Add Up To 5 Profiles In Maadhaar App

Aadhaar is the unique identity number that contains 12 random digits and it is issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India. The residents of India can easily have their Aadhaar card. The person who is willing to enroll themselves for the Aadhaar card has to provide some valid and original documents. The enrollment for the first time is free of cost, voluntary however, the changes in the future might charge up to the amount of INR 50. It is the most important identity document which plays an important role for the Indian contains the demographic and biometric details of an individual. Nowadays, UIDAI had been upgraded its system very much which should be appreciated. UIDAI department is sharing each and every piece of information on their respective Twitter account. Recently the department had shared a tweet that says that the Aadhaar cardholder can now easily adds up to 5 profiles in the Maadhaar app. A person will have a verification message in a form of OTP on their registered mobile number on creating a profile. UIDAI also entered the link to download the Maadhaar app on their Twitter Account.

The Maadhaar app is quite beneficial for the residents. The Maadhaar app has more importance than having your Aadhaar in your wallet or pocket. While traveling through airports or Railways this app plays an important part as identity proof. This app also helps to share the e-KYC or QR code when some of the service providers need some Identity proof of the clients.

Many people have been thinking that how to use the Maadhaar app or how to create a profile on the Maadhaar app so, to solve the question these are the following steps that will let you know that how to create a profile on the Maadhaar app:

• The very first thing you have to do is install the Maadhaar app.
• Open it and you will see an option of Registered Aadhaar on the upper hand side.
• Now build a 4 digit PIN or password.
• Enter your UID (Aadhaar Number) and resolve the Captcha.
• You will receive an OTP. Enter the OTP on the given space and click on the submit button.
• The profile will be registered.
• After that, the registered Aadhaar name will be seen on the registered tab display.
• On the bottom side menu click on the My Aadhaar option.
• Provide your 4 digit PIN or Password.
• And in the end, My Aadhaar Dashboard can be seen on your screen.

There is one more question that says that how people will see their profile on the Maadhaar card. So this is way too simple, all you have to do is click on the profile summary button located on the top hand side and you can easily view all your details, your profile photo, your respective name, and your Aadhaar number.

People also asked that how to run the Aadhaar profile so, here are the following steps as under:

• Install the app.
• You will have on the top hand the main dashboard where you can find the option of Aadhaar Profile. Simply click on that.
• Provide 4 digit PIN or Password.
• Now you can see the front side of the Aadhaar card. To view the backside of the Aadhaar card, swipe to the left.
• Keep swiping on the left-hand side if you want to view the added profiles as well.