Survey Team Not Accepting Aadhaar Card For Vaccination In Gujarat

Aadhaar, which contains 12 digits, is a unique identification number for the residents of India. The entity which issues Aadhaar cards to Indian residents is known as the Unique Identification Authority Of India (UIDAI). Aadhaarwas launched on 28 January 2009. The Aadhaar cards service is a voluntary service as it cost nothing from the residents of India. For the first time enrolment, the government will charge nothing from the citizen. However, in the future, the department will charge the amount of INR 50 for the changing and updates of biometric and demographic data.

There is a case that had been reported regarding Aadhaar and COVID-19 vaccination in Gujarat. Gujarat is a state which is located on the western coast of India. It has a coastline of 1,600km which is approximately (990 mi). The population of Gujarat recorded from the last survey was 60.4 million. By area, it is the fifth-biggest state, and by population, it is the ninth-largest state of India.

The case which was reported was held in Ahmedabad which is the largest city of Gujarat. The case tells us about the mistrust wording of the Government and their worker and survey team. In Ahmedabad, the survey team who visited there for the COVID vaccination refused to accept Aadhaar as the identity proof of the citizens. But as per the Government order, the Aadhaar cards will be used as a health ID for the vaccination. The survey team said that they will not accept Aadhaar cards but, instead of Aadhaar they will be accepting a passport or some other official documents. In this case, the resident of the Satellite area who’s name was Lalita Patel told me that the survey team was not accepting Aadhaar cards as official proof. She further added that the team conclusively told her that they have to provide some other official documents like PAN or their voter ID card. But the Aadhaar cards were not eligible for the vaccination.

In a society of Bhopal also, a case had been spotted that the survey team had clarified that they had been commanded that not to accept the Aadhaar card as proof. A member from the survey team said that instead of Aadhaarteywill accept other official documents like passport, passbook, or their PAN cards. He also said that there is a compulsory column of photo identification cards in the survey form.

The people are getting frustrated by the mistrust wording of the Government and their workers. They have requested the Government to convey a proper order regarding this case.

Sandip Sagale the District Collector gave his remarks by saying that if anyone does not have their Aadhaar card so, in this condition, they can show any of their officials verified documents to the survey team to get their vaccination. He said that it is a privilege for the citizens that they can show any of their certified documents to the team.