35 Services That You Can Use On Maadhaar App

Aadhaar is the most important document or we can say that Aadhaar is the key document that plays a significant role as an ID proof of an individual. UIDAI had made a lot of effort to upgrade their system and so they did. Nowadays, UIDAI had provided a lot of opportunities and facilities to the resident and the mAadhaar app is one of the biggest achievements that the department had made.

UIDAI has provided one more facility to the residents. In a tweet, the department says that now the residents can avail more than 35 services on the Maadhaar app. It is one of the best news for the residents because now they can avail themselves of as many services as they want. The tweet also tells us about the services that include the downloading of e-Aadhaar, update status, locate your nearest Aadhaar Kendra or center, update Address online, Aadhaar reprint, paperless offline e-KYC, QR code scanner, virtual ID generator, verify email/mobile number, and much more.

The best thing about this app is that anybody can understand it easily because it comes with a facility that provides 13 languages which are quite comfortable. UIDAI also posted another tweet that says that to have a better experience while using the, download the latest version of the app and delete the rest of the versions of the mAadhaar app. In the tweet, they also mentioned the link for the Android user as well as for the iPhone user to download the app.

Now the question is that who can create a profile on the Maadhaar app? So the answer is very simple, anybody whose Aadhaar card is connected with their mobile number can easily be registered or create an Aadhaar profile on the mAadhaar app. The individuals just have to download the app on their smartphones.

There is one more question that people are thinking that what is Maadhaar? So here are the following point that we help in solving the question:

• The mAadhaar app is an important app as it provides many features through online and offline mode.
• If in case you have lost your Aadhaar card by mistake so, you can easily get your Aadhaar card downloaded or reprinted through the mAadhaar App.
• Sometimes many service providers need your ID proof. You can easily use the offline mode to show or view your Aadhaar card.
• You can also update your Address using documents or without using documents.
• The Maadhaar app also gives the advantage to manage up to 5 Aadhaar cards of your family member on one mobile.
• You can simply grant the eKYC or QR paperless work to those service providers who need this.
• The security system in the app is also quite good. You can secure your Aadhaar card and your biometrics details.
• You can also build your VID that can be used in place of the Aadhaar card. (This feature is for those who want to secure their Aadhaar card)
• SMS service is provided as an offline mode.
• You can also book your appointment at the nearest Aadhaar Kendra.
• The mAadhaar app also allow to download the Aadhaar card in the app.