What Are Some Of The Common Problems And Solutions Related To Aadhar Card

An Aadhaar is a 12-digit unique number that’s issued to each resident residing in India based on the demographic such as name, gender, and biometric data (thumb impression and eye scan). The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) collects essential data and saves it into their highly secured and protected database for additional processing.

It is always the main objective of the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) to facilitate the people at every step of Aadhar registration. But as the information system is large and managing things are not easy, there are always complaints from various people at various steps of the enrollment process.

In order to sort out the issues and bottlenecks, UIDAI has established a “grievance redressal system”. This enables the concerned authorities to address the issues in a systematic manner and timely solution. This contact facility allows the resident of India to lodge their complaints and get resolution in a systematic manner.

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Common Problems Faced by Residents with Their Solutions

Problem: UIDAI rejects a resident for enrollment

There are circumstances where residents are rejected for the enrollment process. As a result, they cannot get their basic rights of Aadhar card. In this case, the UIDAI staff must inform the applicant as well as the registrar about the reasons for rejection. This helps the applicant in resolving the issues and apply again.

Applicants should understand that UIDAI is established to solve their problems and solve people’s issues as soon as possible.

Problem: Resident misplaces or Loses his or her Aadhar

There are circumstances where the resident misplaces his or her Aadhar card and even they do not remember the Aadhar number. This is a very frustrating situation but as promised, UIDAI helps you in every step. In order to get your Aadhar card again, just contact the concerned contact center either via email or telephone.

Problem: In case you have not received the card at your home?

There are cases where you do not receive the Aadhar card at your home. The first thing that you must check at your end is to make sure you provided the correct address at the time of enrollment. If it is correct, then you must contact the staff at UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India). They will track your card delivery details via the Enrollment number that is provided to you at the time of enrollment. On the other hand, if you have access to the internet, you can check the Aadhar status application on the UIDAI web portal by entering some mandatory data.

Problem: If your Aadhar card has grammatical errors or errors regarding wrong demographic data including name, address, gender, and DOB (date of birth).

As a first control measure, at the time of enrollment, you must double-check the input data. When the data entry staff at Aadhar Centre type the applicant, you can see the data for these sorts of errors. Ask the data entry officer if there is a need for any changes before submitting the form.

But if your data has been submitted with mistakes or errors, then still you can get it corrected. UIDAI gives the residents another chance to correct the mistakes before the details are finalized for delivery. Please keep in mind that if you do not go for error rectification, your Enrolment Acknowledge letter will be published with the wrong details.

Ordinarily, a kid receives their Aadhaar in Blue color. Is that true and valid?

This really is just a valid Aadhaar Card. According to the hottest Aadhaar coverages, UIDAI is giving Aadhaar in blue color to kids between your ages 5 and 0. Subsequent to age, the issued grim Aadhaar gets excruciating. Hence, the child needs to have his /her biometric and demographic information upgraded at the nearest center with precisely the very same Aadhaar amount. If this isn’t done in time, the Aadhar becomes excruciating.

Problem: What will happen if the name in the Aadhar database and PAN are different? Will this create concern while mapping?

You can successfully connect Aadhar and PAN cards only if the information such as gender, name, and DOB are the same. Even a small difference in the data can create problems and there will be a problem during connecting process. When you proceed with the procedure even knowing there are differences between data on Aadhar and PAN, the process will halt and you will be notified to alter the name in the database. You can do this by doing some paperwork procedure.

We try to clarify the issues related to Aadhar and we are hopeful that this post will definitely help you out from several problems that you are facing. You can read our other posts get to know the other queries that you may have.