How to apply for aadhar card at Aadhar Card Kendra ? – Aadhar Enrollment Process

Earlier we have discussed all UIDAI organization of the government of India. Now we know the functions of UIDAI then we can discuss its services. The main service of UIDAI is to issue aadhar numbers to all who enroll for aadhar card process.

To apply for new Aadhar Card, you will need to visit an Aadhaar enrolment center near you. At the enrolment center, you want to fill some form, submit your biometric details together side documents required for the verification of evidence of identity and the proof address.

Aadhar Card Enrollment

The very first step that an applicant should keep in mind prior to obtaining an Aadhaar is always to have all records required to your Aadhaar card ready while going to the enrolment center. The application process of Aadhaar card is the exact same for many Indian citizens including minors and older citizens.

Aadhar Enrollment Eligibility Criteria

Aadhaar has been brought into effect to help people living in India to possess a record which might be useful for a variety of purposes. It really is more than simply an identification number. But, it’s also not true that only Indians will employ for Aadhar card. Here are the main criteria of aadhar enrollment process:

  • She or He is an Indian Citizen Surviving in India, or
  • She or He is a Nonresident Indian living in India, or
  • She or He is a foreigner residing in India.
  • Newborns can also register for Aadhaar.

Stepwise Aadhar Enrollment Process

Aadhaar Enrolment Centre – In the first step the individual wants to make an application for the Aadhar card, then he also needs to look to your Aadhaar Enrolment Centre. However, need to locate and go to the Aadhaar Enrolment Centre that’s licensed by the UIDAI. An individual can find the guts on the web using the portal of UIDAI. The individual is then supposed to take his identity proof and the proof of address where he’s living when he visits that the lawful center.

Fill in the form – In the legal center, Aadhar Enrolment Form is designed for enrolling for your own card. The form is free of charge and also the person is required to refill the entire form. This form can be available on the internet so that the individual may also download the form on the net and may easily fill it out after printing it. After completing the form, submit it at the enrolment center in order to conserve time.

Photograph and Biometric Data collection – After the form is submitted, the process of enrolment Occurs.
Inside this procedure, the photograph, fingerprint scan and iris scan of those average person are taken. During the enrolment procedure, it’s of utmost importance that the patient double checks all the details that are given from the form and make any rectifications when an error is found.

Acknowledgment Slip – Once enrolment, the applicant receives an acknowledgment slip that works till the time the individual receives the first Aadhar Card copy. The slip includes the enrolment number which may be used to check Aadhar status online as well as through IVR.

The issue of Aadhaar Card – Before issuing the first Aadhar Card, each of the info furnished by the individual is verified through the central government bureau UIDAI, and only upon proper confirmation, the Aadhar Card is issued to the individual.

Dispatch of Aadhaar Card – In the Event the Aadhar Confirmation process is successful, Then the applicant initially receives an SMS or a notification throE-MailMail. Afterward, in a couple of days’ period, the Aadhaar number will get printed over the Aadhar Card of the individual and can be delivered into their own verified living address through the article.

When you will receive aadhar after enrollment process?

Once all of the documents along with biometric data needed for the Aadhaar card are filed, it may use upto 3 months, i.e. a few months, for your own Aadhaar card to be sent to your residential address. The card will be sent via India Post and due to the high quantity of people applying for the Aadhaar card, it may take over 90 days to reach to the respective cardholder.

In next post, we will discuss how you can download your eaadhar card which is as valid as the original aadhar card.

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