Steps to Link Aadhar card with Syndicate and UCO Bank Account

Aadhar Seeding with Syndicate Bank Account

The Government of India and RBI has made it compulsory for everybody to connect their bank accounts with Aadhaar. Reports perhaps not linked with Aadhaar will probably be deactivated and users won’t be able to get into their accounts through any station.

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Steps to Link Aadhaar Card with Syndicate Bank Account Online

Account-holders managing their account utilizing online banking may avail the facility to seeding Aadhaar by using their bank account.

The process is fast and easy and also Aadhaar will be linked immediately with all the accounts. Here is how you can connect Aadhaar using Syndicate Bank account online through online banking:

  1. Log in to your Syndicate online banking accounts
  2. Find the “Customer Services” option in your dashboard
  3. Click the “Update Aadhaar Number” option and Select your account number from the Dropdown listing
  4. Now enter your Aadhaar Number and click “Publish”

Once Bank will verify your details you’ll Be Given a confirmation message on effective Aadhaar linking

Steps to Link Aadhaar Card with Syndicate Bank Account Offline at Bank Branch

All account holders that think it is tough to make use of technology can directly stop by the branch to get Aadhaar seeding.

You’ve got to carry your original and self-attested xerox copies of Aadhaar tointo the bank.

Follow the steps to connect Aadhaar with Syndicate Bank accounts off Line by visiting the bank branch:

  1. Fill up the Aadhaar Seeding Form which is available online
  2. Provide a self-attested copy of your Aadhaar together with the kind and Submit the form into the bank executive
  3. Provide your original Aadhaar card for verification

The Bank officer may Give a receipt for You after Aadhaar seeding

Steps to Link Aadhaar with Syndicate Bank Account through ATM

Syndicate Bank has made appropriate options for linking bank accounts using Aadhaar through ATMs as well.

For aadhar Seeding Bank does not charge any fee also. Here is how you can connect Aadhaar with Syndicate bank account through ATM:

  1. Visit a Syndicate Bank ATM after that Swipe your card and enter your PIN
  2. Next step is to find the “Others” option
  3. Now select the “Aadhaar Update” option shown in the screen
  4. Now in next screen enter your 12-digit Aadhaar number then click on Confirm
  5. For verification Re-enter your Aadhaar number then click Submit/Confirm

After Bank verification, your own Aadhaar will probably be linked with your bank accounts

Aadhar Seeding with UCO Bank

UCO Bank is a commercial bank which has its head office situated in Kolkata. The financial institution was established in the year 1943 and now works out of over 3,000 branches around the country.

Here we have a look at how a UCO banking account holder may join their Aadhaar number. The bank offers customers four channels to submit their seeding request.

Link Aadhaar Number  to UCO Bank Account Online

To Connect the Aadhaar number into a UCO Bank Accounts Together with the bank Online banking you have to follow the given steps carefully:

  1. Log in to the internet bank accounts and Find the ‘Ask’ tab
  2. Next step is to click ‘Linking of Aadhaar Number’
  3. After that provide your the 12-digit Aadhaar Number
  4. After that Read and Accept the terms and conditions and click ‘Publish’

Once your aadhar will be link acknowledgment reception is shown on the display

Link Aadhaar Number  to UCO Bank Account by SMS

UCO Bank customers can also link their Aadhaar number with their bank account using the SMS facility by following the below-mentioned steps:

  • The account holder needs to send an SMS to 9231008888 by typing UCOAADHAAR followed by the 12-digit Aadhaar number and the 14-digit account number.
  • In doing so, an acknowledgment receipt is sent on the registered mobile number

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