Aadhar Mandatory For Marriages In Ganjam District

Child marriages are one of the hottest burning issues in the world. In big cities, Government can control this issue significantly but in villages, it is very difficult to overcome this. There are several severe issues that child marriages can create. A lot of young underage girls gets died every year as a result of this issue. In order to overcome this problem, the Ganjam District administration has implemented a fantastic approach to stop this nonsense.

Ganjam is a district in Odisha district. As per 2011 censuses, it has around 3.5 million population. A major portion of the population consists of children. As the literacy rate is low, the rate of child marriage is very high in the district. In order to find out the solution to this problem, the administration of the district has made it compulsory to verify the Aadhar details of the bride & groom. This human rights initiative by the district administration will help greatly in controlling serious life-threatening issues caused by child marriages.

Due to increased cases of child marriages, the districts faced so many issues in the recent past. Some of the common problems that raised are as follows:

Sexually Transmitted Diseases – This is the most common issues seen in the couples getting married before achieving the age of adultery. The common type of diseases is HIV, Chlamydia, HPV, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, and Trichomoniasis, etc. Sometimes, the issue gets worsen with the passage of time and takes the life of the girl.

Cervical Cancer – Cancer disease is increasing in our society day by day. If your immune system is weak, then you are more prone to diseases such as cancer. Unfortunately, young girls getting married before the attainment of adultery are more prone to serious health issues. These complexities make her immune system weak.

Death During Child Birth – Girls who get married before reaching the adultery stage often die while giving birth to a child. As the girls do not have a strong and complete system to bear the heavy load of a kid in her ovaries, then leads to severe trouble in her overall health. In Ganjam district, there are various causes of this problem seen in the girls.

In order to strictly stop the child marriage cases in the district, district collector Vijay Amruta Kulange ordered Anganwadi workers to check the Aadhar details of the girl and boy. This step is very crucial so that no innocent life could be put in danger. Apparently, this step is seen as a threat to local cultures and traditions prevailing in the society. But actions like that should be taken to save the woman in our society. So that they can enjoy their life with full joy.

This step also enables the young girls to take proper education and build-up their minds. This will help the country in developing fantastic new generations in the decade to come.