signature. Digital signatures are a cryptographic mechanism used for implementing e-signatures. An electronic signature is often as simple as inputting a name in the email document.

On the flip side, digital signatures are widely utilized in e-commerce and regulatory filings to publish e-signatures in a protected way.

E-Sign lays the basis for Aadhaar e-signature plus it’s crucial to comprehend that it first. E-Sign is an internet digital signature service which eases Aadhaar holders to sign a record in the nation.

This provider is supplied by Aadhaar e KYC service that permits visitors to authorize providers to obtain their own Aadhaar information.

Advantages of Aadhar E-signatures

Flexible: The verification can be achieved in a number of manners based upon the availability of the devices at the company. The simple method is to go through the biometric verification through which iris scanning and fingerprints confirmation is finished.

The other way is to complete it using a onetime Password (OTP). Anyone receives an OTP on their own documented mobile number and verifies the verification. This may make the whole process easy and highly flexible.

Security: All the providers are qualified and certified with this process by CCA. The authorities are all licensed under the IT act. The secret keys of this consumer are all made on Hardware Security Module (HSM) and destroyed instantly after onetime use. This enhances the security and averts any misuse of the sensitive information of this user.

Privacy: it’s the duty of both providers and solution providers that the full solitude of their signatory has been maintained.

To ensure that, the comprehensive Aadhaar information isn’t affected in the process. Only the necessary information can be obtained to the service providers.

No Routine Presence Required: Aadhaar E-Signature is an internet service since the people aren’t necessary to be present at the time of confirmation.

This is done remotely that saves time and eliminates the possibility of delays and errors. The ceremony has also eradicated the use of hardware tokens which have been used widely.

In short we can say that e-KYC is a quick, simple and convenient procedure that can be utilized by every Aadhar card holding citizen of the country. If you understand all these points then we highly recommend you to at least try e-KYC for once and see the easiness of transactions and process speed.

As always your doubts and queries are most welcome in the comment section.

How to Book Appointment for aadhar card online?

An Aadhaar card is a 12-digit special number issued by the Government of India. Modeled on similar offerings across other nations, the Aadhaar card is issued to resident Indians. The goal behind the introduction of the Aadhaar card would be always to enable superior regulation and distribution of public welfare strategy services. Applying to an Aadhaar card can be a simple and seamless process as the government has streamlined the entire procedure. Applicants can choose to apply offline in addition to online, based on their advantage.

Under the Aadhaar Act of 2016, UIDAI is accountable for Aadhar enrolment and authentication, including operation and management of all stages of Aadhaar lifecycle — developing the policy, procedure, and process of devoting Aadhar card numbers to individuals, performing authentication in addition to ensuring that the security of identity information along with authentication records of an individual.

Steps to Book an Appointment for Aadhaar Enrolment Online

The first and foremost thing that a person has to accomplish to receive his Aadhar number established is by booking an appointment at one of those Aadhaar Enrolment Centres. The applicant can go straight to at least one of the Enrolment Centres but he might need to wait long queues and face aggravation.

Step 1: Go to the Site.

Step 2: Go through the Conditions for Enrolment Request Portal.

Step 3: You have to now click a box contrary to the announcement that says that you haven’t enrolled for Aadaar earlier.

Step 4: enter the security code shown on the monitor.

Step 5: choose the state or union territory where you live. Then Click on the”confirm and move” button which states you consent to the terms and conditions mentioned above.

Step 6: You will be taken to the page.

Step 7: An Enrolment Request Application type will appear on your display.

Step 8: fill out your personal demographic information in the form. Ensure none of this detail entered from the form isn’t right.

Step 9: Click on”Save and Proceed” button and store the info contained in this form.

Step 10: The provide your demographic details is displayed for final review.

Step 11: Proceed throughout the form and check whether any mistakes are there or not. Here is the final step where you’re able to make changes.

Step 12: After reviewing the form, then click on the”Submit” button.

Step 13: You will be asked to go for an Enrolment center.

Aadhar Enrollment process Summary

  • On the basis of Documents: Combination with the proper execution one Evidence of Identity (POI) record and one valid Proof of Address (POA) document.
  • On the Basis of the head of Family: Head of Family (HOF) may present relatives by means of documents, which set evidence of Relationship (POR).
  • On the Basis of Introducer: In the lack of a valid Proof of Identity (POI) and Proof of Speech (POA) document, an introducer’s agency could be leveraged. An introducer can be a person appointed by the Registrar and ought to own a valid Aadhar number.

If you are still thinking whether to enroll for aadhar card or not then these few points will solve your doubts. Read them carefully.

  • Aadhar Is Utilized to Acquire subsidy to LPG Gas from Government of India directly into the linked Bank account.
  • An Aadhar Cardholder can get his passport produced in 10 days, this is possible because under this scheme police confirmation is done at a subsequent date as compared to sooner guideline when the verification was asked to be performed before issuance.
  • Aadhaar card may be the only record accepted under Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna (PMJDY) Scheme for opening a banking account.

So now we hope your doubts regarding aadhar appointment has cleared after reading this post. If you still have any questions feel free to ask them in the comment section. We will try to answer all of them as soon as possible.

A Complete List of Documents Required for Aadhar Enrollment Process

If you are thinking to enroll for aadhar card then you need to submit required documents that support your own identity for verification purpose. Generally, the documentation that’s necessary for registering with aadhar is simpler than a number of different services which need instruction.

It is also divided into four categories that range from individuality and address to date of birth and relationship. There are a number of documents that may even serve as proof of more than one thing.

Here are all the different documents which help you verify your identity. You don’t need to submit all, just provide maximum 2-3 documents with 2 xerox copies at aadhar enrollment center.

List of Identity Proofs

  • Passport.
  • PAN card.
  • Either Ration or PDS Photocard.
  • Voter Identification card.
  • A photo identification that is issued by a Recognised Educational Institution.
  • License of Arms.
  • Photo Bank ATM card.
  • Photo Credit card.
  • Photo card of the Pensioner.
  • Driving licence of the applicant.
  • Photo card of CGHS.
  • Certificate of Marriage.
  • Document containing proof of marriage of the applicant issued originally by the marriage Registrar.
  • Legally approved name change certificate.
  • ECHS Photocard.
  • Photo identification cards issued by the Government of India.
  • Service photo ID cards that is issued by a PSU.
  • Job card of NREGS.
  • Photo card of the Freedom Fighter.
  • Photo Passbook of Kisan.
  • Residing Address card of the applicant that contains both the name and the photo that was originally issued by the Department of Posts.
  • Identity Certificate containing the photo of the applicant on a proper letterhead issued by either a Gazetted Officer or a Tehsildar.

List of Date of Birth Proofs

  • Certificate of birth.
  • Certificate or SSLC Book.
  • PAN Card.
  • Certificate of Date of Birth which is issued by Group A Gazetted Officer on letterhead.
  • Marksheet which has been issued by any Government Board or University.
  • Government Photo Id Card or Photo Identity Proof or PSU issued ID card which contains DoB.
  • Passport of the applicant.
  • Date of birth Certificate on their letterhead issued by either the Tehsildar or the Gazetted Officer.
  • Pension Payment Order (Central or State).

List of Address Proofs

  • Passport.
  • Passbook or Bank Statement.
  • Account statement or passbook of the Post Office.
  • Ration Card.
  • Voter Identification card.
  • Driving license of the applicant.
  • Photo identification cards issued by the Government.
  • PSU issued Service photo ID card with the address.
  • Previous 3 months’ electricity bill.
  • Water bill as long as it is not more than 3 months’ old.
  • Previous three months’ landline bill related to the telephone.
  • Receipt showing the Property Tax of the last 3 months.
  • Last three months of’ Credit Card statement.
  • Insurance policy.
  • Photo and a letter with address signed by the bank on letterhead.
  • Signed letter with address and photo on the letterhead of the company issued by the registered office.
  • Photo and signed letter with address issued by a well-known educational enterprise on their letterhead.
  • Job card of NREGS.
  • Arms license.
  • Pensioner card.
  • Freedom fighter card.
  • Kisan passbook.
  • CGHS card.
  • ECHS card.
  • Address certificate along with a photo on their letterhead that is issued either by an MP, MLA, Gazetted Officer or Tehsildar.
  • Address Certificate issued by the Village Panchayat head or any authority equivalent to them for rural areas.
  • Assessment order of the Income Tax.
  • Registration certificate of vehicle.
  • Registered agreement for sale, lease or rent of the applicant’s residential address.
  • Photo and address card by the Department of Posts.
  • Caste and Domicile certificate along with a photo that the State Government has issued.
  • Previous 3 month’s bill of gas connection.

Proofs of Relationship Documents

  • PDS Card.
  • Job card of MNREGA.
  • Medical card issued by the State Government, CGHS, ECHS and also ESIC.
  • Canteen card of the Army.
  • Pension card.
  • Passport of the applicant.
  • Any family entitlement document issued by any Central or State Government.
  • Registrar of Birth/municipal Corporation or any local government Birth Certificate.

So now I hope you all have a clear idea which documents you need to carry at the time of enrollment process. If you still have any doubts then fel free to contact us in the comment section.

How to apply for aadhar card at Aadhar Card Kendra ? – Aadhar Enrollment Process

Earlier we have discussed all UIDAI organization of the government of India. Now we know the functions of UIDAI then we can discuss its services. The main service of UIDAI is to issue aadhar numbers to all who enroll for aadhar card process.

To apply for new Aadhar Card, you will need to visit an Aadhaar enrolment center near you. At the enrolment center, you want to fill some form, submit your biometric details together side documents required for the verification of evidence of identity and the proof address.

Aadhar Card Enrollment

The very first step that an applicant should keep in mind prior to obtaining an Aadhaar is always to have all records required to your Aadhaar card ready while going to the enrolment center. The application process of Aadhaar card is the exact same for many Indian citizens including minors and older citizens.

Aadhar Enrollment Eligibility Criteria

Aadhaar has been brought into effect to help people living in India to possess a record which might be useful for a variety of purposes. It really is more than simply an identification number. But, it’s also not true that only Indians will employ for Aadhar card. Here are the main criteria of aadhar enrollment process:

  • She or He is an Indian Citizen Surviving in India, or
  • She or He is a Nonresident Indian living in India, or
  • She or He is a foreigner residing in India.
  • Newborns can also register for Aadhaar.

Stepwise Aadhar Enrollment Process

Aadhaar Enrolment Centre – In the first step the individual wants to make an application for the Aadhar card, then he also needs to look to your Aadhaar Enrolment Centre. However, need to locate and go to the Aadhaar Enrolment Centre that’s licensed by the UIDAI. An individual can find the guts on the web using the portal of UIDAI. The individual is then supposed to take his identity proof and the proof of address where he’s living when he visits that the lawful center.

Fill in the form – In the legal center, Aadhar Enrolment Form is designed for enrolling for your own card. The form is free of charge and also the person is required to refill the entire form. This form can be available on the internet so that the individual may also download the form on the net and may easily fill it out after printing it. After completing the form, submit it at the enrolment center in order to conserve time.

Photograph and Biometric Data collection – After the form is submitted, the process of enrolment Occurs.
Inside this procedure, the photograph, fingerprint scan and iris scan of those average person are taken. During the enrolment procedure, it’s of utmost importance that the patient double checks all the details that are given from the form and make any rectifications when an error is found.

Acknowledgment Slip – Once enrolment, the applicant receives an acknowledgment slip that works till the time the individual receives the first Aadhar Card copy. The slip includes the enrolment number which may be used to check Aadhar status online as well as through IVR.

The issue of Aadhaar Card – Before issuing the first Aadhar Card, each of the info furnished by the individual is verified through the central government bureau UIDAI, and only upon proper confirmation, the Aadhar Card is issued to the individual.

Dispatch of Aadhaar Card – In the Event the Aadhar Confirmation process is successful, Then the applicant initially receives an SMS or a notification throE-MailMail. Afterward, in a couple of days’ period, the Aadhaar number will get printed over the Aadhar Card of the individual and can be delivered into their own verified living address through the article.

When you will receive aadhar after enrollment process?

Once all of the documents along with biometric data needed for the Aadhaar card are filed, it may use upto 3 months, i.e. a few months, for your own Aadhaar card to be sent to your residential address. The card will be sent via India Post and due to the high quantity of people applying for the Aadhaar card, it may take over 90 days to reach to the respective cardholder.

In next post, we will discuss how you can download your eaadhar card which is as valid as the original aadhar card.