Download And Print Eaadhar Card Online Using EID & UID @

Aadhar is a random system generated unique number issued to residents of India through the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). It is your identity throughout India and gives you a lot of benefits. You cannot afford to live without an Aadhar card. In every step of life, you will need this card whether you are taking admission in school, college, or university or getting a job in an organization, you will have to provide your Aadhar card there, otherwise, you will not be allowed to carry on.

Download Eaadhar Online Process

The electronic format of Aadhar is called Eaadhar. You can download the electronic version of Eaadhar by using the procedure mentioned below:

  1. Open UIDAI official portal. This is a self-service website from the Unique Identification Authority of India.
  2. When you apply for Aadhar enrollment, you will get Aadhar Enrollment Slip. This slip is very important, you will find EID (Enrollment ID on this slip.
  3. On the web portal, choose the EID option.
  4. In the first form field, enter the EID exactly as printed on the enrollment slip.
  5. In the next field, input your name as written on the enrollment page.
  6. Now you have to input 6 digit area PINCODE.
  7. To avoid robot attacks on the UIDAI website, enter the captcha code in the form field and click on the get OTP button.
  8. Now, you should receive the OTP on your mobile number. Now, enter the OTP on the UIDAI portal.
  9. Now click the validate and download the Eaadhar PDF Acrobat file.

Congratulations! you have successfully downloaded from the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) portal your electronic version of Aadhar. However, in order to open this file, you need a password. You cannot open this file until you input the password to unlock the file.

The password to Open Electronic Version of Aadhar

In order to view the content of the Eaadhar Pdf file, you have to enter 8 digit code. It is a combination of your details that combines your birth year and name.

The secret password to this Eaadhaar PDF document is 8 characters with some Combination.

To find out your password of the Pdf file, take four letters of your name in the capital and the Year of your birth. Make sure you write these things as given at the time of enrollment.

The other method to download Eaadhar is to use UID. The procedure is exactly the same as described above. But in the first step, you have to choose UID instead of EID (Enrollment ID). UID is a unique identifier. The Eaadhar file that you will download will also be a password-protected one. You have to open this file by making your own password. The password will be a mix of your name and birth year as described above.