Complete Aadhaar Guide Of Checkout Charges

Aadhaar is one of the most important identification documents in India. A person who is willing to get his/her Aadhaar card has to provide some documents, demographic details as well as biometric details. Aadhaar is a unique identification number that contains 12-digit. It is issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) to the residents of India. The UIDAI department will issue the Aadhaar card once they will be satisfied with the verification process. Any individual or resident of India with any gender or any age can easily apply for the Aadhaarenrollment process as it will be free of cost, voluntary, or we can say that an Aadhaar card is a gift from the Indian Government to their residents. The seeding process is quite simple all you have to do is visit your nearest Aadhaar Kendra or Aadhaar center, don’t forget to carry your original documents, get yourself registered, and provide your demographic and biometric details.

Demographic details contain information like date of birth, age of the respective person, residential address, mobile number, and current email ID. If the Aadhaar card is introducer based then the introducer’s name and Aadhaar number are also mandatory. If the Aadhaar is head of the family-based then the name of the head of the family and the relation of the head of the family should be given in the demographic details. If we talk about the child’s Aadhaar card, the Aadhaar number of anyone from the parents, and the proof of relationship (POR) document are required for the child’s Aadhaarenrollmnent process. The biometric is quite simple as it includes ten fingerprints, a photograph, and two Iris scans for the Aadhaarenrolment process.

The first-time enrollment is free of cost, whereas, in the future, the changes of biometric or demographic details may charge up to the amount of INR 50.

A list has been found on the official website of UIDAI that clarifies the applicable charges of various Aadhaar services for the residents. They are as following:

• The Aadhaar enrollment is free of cost, voluntary as mention on the website.
• The compulsory biometric updates are also free of cost, voluntary.
• Demographic updates of any types may charge up to the amount of Rs.50.(inclusive of GST)
• Changing in biometric updates except for the compulsory one may charge the amount of Rs.50(inclusive of GST)
• Rs.30 (inclusive of GST) will be charged for Aadhaar search through using e-KYC or finding Aadhaar or any other tool and color printout on A4 Sheet.

The Aadhaar cardholders can easily update their address by sitting at their home through the online mode facility. They just have to open the official website of UIDAI on their phone or computer. The online address changing process will not cost anything to the residents. But the people can only update their address in such circumstances, and for further changes or updates, the person has to visit their nearest Aadhaar Kendra or Aadhaar center. It is important that for updating your address online, your mobile number should be registered with the respective Aadhaar card.