Government Plans To Generate Unique Health IDs For The Aadhaar Vaccination

Aadhaar is a unique identification number that consists of 12 digits. The residents and passport holders of India can easily apply to get it voluntarily. It is based on the information of biometric and demographic data. It is issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). It doesn’t have any expiry date, it comes with its lifetime validation. For the first time, the Aadhaar card was launched on 28 January 2009. Its eligibility is only for the Indian nationality. The purposes of Aadhaar card are as under:

  • Identification
  • Direct benefits transfer.

The cost of the Aadhaar card is for the first-time visit for the enrolment will charge nothing for the person, as it will be voluntary, but in the future, the person’s visit may charge up to INR 50 for the changes or updates of biometric or demographic.

The Government Plan To Generates Unique Health IDs for Aadhaar vaccination currently have to be based on a few points which are as under:

1) The Health ID which will be given under NDHM is going to be free of cost, voluntary. It will cost nothing for the residents of India. They can easily get their Health IDs linking through their Aadhaar cards.

2) People with their Health IDs will be having their health account that will contain all the information such as the details of every test that will be reported, every disease, the medicine is taken or the diagnosis. The doctor visits will also be recorded in the health account of the person. In this way, the patients have the full advantage that if they even shift to a new place or to a new doctor they will have all their details in their Health IDs.

3) The creation of Health IDs have been done on the basis of there details such as Aadhaar and their phone number. It is the best way to buildup a unique ID for each and every person.

4) There are six main building blocks of NDHM, which are health ID, e-pharmacy telemedicine, Digi doctor, health facility registry, and personal health records.

5) Recently it is reported by the Federation Of Indian Chambers Of Commerce and Industry and Boston Consulting Group, that in the next 10 years the digital health plan will going to boost their productivity and will give the benefit of approximately $250 billion in Indian GDP.

6) On 15 August, the PM of India Modi had said that the idea of the health sector will bring up the “revolution” in the country. In an interview to Bloomberg, the chief executive officer of National Health Authority Mission (NDHM), Indu Bhushan said that the country will lead to the saving and better economic outcomes through NDHM program.

These are the few things mentioned in the above article regarding the Government Plans to Generate Unique Health IDs for the Aadhaar Vaccination.