Steps To Link Aadhar Card With IRCTC Railway Portal Online

The uses of Aadhar are increasing day by day. In other words, you cannot live a life without Aadhar is true. From getting a sim from a mobile phone company to receiving pension money into your bank account is possible only when you have Aadhar. Aadhar is a unique number and Government of India wants to make its entire system proper. Aadhar is the only thing that Government thinks can be used to achieve a proper system in the country. In an effort to do so, the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has introduced the Aadhar system in their operating procedures. The purpose was to increase the check and balance system in the organization. Every year, accounts of the IRCTC are audited to show the performance of the entity.

IRCTC is a Government-owned undertaking that was established on September 27, 1999. It operates under the Ministry of Railways and has headquartered in New Dehli. The overall function of the IRCTC is… Any person who is willing to reserve a train ticket can do so by visiting the IRCTC online web portal. Due to Covid-19 catastrophic effect on your social lives, the system of running operations through online media has increased tremendously. So, IRCTC is following the same philosophy to reduce the interaction of people among them. Through the IRCTC portal, you can reserve up to 6 tickets every month. However, if you want to reserve more than that, you have to link the number with the IRCTC account. By doing so, your limit will be increased to 12 train tickets every month. So, by this fact, you can easily judge the intention of the Government in an effort to make all the systems proper and structured. We think that in the future, Government will gradually decrease the number of reservations for non-Aadhar based IRCTC account holders.

How to link Aadhar card with IRCTC

The process is very simple and can be done within few minutes depending upon the speed of your internet connection. Here is the complete process step by step:

1. Visit the IRCTC web portal and login with your credentials user name & password. If you do not have an account, create a new one that will take hardly 5 minutes.
2. On the homepage of the IRCTC, click Link Your Own Aadhaar. You will find this link inside the My Account part of the page.
3. Now enter your 12 digit Aadhar number. You have to tick the disclaimer part.
4. Click the send OTP (One Time Password) button.
5. You will get the OTP on your registered mobile number associated with UIDAI. Input this OTP on the IRCTC portal.
6. Press the submit button. Upon verification, you will see your details on the screen.
7. Next step is to check the disclaimer option and click on the update button.
Your IRCTC account will be linked with your Aadhar number successfully.