Documents Acceptable For Covid-19 Vaccination

Aadhar is a 12-digit unique identifier that is evidence of the applicant’s identity & residential address. As the population of the country is very big, Government established UIDAI to perform all the tasks and duties necessary to make this happen. The enrollment and updating procedure of Aadhaar is completed through Aadhaarkendra.In a very limited period of time, we have seen around 90% of the population of the country get enrolled with the UIDAI. Aadhaar card is issued only to those people of India, who are inside the country for at least one eight two days a year. Aadhaar Act clearly eliminates NRI to obtain an Aadhaar card as they do not live in India for a minimum of 182 days.

The process to obtain an Aadhaar card is very simple. Just visit any nearby Aadhaarkendra to get enrolled. Supporting documents are very crucial if you want your Aadhaar application to be accepted without any issues. It will take around a maximum of ninety days from the application date to have your Aadhaar card at your registered address. Please note that the enrollment procedure is absolutely 100% free from the state. The sole objective of this is to bring as many residents to the UIDAI database as possible. There are two important pieces of information that are retrieved during the Aadhaar enrollment procedure. One is called demographic details while the other is known as biometric details.

Covid-19 is a great threat to mankind for its existence in this world. In our country, this is taking the lives of the people at an exponential rate. The government is trying very hard to control the spread of pandemics but it requires equal participation from the people to perform their role. If you do not maintain social distance and avoid using facial masks, then you are in trouble. Not only you are in trouble, but you are also putting others in the trouble as well. Corona vaccines are being given to people on a daily basis. But the rate is not good keeping in view the rate of growth.

The most important thing is that the data of vaccinated people must be maintained to ensure 2nd and subsequent doses can be given timely. This can be tracked only with government issues identity documents such as Aadhaar. So far, vaccine centers were accepting only Aadhaar card. But not everyone has aadhar so far. Keeping in view the problems faced by people, the Government has decided to allow other address identification documents such as driving license, passport, and PAN as valid documents for corona vaccination. National Health Mission (NHM) ordered this relaxation in order to help people for registering at the Cowin portal. It is important as the registration of people with an age bracket of 18 – 44 is in the process throughout the country. So, it is your responsibility to carry either Aadhaar, PAN, driving license, or passport when you are going to get your corona vaccination.