What Is Aadhar eKYC? – Aadhar eKYC Process And Advantages

KYC (Know your customer) is one of the main steps in providing services or products. However, it is a very important step but it is very hard to accomplish this. You cannot know about your customer’s thing. Whatever investigation you do will still be left incomplete. That is the main reason many customers gave masses losses to companies. From a different perspective, customers were also in trouble as their personal information was used outside the companies for marketing or for any other purpose without consent. In order to solve these sorts of issues faced by both sides of the parties. UIDAI (Unique Authority of India) launched a paperless eKYC verification system.

eKYC verification is a wonderful system that allows the service providers in verifying the Aadhar details of the customers with the consent of the Aadhar number holders. The eKYC establishes the identity of the customer in numerous applications in such a way that security & privacy remain intact. There is no need for any sort of paper including Aadhar card as the whole process has become electronic and paperless. You do not need to show your Aadhar number at all to the service provider or agency. This has developed trust and a sense of satisfaction in the eyes of both companies & customers.

Advantages of eKYC

  1. As mentioned above, the privacy of the Aadhar holder remains intact. The Aadhar number is not revealed to the agency as only a reference ID is shown.
  2. There is no specific requirement to go through the rigorous process of complete biometric verification.
  3. KYC data is securely processed using the phrase chosen by the Aadhar holder. This allows full control of his or her data.
  4. It is totally dependent on the Aadhar holder to share his demographic information and photo. Agencies cannot steal the data of the holder.
  5. Agency can take permission from the Aadhar number holder in order to use the data for wide usage.
  6. Printing & stationery is a major portion of the cost of sale of any type of organization. Agencies can save precious amount by taking full advantage of eKYC.
  7. The time of verification has reduced significantly. Previously in a paper-based verification, a lot of time spent on visiting the office/ home and checking various details of the Aadhar number holder. Now, all is done by sitting in the office of the agency within few minutes.
  8. A lot of issues were seen in the past regarding the illegal use of mobile phone sim. Now, mobile operators are harnessing the power of eKYC. They can verify the authenticity of the customers without any effort. On the other hand, customers also feel a sense of confidentiality as they have to submit no identity card. All the process is done electronically.
  9. The eKYC is a legal process and fully backed by Government standards.