Rohingya Getting Illegal Aadhar Cards

India is one of the largest countries in the world and has mix population of Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, and Muslims. Due to this, migrants from other parts of the world prefer India over any other country. In recent few years, the issues of Rohingya got a lot of attention from human rights organizations all over the world. Rohingya people are actually stateless and reside in the Rakhine State of Myanmar. Due to human rights violations by the Rohingya people from Myanmar Government, they decided to migrate from Myanmar to Bangladesh & India. As they migrate without any passport and legal documents, the proper record keeping of these Rohingya people is very difficult. As wast majority of these people want to become residents of India, it is the Government’s responsibility to handle the difficult situation.

In India, people are registered through UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) from thousands of Aadhar Enrollment Center all over the country. As Rohingya Muslims also want to become residents of the country, they are using unfair means to get the Aadhar card. There is a restriction from the state about enrollment as far as one follows the legal and fair means. In order to enroll for Aadhar, the applicant has to prove his or her identity and address. This can only be done if you have supporting documents.

Normally, people submit copies of their passport, Bank photo id, Kisan card, ration card to support their Aadhar application. If you do not have these documents, you cannot apply for Aadhar. Obviously, being an Indian, you will definitely have some sort of supporting documents. So getting an Aadhar card is not a big task. However, as Rohingya people migrated without any document and without any legal process, they cannot apply for an Aadhar card unless & until the Union Government of India sets up a new process to allow this. But there is news that Rohingya people are getting Aadhar cards.

To highlight this issue, BJP (Bharatiya Janata) leader D Arvind in Nizamabad, Hyderabad alleged that the Rohingya people in his constituency are getting Aadhar cards without biometric and Iris data scanning process. He was doing a press conference in which he made hard remarks about Rohingya and said that these people are a threat to national security. He further blamed the local police and said that both police and TRS are helping the hands of the Rohingya. Police should not be a part of the illegal process. If these people are not following proper guidelines set by the Government, they should be treated likewise like any criminal. But being a human, Government should set proper rules and procedures so that these people could be brought into the Government database. This will ensure reduced violence and security in the country. If these people are left without enrollment, they can create issues of peace and security for other Indian residents. BJP leader also shown his aggressiveness that if the Government of India does not intervene in this serious issue, he will launch an agitation. Now, we have to see how the Prime Minister (PM) will tackle the issue of Rohingya.