Steps To Follow If You Don’t Receive Your Original Aadhar Card

Aadhar is the need of your life. You cannot live without it. It is required in every step of your life. This 16 digit number is a unique identifier throughout the country. In order to obtain an Aadhar card, you have to apply via the Aadhar enrollment center. After the enrollment process, your Aadhar card will be dispatched to your provided registered address within 90 days. Almost all the applicants receive their cards within 90 days or even much earlier. However, there are some cases where the applicant does not receive the card at the registered address. In this article, we will guide you on the steps to follow if you don’t receive your original Aadhar card within 90 days.

Reasons for not receiving your original Aadhar card

The most common reasons for not receiving Aadhar are as follows:

  1. Backlog – There are circumstances when UIDAI has plenty of applications to process. In this case, your card might be get delivered lately.
  2. Technical Fault – There are various technical problems such as server issues or errors during data processing. There may be problems with the biometric details of the applicant. These all technical issues can lead to delay or not receiving the card.
  3. Address Changed – Often it happens that at the time of enrollment, the applicant gives an address. But after days, the applicant switches his or her home. As a result, your Aadhar card will be returned back to UIDAI as you no longer exist at the registered address. If you are leaving from your registered address, make sure you give your contact number to the person who is occupying the space you previously own. So that he or she can inform you about your Aadhar card receipt.
  4. Lost in Transit – There are chances that your card has been dispatched by UIDAI from their end but the courier company staff has lost it in the transit. There is a probability that the courier company staff delivered it to some other location by mistake.

Whatever is the reason, if UIDAI has processed your application, you do not need to wait for the hard copy. Just download the Eaadhar from the UIDAI web portal. It will work exactly the same way as the original Aadhar and has the same equivalence. Here is the process to download Eaadhar:

  1. Visit the Eaadhar link from the UIDAI web portal.
  2. Now choose Aadhar, enrollment id (EID), or VID (Virtual id). It all depends upon the information you have. In this case, obviously, you have EID (Enrollment ID). You can find this on the enrollment slip.
  3. Now enter EID and 14 digit stamp of date & time. You can get this on the enrollment slip as well.
  4. Now input time, date & captcha/ security code in the form field.
  5. Press the OTP (One Time Password) button.
  6. You will get the OTP on your registered mobile number & click the hit button.
  7. Now click verify & download to get your Eaadhar in pdf file format.