Illegal Aadhaar Card Centre In Paltan Bazar

Aadhaar is a 12-digit unique identification number that residents and passport holders of India may obtain voluntarily based on biometric and demographic data. The data is obtained by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), a statutory body set up by the Indian government in January 2009 and operating under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. Aadhaar, which is regarded as proof of residency rather than citizenship, does not grant any rights to reside outside India. The Home Ministry clarified in June 2017 that Aadhaar is not a legitimate identity document for Indians visiting Nepal or Bhutan. As Aadhaar plays an important role in the country that’s why many people misused it.

Currently, news has been received that in Paltan Bazaar Assam, an illegal Aadhaar center has been seized. On Sunday, police in the Assam city of Dibrugarh busted an illegal Aadhaar card center. Dipen Doley,29, Bitupan Deori,27, and Aibi Deori,30, were arrested at an illegal centre in the Paltan Bazar region of the city. The trio hails from Lakhimpur, which is about 120 kilometers south of Dibrugarh. According to police, these men were chargingRs 300 per Aadhaar card. The men were arrested and police confiscated desktop computers, smartphones, Aadhaar card forms, and Rs 5,000 in cash. A Tata Nixon vehicle was also confiscated. According to police reports, this may be part of a larger nexus, with many illegal Aadhaar centers operating in the state.

According to investigators, the accused might be making a huge amount of money from this illegal activity. In this case, a broader investigation has been launched. One of the Officer-in-charge of Dibrugarh police station Rajiv Saikia said that they are looking forward to seizing all the illegal Aadhaar centers very soon which are running in the country. Aadhaar is a voluntary service and it is the right of the resident to get it free of cost from the Government. According to police, three more people were apprehended for questioning regarding this matter.

Mr. Saikia further added in his statement that they conducted a search operation after receiving detailed information and discovered three people running an illegal Aadhaar card center in Paltan Bazar at the residence of Atiquor Rahman. Three people have been detained in connection with the crime, and three more have been arrested for further investigation concerning the case.

The Government should take strict action against the people who are running the illegal Aadhaar center all across the country as the safety and security of the residents should be the first priority to the Government. Government should prepare a proper survey to seize all the illegal Aadhaar Kendra which are misleading and misusing the applicants or residents of India.