Uidai Rejects Allegations Of Data Sharing

Aadhaar is a unique identification number that is consists of 12 digits. It is issued by the UIDAI department that stands for Unique Identification Authority of India. It is considered one of the most important identity documents in India. The Aadhaar card comes with lifetime validity and it is eligible for the residents of India. The details such as mobile number, email address, residential address, and DOB (date of birth) are considered as demographic data, and the details such as ten fingerprints, iris or eye scans, and a photograph is considered as biometric data.

The first-time enrollment of Aadhaar will not cost anything to the residents as it will be free of cost, voluntary. However, the changes and updates of demographic and biometric details in the future may charge up to the amount of INR 50. For the very first time, the Aadhaar card was issued on the 28th of January, 2009. The purpose behind the Aadhaar launched is the identification and direct benefit transfer to the residents.

Recently a piece of news has been reported concerning Aadhaar and the UIDAI that the department has been facing a lot of trouble based on the information that was created on the wrong fact because many of the people and department have put allegation that the UIDAI is sharing the information and details of the residents. However, on Friday the department had made this clear that they are only supposed to share the details with the departments that are provided in the Aadhaar Act. Other than that, they are not sharing even single information and details of the residents with anyone as the safety and the security of the residents is the number one priority.

One of the Officials of the UIDAI department stated that the department has not shared or leak any of the information of the Aadhaar cardholder. They said that only allowed to share the data with the Authorized User Agencies, and the Agencies are also strictly instructed not to share the data and the Aadhaar details of the residents. The UIDAI has reduced the stress of the people regarding this matter that the department is fully and responsibly protecting the details of the Aadhaar cardholder. However, they are only supposed to share the data with the prescribed departments as mentioned in the Aadhaar Act.

The Official further added that information which is collected by the UIDAI never used for any other purpose except the confirmation of Aadhaar as well as the Aadhaar 12-digit unique identity numbers. In the statement, it was also added that any revelation of the details except the basic biometric information which includes the identification details or might be the records of authentication can be made according to the order passed by the Judge of the High Court. A hearing will take place in the Court between both the UIDAI department and the Aadhaar card holder as prescribed or declared by Section 31, of the Act. The UIDAI had denied all the allegations and said that the security and the privacy of the resident is the biggest priority.