Corona Vaccination Cancelled Due To Cyclone Tauktae

The situation in India is very frustrating due to the corona attack. The situation has become worst due to cyclone Tauktae. Mumbai and Gujarat are under severe threat due to heavy rainfall, thunderstorm, and cyclone. This has affected the Covid-19 vaccination process in the affected areas. So, if you have scheduled using your Aadhaar number, you have to check again with your centers to get a new date. The cyclone generated winds at a speed of around 115 miles per hour. Keeping in view the worst situation, the patients have been shifted to the nearby saved locations.

The ventilators and oxygen cylinders have also been shifted so that patients can be treated without any delay and their health cannot be compromised. The devastating effect of cyclones has disturbed the corona controlling measures. People who have registered using their Aadhaar number and the scheduled date of vaccination these days will now have to consult their vaccination center to know their revised date.

The government is trying hard to curb the corona and as a result, the rate of spread has reduced a little bit. But this is still the highest in the world. Lots of efforts are needed to decrease the virus spread so that economic and normal lives in the country can be restored. The rehabilitation efforts in various parts of the country due to cyclones are underway. Any official news from the government is yet to arrive. It is our responsibility to help the government to curb the growth rate. We can achieve this together by maintaining social distances,

The Union Government of India uses Aadhaar to control the overall population. Aadhaar is a 12 digit number and is unique in nature. It remains permanent for the whole life with you. The 12 digits of Aadhaar are generated from numbers from 0 to 9. But the initial first number may not be a 0. Aadhaar card is very important nowadays. The need for Aadhaar has increased significantly due to the deadly pandemic in India. The growth rate of Covid spread is too high across the country when we compare this with the rest of the world. Hospitals and vaccination centers have been advised to use Aadhaar as a key tool for controlling the vaccination process of the people.

UIDAI is the organization that fully controls the operating process of the enrollment process and any update therein. It has been approximately ten years since the launching of UIDAI, but over 92% of the residents of Hindustan have been enrolled in the government records. If you are an Indian citizen who lives most of the time overseas, then you need to do some calculations. You have to count the total days in a year in which you were in the country.

In case, If the number of days is less than 182, then as per Indian law you do not fall within the definition of a resident of India. Instead, you will fall into the non-resident Indian. Now, you cannot claim yourself as a resident and you are not eligible to obtain an Aadhaar card. When you are ready to apply for the Aadhaar, just make a visit to any Aadhaar center. You will receive your card in 90 days through courier delivered by the Indian postal service. The normal time to get the card is 2 months. You have the option to download an electronic version of the Aadhaar well before the hard card. For this, you have to download Eaadhaar in Pdf file format from UIDAI’s official portal.