Aadhaar Based Learning License Test In Maharashtra

A notification has been passed by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) that now the residents can easily avail themselves various facilities via online mode through their Aadhaar confirmation. The services include the Certificate of Registration and driving license. This facility is a huge opportunity because now the residents do not have to pay a visit to the Regional Transport Office (RTO) again and again for the service such as the registration of the vehicle, driver license renewal, learner’s permit, duplicate RC and much more. A piece of news has been reported by the time of India TOI, that the state Government of Maharashtra is planning to give permission to the aspirates that they can give their learner license exam from their home via online mode.

In an interview, the senior officer of RTO said that a new has been passed by the Transport Ministry that the State Government of Maharashtra is planning for the 18 RTO-concerned services including the learner’s license on an Aadhaar based confirmation. SanjivBhor, the deputy RTO in Pune described that examinees will not have to visit the RTO office for their learners’ license review because their Aadhaar numbers will be connected to online appointments. They will be given a one-time password (OTP) that will allow them to access the connection and take the exam. He further stated that a one-time password (OTP) will be sent to enter the link to come to view for the examination test. And if the individual passes the test, a license will be received through online mode which can be downloaded later. Another RTO official proposed tightening the requirements for the permanent license.

People should keep in mind that If the learner license test is eliminated, there will be too much difficulty in obtaining a permanent license. It is also reported that from now onwards, the people also have to provide their Aadhaar copy along with other documents for the submission so that number will be linked. Learner’s exams should not be scrapped indefinitely, say transportation and traffic advocates. Driving tests are different than other types of tests due to nature. The overall purpose is to ensure that a person who obtains a practicing license equips with the qualities necessary to make him or her a safe driver.

The learner’s test is necessary to ensure that the applicant has a sufficient understanding of the rules and regulations, as well as the documentation that must be carried when driving or riding a two-wheeler. On the other hand, the driving test assesses on-road abilities, including vehicle control and healthy driving habits. The government wants to simplify the process and make these facilities fully hassle-free and available to Indian people. The ministry of transportation currently provides about 18 contactless services. The new methodology will reduce the issues of enforcement commonly seen in the general public. This will also impact foot traffic issues and accidents in the future to come.